21 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on February 6, 2023  
Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

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I’ve met and talked with people who think that making money while you sleep is nothing short of a unicorn. 

But what if I told you that you could do less work and still make money every month? Would you believe me? 

From my experience, making money while you sleep is possible.

In the age where it’s possible to delegate your tasks to a talented team and where the internet has already opened up to of possibly to earn passive income, only you can stop yourself from making money while you sleep.

In this guide, I’ll explain up to 21 ways to make money while you sleep.

These aren’t BS strategies, or randomly stringed ideas. Instead, it’s a list of effective approaches that you can use right now and start making money while you sleep.

Here we go:

1. Turn on Ads on Your YouTube Channel

You’ve put in the hard work, sweat, and blood into growing your YouTube channel. And somehow your efforts are beginning to pay off.

Now what?

Turn ads on and start making money from video views.

If you have no idea how to monetize your videos, YouTube’s guide to monetization can help you get started the right way.

You can even monetize your watch page with physical products as long as those products are relevant to the video currently playing.

For example, if you’re teaching people how to setup a home office, you can recommend the tools that you are using in the video description. This is a good way to earn affiliate commission from Amazon while you sleep.

2. Monetize Your Blog's Traffic with Ads

It cost you six to eight months of time and money to create a blog in a particular niche. Now it has a ton of traffic and that’s only going up month after month.

If you haven’t included a monetization to the blog just yet, you should consider monetizing that traffic so that you can make passive income.

While there are many ways to monetize your blog, advertising may be a good option to consider. That holds provided you choose an advertising network that has a good RPM.

For example, Mediavine has an RPM of up to $20 per 1,000 views, which makes them a good ad network to monetize your blog’s traffic.

3. Outsource Your Work to a Team

Outsourcing your work to a talented and reliable team means you’ll work less, sleep more, and make money.

The challenge is to build a team of professionals that can manage your business properly. Everything flows properly as soon as you get the right human resource. 

To be clear, outsourcing isn’t about finding anyone who claims they can get the job done. It comes down to establishing a team that can manage your business without losing quality.

If the idea of outsourcing your business to a team so that you can make money while you sleep appeals to you, this guide will help you put the right foot forward.

4. Create and Sell a Course Online

The initial stages of creating an online course will no doubt be bugging.

But if you invest your time in creating something praiseworthy, people will like you. And they’ll trust you with their wallets.

To be clear, there is no limit to the kind of course that you can create. The course can be on absolutely anything, provided you pack it with very high quality information and tons of actionable tips.

Take Brad Traversy from Traversy Media, for example. He creates high quality programming courses on different languages and sells them on Udemy.

And he makes tons of cash because he provides quality and value.

Once you have a course ready to sell, you can teach on Udemy or sell it via your blog. This is a good way to make money while you sleep.

5. Write eBooks and Turn them Into Cash


Haven’t authors written everything there is to write under the sun?

Maybe, but that’s a misleading assumption.

Writing of whatever kind pays if you have the power with words. And your eBook can sell like a piece of cake if it’s about a topic that help people solve problems.

Of course, you’ll be doing the writing work upfront, following a procedural e-book writing guide that will help you create superb copy.

Once you’ve completed writing the book, you can sell it at online brands such as Amazon. This is the point where you can start to make money while you sleep.

6. Dropshipping

As someone who has made hundreds of dollars in the dropshipping business, I can say from experience that it’s one of the best ways to make money while you sleep.


Because as long as you build an asset that people can trust and you’ve already worked driving traffic to your Shopify store, potential customers will visit your site and they’ll place orders even when you’re asleep.

And isn’t it wonderful when you wake up to those notifications that say so and so placed an order with you?

Shopify has a detailed dropshipping guide that you can read right away if you would like to try this business.

7. Become an Affiliate Marketer

All the stories you’ve read about people making three to six-figures a month from affiliate marketing are true.

And the best part is?

They make all that sum while sleep.

And you can do the same, but only if you put in the hard work upfront.

You see, the concept of passive income isn’t exactly something new. Only that many people don’t actually think that they can build and scale websites and earn financial freedom.

Building your online asset upfront is the way to go. If you can do keyword research, write great content, and create high quality backlinks, nothing should stop you from making passive income from the sixth month down the line. 

8. Peer to Peer Lending

If you’ve worked and made a lot of money already, you may want to consider getting into peer-to-peer lending.

While it’s a risky business, mostly one with no insurance or government protection, it can still be a profitable business if you invest properly.

At the end of the day, the benefits are great. Because even with lower interest rates, you can still earn good profit whenever borrowers pay back.

9. Design Digital Products; Hire a Sales Team to Handle the Rest

One of the best things about making money online is that you can do so based on your own terms.

Think about it: 

You’ve designed a good product that people will love. Not to mention you’ve started to generate sales online shortly after launch.

If you want to continue making money while you sleep, hire a dedicated sales team and let them handle the marketing for you.

You, on the other hand, can spend time investing in other business, working a few hours a day, or spending time with families and friends on the weekends.

10. Earn Royalty

On face value, taking photos and uploading them online is fan. At least you’re sharing special memories for the world to see.

But have you actually ever thought of making money from those photos?

Well, probably not.

But you can.


All you have to do is to find platforms that are willing and able to pay you well, and you can make money whenever someone uses your work.

Examples of websites that pay you include:

11. Sell Premium Newsletter for a Service

With people looking for tips to grow their business, you can be one of the persons that provide the right information.

So write premium newsletters and sell them to your email subscribers.

If they love the information you share with them for free already, you can be sure that they’ll also trust you with their wallets. 

Keep in mind that this option only works if you have a growing email list. Skip this option if you don’t have a following, or build one and then implement this strategy.

12. Flip Websites

There’s money in flipping websites, a lot of money.

Some friends I know mint a lot from this technique and you can do if you’ve already put in the hard work upfront.

There’s no right or wrong website to flip. Moreover, you don’t have to wait until the site starts to generate hundreds of clicks per month and driving a ton of traffic to sell it.

When it comes to flipping websites, the only thing that matters is if you can find a willing buyer.  And yes, you can.

You can flip your site on platforms such as Empire Flippers or Facebook Groups like this one here.

13. Rent out Your Property

Are you planning for a vacation with your family and won’t be home for week? Why not rent out your property and make money out of it for the period?

You can do so via airbnb to make your work easier.

This option won’t earn you passive income forever, unless if the property is solely for rest, but at least it can you some good money.

14. Sell Designs on Creative Market

I see creative people make nice things all the time.

Yes, nice things.

The only problem is that they aren’t trying to promote their creations and make money.

Don’t be this personality.

Instead, build and sell your digital designs on platforms such as Creative Market and Evanto Marketplace.

This, too, is a good way to make money passively. 

15. Build Apps and Turn on Ads

Mobile apps such as Keep My Notes make money from display advertisements. If you can build such types of useful applications, you can simply make money by turning on ads.

You can even go as far as charging for premium features. Doing so can earn you a couple more bucks while you sleep.

16. Invest in Stock Market

Investing in the stock market can also be a great way to make money while you sleep. A good place to start tracking stock would be Charles Schwab, provided you understand the risks involved.

17. Sell Stock Photos

With online businesses short on time and resources to create high quality photos for their online marketing, you can be the reason why their content marketing efforts pay off.

Simply shoot high quality photos and sell them on platforms such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

18. Do Amazon FBA

Fulfilled by Amazon is program that lets you worry less about selling your products because Amazon handles the fulfillment for you.

Here’s how to sell on Amazon.

19. Buy a Site that Makes Money

If you are interested in making money as an affiliate marketer, but you don’t want to build a site from scratch, you can buy a website that’s already making money and continue building on it. 

This is a good way to scale the business and still make money as you sleep. 

20. Build a Membership Community

You can also make passive income by building a community where you share free and exclusive content.

Remember that if you have something praiseworthy and helpful to share with the community, they’ll definitely trust you with their wallets. 

21. Sell Sponsored Posts

When you have a blog that drives targeted traffic, bloggers will contact you. And they’ll want to make some sweet deals with you.

This is an opportunity for you to make money by selling sponsored posts.

Here’s the most interesting part:

You don’t even have to write the post, or publish it yourself either.

Your contact will write the post and you can ask your virtual assistant to do the posting for you. That’s called killing two birds with one stone, and it works quite well.


As you can see, there are more ways to earn passive income while you sleep. So take advantage of these opportunities and building a financial lifestyle that allows you to live under your own terms.

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