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I will teach you the exact proven process I use to start successful blog from scratch all the way to growing your traffic and earning your first income.

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What's my blog about?

Dollar Berg is a go-to platform built for those who want to make money blogging. Whether you have no idea where to start or you only a little so far, Dollar Berg will give you the right lead in the simplest language possible. 

I take away the need for the so-called self-proclaimed blogging gurus and show you exactly what you need to know to become a successful blogger. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re contemplating to start a blogging journey or you already have. Dollar Berg will teach you everything you need to succeed from start to finish – and for free.

Categories and Content on Dollar Berg

There’s more to blogging than just putting pen to paper. In fact, you have to learn many things before you write your first post, making blogging a wide field that requires a wealth of knowledge. 

At Dollar Berg, I strive to unveil everything you need to know, so that you never have to look anywhere else for additional information. 

For what it’s worth, I’m confident that nothing could be better than finding all the information you need in one place. 

Some of the best categories on this blog are:

Start blogging

 I will teach you the exact proven process I use to start successful blogs from scratch, all the way to growing your traffic and earning your first income.

Grow your blog

 I will equip you with the knowledge and skills to increase traffic to your blog to help you grow an audience and community around your brand.

Monetize your blog

I will teach you how to monetize your blog so that you can start making money from your blog. There are many monetization strategies today that work.

A Little Bit About Myself And Blogging Journey

In my 12 years of blogging, I’ve read and implemented all the blogging and SEO techniques on the web.

From the old-school churn and burn approach to the more holistic white hat approach that search engines love, I’ve done all the shoddy and right things in blogging perhaps more than anyone else has. 

I’ve succeeded and failed, then succeeded again and failed. More importantly, I know the ins and outs of modern blogging, making me the right person to teach you the same on the Dollar Berg platform. 

Dollar Berg isn’t just another blog on the web. I’ve built it into a resource packed with a ton of blogging lessons that I’ve learned over the last 12 years. 

So, whether you want to learn how to make money blogging from scratch or you already have some a little bit of traction and need more information to help you scale, this blog is for you. 

I’m Joe, a Telecommunication and Information Technology graduate from Kenyatta University. 

I’ve been blogging since I was 19 years of age. 

For the last 12 years, I’ve been on a journey that has taught me a ton of lessons that I wouldn’t have learned from somewhere else.

I’ve taken different Digital Marketing and SEO courses. And to say that blogging has been a business and a way of life for me is definitely be the right way to put it.  

I’ve built dozens of websites across different niches. Some projects have been successful and others completely failed. 

From a Hobby to a Full-Time Job

I’ll hardly talk more about myself in other sections of this blog, so let me take this space to tell you a little more about me. 

I grew up in a family where love and hard work were more important than eating tackles and holding weekend parties.

My mother constantly told me that you have to love what you do and spend time actually doing it until you succeed. 

For me, that statement has always meant two things: 

  • Discover what you love doing 

  • Then, do it with love until it becomes a part of your success story 

    I’ve carried my mom’s love-work principle since I was a kid. Looking back, I couldn’t be more grateful for such a solid approach to life and everything it brings. 

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication and Information Technology, I sort to find ways to make a sustainable income to support my adorable, no-nonsense, extremely charming mother and myself. 

And for whatever reason, blogging seemed to be the most appropriate path for me. And there’s no single day that I don’t love creating and ranking websites.

Like many of you reading this blog, I didn’t have the privilege to live and dine in a wealthy home. But just because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth doesn’t mean I’m an outcast. 

I had to discover what I love, do that thing with passion, and eventually profit from it. 

I started blogging as a passion. And then it turned into a meager business. Eventually, I scaled from a small enterprise earning three-figures a month into a six-figure business. Blogging is no longer a hobby for me. It’s a passion and a full time job.

To be abundantly clear, my blogging journey hasn’t always been a success. My first blog in the fitness niche was a disaster. 

It was so bad that Google actually de-indexed it from the search engine, later resurfacing, only for Google to wipe it away with an algorithmic penalty.

I didn’t give up.

Remembering that I started blogging with the intention to make things work for me, I started another blog in the cycling niche, and it was a great success.

I monetized this blog with Amazon Affiliate and Mediavine display ads, and made a full-time living from it before flipping it for a five-figure sum. 

So why did I start Dollar Berg?

I started Dollar Berg to share with you the strategies that I used to create, monetize, scale, and flip the most successful blogs I’ve ever created. You’ll learn everything it takes to run a successful blog, front to back, so you, too, can run a successful business online. 

My Mission & Vision of this blog


 To give you exclusive access to the information you need to start, build, scale, and monetize your blog. 


To become a content hub that helps hundreds of users build and scale their blogs into passive income generating platforms.

A very simple advise to you from my experience!

Blogging can be very dynamic and versatile. Today you can be ranking and earning a lot of money more than you imagined. Tomorrow, you wake up and you have lost traffic together with your income. However, you have to keep going, do not give up. Consistency and commitment with make the difference. The journey will not be easy but you will eventually find your own path when you are mentored properly.

Our Team Members

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Eunice Murugi


She is a project manager and content writer for blogs and social media. She is passionate about building and growing businesses through content. Her goal is to educate on the potential of online businesses and their ability to provide a full-time income. When not writing, she’s reading, listening to music, and enjoying reality shows.

Michael Jonathan Destiny

marketing guru

He is a technology blogger at Apelo Studio and a regular contributor to Dollar Berg. He writes about Blogging and WordPress to help beginners start, grow, and scale their online business from scratch. You can easily identify with his work because he uses a beginner-friendly language to explain even the most complex concepts. In his free time, you can find him reading blog posts to learn something new, watching real-life documentaries to amass the wealth of human history, and participating in community projects. 

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design specialist

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