How To Start A Successful Blog In 2024 – Beginner’s Guide

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on June 10, 2022  
How To Start A Successful Blog

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Note that this a very long guide on how you will become a successful blogger. Take your time and do not ignore any steps. Comment below this article or email me if you have any question or you are stuck. I will be glad to help you.

Are you looking for information on how you can start your blog that makes real money online?

Then you are in the right place. A few years ago, I was precisely in the same position as you were.

I did not have so much information about what blogging entailed- all I knew was that it entailed making content on a website.

I started my blog for fun when I was 18 years.

At that time, all I wanted to do was write my thoughts on various issues on my website and share it out so that others can get to read about them. It was also a way to cope with stress.

As I was surfing the internet, I came across a blog that purported that I can make about $100k per month.

And this is where the interest to do blogging seriously and professionally kicked in. The idea that I could make money blogging was exciting, and I started learning more about blogging.

You have probably come across many myths and misconceptions about blogging - most of which can hinder you from pursuing your passions.

Some of the things you will hear that are false about blogging include being an excellent writer, having technical skills to run a blog, blogging will not enable you to make good money, etc...

The truth is that all that information is not correct.

You might not have the best writing skills or knowledge to run a blog, but all of these skills can be acquired with time - this is what I want to equip you with through this blog.

Here is how to start a blog;

1) Choose A Blogging Niche

The first and most important thing you have to do is choose a blogging niche.

When I first began blogging, I was writing just about any topic that came to my mind. However, this was not the best approach to make money blogging.

Over time, I realized that I needed to carve out my niche and develop topics relevant to my target audience.

A niche refers to a focused area of specialization, and it helps in delivering value to your potential customers and creating a competitive edge for your business.

In the blogging world, there are several areas that you can focus on; business, parenting, family, fitness, medicine, health and beauty, writing, technology, and finances, among others.

To thrive as a blogger, you need to select the niche that you are passionate about. This way, you will be in a position to come up with valuable content comfortably.

You should also look at the experience and knowledge you have about that area.

I have learned that besides passion, having experience in the area you want to specialize in helps to connect with your audience.  This is the kind of content that readers appreciate.

Additionally, you need to choose niches that have demand in the market. Some of the most profitable areas to focus on include;

  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal finance
  • Technology
  • Self-development
  • DIY projects
  • Family and parenting
  • Work at home jobs
  • Relationships
  • Fashion hacks
  • Traveling

Once you have selected your niche, the next step is to develop topics related to that niche.

For instance, if you choose to narrow down on fitness, some of the topics that you can come up with include;

  • Weight loss tips
  • Best exercises to lose belly fat
  • Best machines to cut weight
  • Dietary routines to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Focusing on a specific area comes with so many benefits. You can become an expert in that field and come up with quality content.

You also become more creative, stand out and attract more people to your blog. I have put together a detailed guide on how to choose a blogging niche to help you find the most suitable niche for you.

2) Get a blog name and buy a domain name

Choosing a blog name is another crucial step.

When I started, I had several names for my blog but did not know the exact one to use.

I was excited about making money as a blogger to the extent that I wanted to have a perfect name. What I discovered over the years is that there is nothing like a perfect blog name.

Here are a few factors to consider and do when coming up with a blog name;

1) What is your blog about?

When coming up with your blog name, it is wise to consider what the blog is about and use relevant keywords.

Using keywords associated with your niche helps your blog to be more discoverable online.

I will give you a few examples; 

If you focus on fitness, you should consider having words such as fit, health, shape, diet, lifestyle, etc.. in your name.

If you chose to blog about love and relationship, your name should have words like love, affection, care, romance, loyalty, trust, sweetheart, among others.

2) Look at competitors blog names

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your field, you need to check on the names that your competitors are using.

When you search on Google, you will find other bloggers who do precisely what you want to do.

By seeing the names they use and the creativity they have used, you will be in a position to come up with a good blog name.

3) Brainstorm on names

Having done some research online, start brainstorming on the different names you think will fit your blog.

It is best to do this when you are relaxed so that you can get more creative.

To come up with fun combinations of words, you can use blog name generators such as

Also, use words that are easy to remember and that the readers you are targeting can search online.

I have put together a detailed guide on how to choose a brandable name for your blog and business.

3) Choose a blogging platform

how to start a blog on wordpress

Now that you know what you want to blog about and have a name for your blog, it is time to choose a blogging platform.

There are several blogging platforms like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and Site123.

I would recommend that you start by using WordPress. I have been using it for a long time to build my blogs, and I can attest that it makes blogging easier and better than other platforms.

WordPress comes with very many and powerful features that will enable you to create an excellent site for your blog.

Here are some other benefits of using WordPress to set up your blog.

  • It is easy to use
  • Has built-in blogging capabilities
  • It can be accessed from any browser
  • It comes with free or reasonably priced plugins
  • It is secure

4) Buy Domain & Hosting

After finding the name you want, you need to do the following:- 

1) Check if the name is available or taken

When you have a good blog name, you should check to see if it is available for us or there is already another blog that bears the same name.

It can be disappointing to come up with a name and find out that it is not available, but this should not stop you from being creative and finding another one.

You can always check on to see the availability of the name that you chose.

bluehost domains page

2) Register your domain name

Once you are done coming up with a name, you need to register and pay for the domain name on Bluehost.

Before you head to Bluehost to buy your domain, read on, so that I can show you how to get a free domain from them and save $24.

I would suggest that you register your domain name as soon as you discover it. You can learn more about domain names from this guide.

Remember, some upcoming bloggers are also looking for similar names, and they can take the domain name before you do.

3) Buy A Hosting Package

bluehost wordpress hosting

You will need to buy hosting for your blog.

When I started blogging, I did not understand terms such as hosting, and I would like to explain to you what exactly it is.

Web hosting companies enable blogs and websites of companies and individuals to be viewed and accessed via the Wide World Web.

This means that if your website is not hosted, other people will not be seen over the internet - you need to buy a hosting service.

These companies also ensure that your blog is available to readers all the time, and they store your content and files online. You, therefore, need to choose a reliable service. 

Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies for beginners.

I have negotiated a discounted deal only for beginners like you that includes: 

  • Free domain name
  • Discount price of $2.75/month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee period
  • Set up a blog with a one-click install

Also, note that the web hosting service has different packages, all of which have different pricing. The prices increase as the features and functionalities increase.

BlueHost has basic, plus, choice plus, and pro packages going $2.95, $5.45, $5.45, and $13.95 per month when publishing this blog.

If you are just getting started and have one blog to manage, you can start using the basic package. You can advance with time for more features and functionalities.

5) Choose A Theme and setup your blog

wordpress themes

Now that you have a blogging platform, domain name, and hosting, it is time to set up your blog.

You will need to have a theme. Just like the name suggests, a theme creates a certain feel and look for your blog.

I always get excited each time I set up a blog. I get the opportunity to be creative, use a good theme and style for my blog.

Themes make it very easy to set up your blog. You do not need to struggle to find a layout or colors and fonts.

You can easily customize the features to your liking.

You can use several themes; some are free, while for others, you will have to buy.

Here are some of the themes that I would recommend;

You can buy themes from these platforms and install them on your website. If you are blogging about food, you will find themes from Feast appropriate for your site.

I have a definitive guide on how to choose a theme for your blog without any blogging experience.

Always ensure that the theme you select is appropriate for your brand.

As a beginner, you might get caught up in wanting a perfect website. To stop wasting a lot of time on the design part of your blog, you can check out other websites in your niche and borrow some ideas.

You can also engage a professional web designer to do the work for you.

6) Create Amazing Content

You are almost done with starting your blog at this point.

Now that you have the website set up, it is time to start blogging-making amazing content for your readers.

Remember, for your site to gain high traffic and many readers, you need to create content that they love and is beneficial to them.

One way I create good content that increases traffic to my website is by educating my readers.

You can realize that through this blog - I have been educating you about starting a blog.

You can emulate this too. Give your audiences tips that they can implement in their lives and experience a positive change.

Tips on how to write fantastic content for your blog;

1) Put yourself in your reader’s position

To write awesome blogs, one of the things I do is ask myself who my audience is and the type of content that they would like.

When I created this blog on how to start a blog, I had you in mind and went ahead to discuss all the things you need to do to start your blog.

Writing about what your audience wants helps to attract more readers to your blog.

2) Use your own experience

I always like to use my own experience in writing blogs as it helps me to connect better with my audiences.

By sharing what I have gone through to start a blog and be successful at it, as a reader, you can easily follow through and even believe in yourself to do the same.

3) Create catchy headlines

You must also use catchy headlines to attract more people to read your blog.  It should be compelling to make a reader have an interest in reading the whole article.

An excellent example of a catchy headline is; “How I made 100k as a blogger”. Ensure that you provide truthful information while at it.

4) Use simple language; avoid using jargons

I usually hate reading blogs that use jargon or words that are hard to understand, and I am sure you feel the same.

Remember, a reader came to read your content and enjoy while at it.

If they have to keep on looking at the meaning of words, they will easily drift away and no longer be interested in reading your content.  

5) Use images

Long passages of words can be boring to read.

Once in a while, it is essential to use some images to illustrate or confirm the information that you are providing in your blog.

There are great tools like Canva that enable you to summarize content using graphics and make it easy for readers to understand the message you are conveying.

4) Create engaging content

You should focus on creating engaging and thought-provoking content. Develop a unique way of delivering your message such the readers are wowed.

7) Optimize Your Content on Site

content optimization

Search Engine Optimization Concept

Now that you are starting a blog to make money, you need to know how to optimize your content.

Optimizing means enabling your blog to rank well on search engines, and this helps to increase traffic to your website. This process is known as search engine optimization or SEO.

Here are some of the best SEO practices;

  • Use different title tags for every page
  • Use meta descriptions with relevant keywords and compelling descriptions
  • Use content with targeted keyword phrases
  • Use keywords in your header tags
  • Link pages within your blog
  • Make your content easy to read

8) Promoting Your Blog

content promotion

Content Marketing. News, social media, websites and advertising concept. Office supplies on a white table. Horizontal web banner

Having a blog and creating excellent content for it is not enough. If you want to reach more people and make money out of your blog, you need to promote. This is more like marketing your blog.

Here are some of the best ways to promote your blog;

1) Use social media

Social media platforms are great for connecting with people socially. But they are also great places to market your blog.

Once you create a blog, you can always share it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, among other online platforms.

Some people will find your content good and will be hooked to your blog.

Ensure to add the social sharing buttons on your site.

2) Email marketing

Email marketing is also an amazing way to promote your blog.  You can create an email list and send the subscribers information about your blog often.

3) Guest posting

Guest posting involves writing a blog post for another website. It helps you to increase the visibility of your blog.

You can reach out to bloggers in your niche that are established and ask to write for them. You can get followers from that.

4) Create content that can be shared

Like I mentioned earlier, amazing content does a lot of good to your blog.

Create content that can be shared so that more people can discover your blog and subscribe to your email list.

9) Monetize Your Blog

monetize your blog

This is probably the most exciting bit of starting a blog, and it is why we have completed all of the steps above.

What I love most about blogging is that you can keep on making money passively. One blog can bring in a lot of money for a very long time.

Here are some of the ways that you can make money using your blog;

1) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing whereby as a blogger, you advertise the goods or services of a company by sharing a link to that product.

If a reader purchases the items through that link, then you will get a commission. If you use the best SEO practices and increase traffic to your blog, you can earn good money. 

I have compiled a list of the most profitable affiliate programs for bloggers who want to mint dollars online.

2) Ad Networks

This is another popular way to make money through your blog. You can apply for ad networks like Google AdSense.

You will earn a commission every time a visitor clicks on the ad or when you get about 1000 impressions on your site.

3) Sell products

You can also sell products on your blog. They could be physical goods, courses, and eBooks, among others.

Always ensure that there is an easy way that buyers can pay for your products.

4) Paid reviews

Companies can also contact you to review their products on your blog, and they will pay you to do this. This is why it is crucial to promote your blog to get such gigs.

The best companies to work with are those that sell goods related to your niche.

Over to you: It is time for you to start blogging

This guide provides all the information that you need to start a blog and make money.

You do not need any unique or complex qualifications to become an excellent blogger, as you have discovered.

All you need is to be passionate about it and gather the necessary skills.

In the initial stages, you might not make lots of money.

But with consistency in posting quality content, promoting your blog, and monetizing it, you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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