119 Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on November 12, 2022  
best niches for affiliate marketing listed

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Picking a niche is hard. You first have to evaluate the value of a niche market, study the competition, and single out a high paying opportunity before you get your hands dirty.

But with niches such as health, finance, fitness, and dating filled with authoritative competitors, it might appear as if affiliate marketing isn’t an ideal option for you.

Well, not exactly.

In this guide, I give you 100+ less competitive niche ideas to get you started. Whether you’ve built a site before but failed or you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, I hope you find the following list of niche for affiliate marketing useful.

1. Gaming

  • Industry Worth: $300+ Billion
  • Market Size: 2+ billion gamers worldwide
  • Average Yearly Spending: $912 per head 
gaming affiliate niche

Gaming is a huge niche with an ever-growing audience. Today, there are more than 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, with more than 200 million in the United States of America alone.

If you’re passionate about everything gaming, from PC builds and NVIDIA to gaming setups and everything in between, gaming can be a good niche for you.

You’ll have stiff competition to deal with from a blogging SEOstandpoint. But if you can get your topic research right in this age of semantic search, the gaming niche might just be a game changer for you. 

2. Online Dating

  • Industry Worth: $3.3 billion
  • Market Size: 323 million people on average
  • Average Yearly Spending: $360 on annual subscription per head

The Internet has completely changed how people meet and interact. And it’s interesting to see how the online dating industry has grown ever since the debut of Match.com in 1995. These days, networks such as Tinder, Badoo, and Ok Cupid makes it easy for anyone to find their perfect match online.

Online dating, an industry currently worth $2 billion a year with a significant growth prediction every year, is one of the evergreen niches to blog about. Many people want to find love online, and they won’t want to feel weird doing so. If you can share tips, recommendations, and advice on online dating, this just might be an opportunity for you.

3. Golf

  • Industry Worth: $84 billion
  • Market Size: 25 million golfers
  • Average Yearly Spending: $4,000 to $10,000

Although seasonal, golf is one of the best niches for affiliate marketing with quite a lucrative market. From a number’s perspective, the estimate worth of the industry is about $13 billion a year, and an average golfer is more than likely to spend around $300 a month.

I understand that not everyone loves golf, but certainly, there aren’t any restrictions as to who can and can’t play. If you do a web search on the subject right now, you’ll notice that passionate golfers are willing to work just as hard to improve their game.

4. Home Security

  • Industry Worth: $42.21 billion
  • Market Size: Uncountable
  • Average Yearly Spending: $1,344 per household

Home security is a big business. And, if you think about it, the industry is growing exponentially because everyone cares about home safety. If anything, homeowners are willing to go the extra mile to keep their loved ones safe, making the home security industry one of the most significant niches yet.

There’s a lot to talk about in the home security niche. From Wi-Fi camera and alarm systems to motion sensors and everything in between, you can create a go-to affiliate blog for readers interested in making their homes safe.

5. Travel

  • Industry Worth: $5.81 trillion
  • Market Size: 1.4 billion regular travelers
  • Average Yearly Spending: $6,600 per person

I’ve friends who assume that the world is a global village. But while the Internet and social media have brought people closer together regardless of their demography, there’s a big world out there to travel to and explore. The vastness of places to visit and experience makes traveling one of the best niches for affiliate marketing right now.

You can write about anything as a travel blogger. And interestingly, there will be an audience ready to consume your content if you have something useful, interesting, or new to share with the world.

6. Music

  • Industry Worth: $25.9 billion
  • Market Size: 341+ million active streaming accounts
  • Average Yearly Spending: $270

I’ve been listening to music for as long as I can remember. My current playlist alone has over 20 different music genre I can’t go a day without listening. And I know I’m not the only one on this.

If you watch a live music performance, you’ll realize just how much of an abundance niche ideas are in this industry. From musical instruments and lyrics to performance etiquette to building confidence, there’s literally hundreds of ideas to blog about.

So if you love music and would like to take up the blogging challenge within this industry, this can be an opportunity to share your passion with the world.

7. Fitness  

  • Industry Worth: $32 billion 
  • Market Size: More than 62.5 million gym members
  • Yearly Spending: $5,000

Fitness is one of the most profitable niches in the world with a ton of individual affiliate marketing programs on the web. If you think about it, everyone wants to eat right, workout better, be healthy, and live longer. This, if anything, makes fitness one of the biggest niches that will still be around even 100 years from now.

The problem is that while many people wish to stay fit, few actually work towards that goal. And that’s where you come in as a fitness blogger.

By itself, fitness is a competitive space. But if you can get your keyword research and competition analysis right, you can easily dominate your niche for years.

8. Real Estate  

  • Industry Worth:
  • Market Size:
  • Yearly Spending:

Real estate is the one industry whose value keeps rising year after year. And that’s with respect to improved infrastructure and finite amount of habitable land on the planet. Currently valued at $30 trillion a year, the real estate industry has a far-reaching impact on human lives right now.

And, there’s money to make as a real estate blogger.

While you can’t compete with the giants such as Airbnb, Trulia, and Zillow, you can focus on the thousands of low competition keywords and build a go-to blog for people searching for information about real estate. 

9. Finance

  • Industry Worth:
  • Market Size:
  • Yearly Spending:

The finance niche is one of the most profitable niches in the affiliate marketing space. And although it’s a tough market itself, there’s still an opportunity to penetrate the space, build an audience, and monetize the traffic for affiliate commission and ads income.

I would recommend starting with the low-hanging fruits types of queries first if you decide to go all in on this niche. Doing so is a good way to build authority in whatever sub-niche you choose to focus on. 

10. Restaurant

Most bloggers and affiliate marketers have never thought of the restaurant market as a niche in the first place. 

The reality is that restaurant is a fascinating market, both in terms of the variety of affiliate programs available and the substantial affiliate commissions offered by some of them.

People spend about US$44 billion annually on food, dishes, cutlery, and kitchen supplies in the United States alone. So you’re tapping into a market that will more than likely make you a decent monthly commission if you play your SEO and CRO cards right.

11. Sports Betting

sports betting

The sports betting industry is a very competitive one. However, for the right people, it can be very lucrative. Some of the best affiliate marketers in this niche make 5 to 6 figures a month – and you could be one of them.

I understand that some affiliate marketers may have moral or ethical reservations about working in this space, but money is money anyway. After all, gambling is a sport for which those involved understand the risk.

With an annual market value of $225 billion, gambling is here to stay. And there is a lot of money to make from it.

12. Fishing

Did you know that 49 million Americans go fishing every year for different reasons?

To put this in another way, there are different kinds of fishing, from competitive sports to relaxing pastimes, and all of these fishing activities add up to a market value of over $212 billion per year.

In light of this, you can create a finishing blog that not only teach people fishing concepts but also promote products related to the niche.

13. Education

How can you make affiliate income from an education blog? 

Well, one option is to publicize study resources and online courses. If you think about it, papers, pencils, desks, seats, and so on are all necessary for a classroom to function. And these products are readily available online waiting for you to promote them.

And if you know which affiliate programs to promote, you can turn your education blog into a moneymaking machine. 

14. Books

There is a vibrant market for both buyers and sellers of secondhand books, and the annual value of the printed book business is be over $119 billion.

Another unexpected development in this niche is the emergence of the market for renting electronic textbooks to university students.

So if you love reading books and you wouldn’t mind recommending them to friends, why not create a blog that generates decent monthly affiliate commission from the industry.

15. Event Tickets

Tickets to events, attractions, and tours in various cities or for individual attractions make up for nearly $80 billion in lost revenue.

And if you’re the curious person that cares about the details, you should note that purchasing event tickets online has become a common practice among individuals of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

So you can create a blog around this niche and make some decent returns on your investment in recurring monthly commission.

16. Herbal

Money probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sage, lavender, or thyme. However, there was once a period when some herbs were very valuable.

For example, a pound of saffron may get you $5,040, making it more valuable than gold.

Obviously, it’s unreasonable to make such bold profit projections. Still, it’s incredible to learn that the annual revenue for the herbal medicine market is more than $70 billion in annual revenue.

And there are affiliate networks in this market that are willing to pay decent commissions.

17. VPN

The current market for virtual private networks (VPNs) is unprecedented. It has grown from small niche market and expanded into a $50 billion business annually.

A fair distribution of this profit would see someone like Edward Snowden receiving a share of the proceeds from the sale of each VPN service. He made public what many had assumed for some time: that our governments are actively eavesdropping on private information.

In this respect, you can create a VPN blog to help your readers hide their identities as they browse the web.

Or you might just assist them in getting complete access to the content of their preferred online video streaming service – even from countries known to hide content from various IP addresses.

18. Bitcoin and Crypto

I applaud the innovation shown by cryptocurrencies in shaking up the old fiat currency system.

You’ve all watched Bitcoin soar and then crash and burn, but cryptocurrency isn’t going away. So if you join the cause and start writing in this field, you’ll still be ahead of the curve.

19. Casino

The gambling business seems tremendously competitive. It is challenging to gain connections to gambling sites. But this field isn’t as cutthroat as it’s made up to be.

If you use an SEO tool such as Ahrefs, you’ll find more than 30,000 long-tail keywords with a lower difficulty score, which means there is still a huge opportunity to penetrate and succeed in this market as an affiliate.

You have the opportunity to focus on the 500+ questions and a ton of informational topics in which you can recommend relevant products.

20. CBD

CBD-based products are different since they do not include the psychoactive cannabinoid THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Today more than ever, the CBD market is more interested in the medical advantages that CBD has for both people and animals.

As at now, the CBD market is worth $18 billion, and exponential development in this sector is likely to continue for at least the next decade.

21. Religion

the religion niche

If you’ve read anything about the likes of Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, you may end up with the impression that Christianity is a religion set for a journey to extinction. 

But that isn’t the case. In fact, statistics show that some former influential persons that didn’t believe in the existence of God are now having second thoughts about what they believe to be true about religion.

There are now 2.4 billion Christians living in our world, which means that you have access to a huge market of potential customers.

Some products that you can promote are Christian-oriented movie streaming services, presents, interior design, apparel, and arts and crafts.

22. Investing

You don’t have to the world’s most outstanding investor to create a profitable niche in this area. You can get started right away as long as you have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world.

The vast majority of investors have just recently begun their financial careers and they’re active online searching for guidance to help them get started. 

If you dig deeper into this market, you’ll notice that the most majority of individuals do not have any money invested or saved for their retirement; thus, they are in need of a solution to their dilemma.

There are profitable affiliate offers in this area, which can make you money if you create a trustworthy blog. They range from the conventional, such as stock portfolios, to less conventional, such as peer-to-peer crypto loans, real estate, and precious metals.

And some of them pay as much as $70 US dollars for each lead.

23. Photography

You do not need to be a photographer who has won awards to have a voice in this field. Many photographers have turned their blogs into a full-fledged affiliate marketing company thanks to their online publications, and they’ve done so without showing academic qualifications for it.

Based on my understanding on affiliate marketing, I believe that all you need to get started is the ability to establish yourself as an authority and build an audience that can relate you’re your own photography voice.

24. Cruises

Almost 26 million passengers set sail on a cruise every year. This same group of folks will spend around $3,600 per person on their cruise. All of this results in an annual market worth of roughly US$125 billion.

These days, vacationing at sea is popular among people of all demographics. And interestingly there are cruise lines specifically designed for everyone from singles to rock music aficionados.

One thing that’s for sure is that cruising is a competitive niche. As such, I recommend narrowing down your emphasis to a certain segment of this market. Or you can target the hundreds of informational queries because they tend to be less competitive.

25. Automotive

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a petrol head? Then automotive is the right niche for you.

In this market, your best shot is to focus on something you care about, as long as it has opportunities to make a full-time income from programs linked to it.

The selection of goods and services that were available are rather extensive, and it includes anything from golf carts to motorbikes.

26. Airlines

When I first searched how much people spend on air travel, the numbers wowed me.

That the United States alone spends $2.1 million per minute on air travel is simply incredible. It means that air travel is more affordable, and more people are now using it for both leisure and commercial purposes.

Given that the profit margins in this sector of the economy are razor thin, the highest affiliate payout is somewhere around $25 per sale.

27. Home Décor

The field of interior design is one that will always be interesting and relevant because everyone is either sprucing up their place to put it up for sale or fixing up a new space to call home.

Decorating or remodeling a room in the average American house costs between $500 and $5,000.

You may earn anywhere from $100 to $200 each sale in this affiliate market. Just remember that how much you earn will depend on the category of products you promote.

28. Makeup

Finding a market segment that is profitable in both good and bad economic times is one of the most important steps in creating an affiliate website that generates revenue even in low season.

And makeup, despite being too competitive, is a good niche to consider. In my view, makeup and beauty is a market segment in which consumers continue to spend money despite their financial predicament.

In this industry, sales actually rise even when the economy is in a slump. After all, the average person desires to feel good about how they look. Even if they don’t have more money, people will spend it on things that can make them feel good and look better.

29. Jewelry

Consumers from all lifestyles spend an annual average of $300 billion on jewelry, which includes items such as watches, rings, bracelets, and other accessories.

Given just how people like spending money on jewelry, there is an opportunity to make money via affiliate marketing.

Today, the vast majority of jewelry are purchases made as presents for other persons, with about 30% of the global sales taking place online. Even with jewelry stores located in almost every major cities, people still prefer to buy online.

Buying jewelry online means there is an opportunity to tap into the existing market. And it’s possible to find a lucrative affiliate program that pays up to $900 per referral.

30. Debt Management

The prospect of having to borrow money is something that almost everyone would rather avoid at all costs.

And I can assure you that you will discover the possibility to make money online in various sub niches in debt settlement if you can identify a problem and offer the best solution.

Debt consolidation loans, improved credit ratings, and access to other forms of financing are examples of some areas that you can focus on.

You can earn up to $150 in affiliate commission. 

31. Supplements

supplements niche

Drinking protein shakes is the picture that most people get in their heads when they think of people who take supplements.

But there is a lot more to this specialized field than meets the eye, particularly when it comes to nootropics.

The present value of the supplements market is about US$120 billion a year, and it’s highly likely that the size will double in the next decade. And let’s not forget that there are also dietary supplements available for animals, which doubles the market once more.

In terms of how much affiliate revenue you can generate, it will depend on the affiliate network you choose to work with.

32. Coffee

A typical individual consumes at least three cups of coffee on a daily basis, and this costs them about $180 each month.

When you take into account the fact that they could have a home coffee grinder and/or percolator and that they might purchase particular blends of coffee, you’ll start to get an idea of why the coffee industry is worth about US$75 billion each year.

Given how massive such an industry has become, it’s possible that you can create a niche website specifically targeted to coffee lovers and make a decent affiliate commission. 

33. Insurance

Selling insurance is a weird market segment. After all, you are essentially providing someone money protection against something that may happen. But because the worst-case scenario does not transpire, the insurance firms keep the earnings.

That not only explains why the insurance sector in North America is worth $1.2 trillion every year, but also why it is so profitable.

If you do further research, you’ll realize that people are content to pay the premiums despite the fact that the typical cost of even a very small auto accident is around $7,500.

The fact that we can segment the insurance market into subcategories like as automobile, travel, pet, homeowners, health, and life, makes insurance one of the most profitable niches out there.

34. Baby Products 

If you look at the clock that displays the population of the globe, you’ll realize just how huge the number of babies being born every minute is.

There is also the fact that the majority of first-time parents will spend around $10,000 on the care of their new infant throughout the first year of the child’s life.

How many different markets do you believe there are where individuals feel they have a duty to spend their money on something?

35. Organic Products

Experts put the annual value of the “green” economy at $4,000,000,000.

If anything, people are prepared to pay that much money to relieve their environmental conscience, and that sum includes everything from solar electricity to recycled toilet paper.

Compared to its previous “raving fan” audience, the “green” movement today has increased significantly since the 1970s.

That doesn’t imply you should start marketing quinoa for home delivery. There’s a ton of other cool goods, like cosmetics, that you might be selling.

36. Pets

If you own a dog or live with a neighbor who does, it’s likely that you have the personal experience with the lengths to which pet owners would go to provide for their pets.

Pet owners spend hundreds of euros on medical care. That’s why the annual value of the pet market in the United States is over US$70 billion. 

Of course, the affiliate marketing for pet supplies is a crowded field. Even then, there is room for new publishers that share this interest.

37. Solar

Solar is a big deal. In my eyes, solar is such a significant consideration for those who’re interested in cutting down their annual power bills.

The solar sector generates somewhere between US$300 and US$400 billion annually. Clearly, it’s a profitable market that’s slowly gaining its popularity.

As an affiliate, you can promote everything from solar-powered phone chargers to whole-house photovoltaic arrays.

38. Vegan

While vegetarianism has been in practice for centuries, veganism has only recently emerged as a viable lifestyle option.

You may have heard that veganism is on the rise as a means of combating climate change. This is also the main reason why the number of vegans in the US has increased in the last decade.

The market for plant-based foods is likely to grow to over $20 billion.

However, the vegan niche market may be targeted for marketing of a wide variety of products beyond food, including cosmetics, health aids, and more.

39. Drones

The development of drones has come a long way. And these devices have improved so much that they are no longer just for kids.

Modern drones are not only for recreational use. They have several legitimate uses that adults and professionals may benefit from, and that include photography, building, and protection.

Because of such benefits, the annual value of the commercial drone business has risen to almost US$40 billion. Furthermore, the remarkable aspect of this specialty is the diversity it has.

The drones themselves, as well as related services like as instruction for pilots, GoPro cameras, and other accessories, fit this market quite well, with most models falling in the price range of $30 and $3,000.

40. Marriage

Marriage is a timeless institution since it has been there since before the advent of organized religion. When food is scarce, or even when war is raging, people still get married.

Here, you are entering a thriving market, one that is worth more than $70 billion annually.

Jewelry, gowns, flowers, photographs, terrycloth bathrobes, and exotic honeymoons are some of the most popular topics that you can focus on as an affiliate blogger.

You can make money in this field with ease by specializing on a sub-field rather than trying to become an authority in the field as a whole.

41. Survival

survival niche

Truth be told, we’re all built with survival in mind. This is why our species eventually came to rule the Earth. Therefore, promoting prepper programs is meeting a need that everyone has, whether or not they are aware of it.

The value of the survival market has increased to almost $10 billion a year.

It’s a fascinating market because you can sell everything from bunkers and bunk beds to hunting equipment and survivalist backpacks.

42. Arts

Here we have another submarket that the vast majority of affiliate marketers will ignore. Instead, they will follow the crowd and aim for the same markets.

Of course, one may not expect to find many “sexy” people working in the field of art. But arts is a profitable field worth $70 billion annually.

And that’s quite interesting.

As an example, the term “art supplies” has hundreds of keywords with very low levels of competition.

  • You can create a parenting website that may profit from selling art subscription boxes as a side business.
  • You could enroll in painting lessons and get people to spend as much as $1,200.

43. Tax Preparation

Affiliate marketers that are most effective at what they do often excel at one thing in particular: assisting others in finding answers to pressing issues.

That assistance may include locating a suitable romantic partner, learning how to create a functional website, or even filling out tax forms.

Simply put, most individuals would prefer deal with an IRS audit and late fines than sit down and complete their year-end receipts.

Thankfully, there is a plethora of companies available to assist with tax return preparation. The best thing is that some of them provide tax preparation at no cost to you. Some affiliate networks provide $100 each closed deal, so this may be a great deal for you to consider.

44. Shoes

I’ve built a shoe affiliate website before. And I can tell you for sure that the market is penetrable now as it was then.

Statistically, a “typical” consumer spends close to $300 on footwear every year. And given that shoes has a lifespan of at least 500 miles, the footwear market is definitely here to stay.

To be clear, the footwear market is huge owing to the different types of shoes on sale.

You can go all in on the niche if you want. But my advice is that you start with a sub niche in the category, become an authority in that area, and then expand later.

45. Watches

Wristwatches didn’t become popular among people until the late 1800s. In little under two centuries, they’ve become the norm for us.

For this reason, each year consumers spend more than US$115 billion on wristwatches, amounting to about 1.2 billion purchases.

Any kind of watch, from the most elaborate mechanical timepiece to the simplest digital one, counts.

But is it true that timepieces can fetch such high prices? Well, they do, and you can even buy them in a monthly package.

We also discovered that affiliate schemes pertaining to watches provide very high referral bonuses, with some offering as much as US$165 per sale in affiliate commission.

46. Arts and Craft

However, many individuals feel that working with their hands is a healthy outlet for stress, even if they aren’t artists. That’s why people of all ages participate in the arts and crafts so enthusiastically.

From where I sit, people like making things out of various materials such as paper, yarn, stickers, scrapbooking materials, textiles, and so on. And there are at least 5.6 million individuals in North America immersed in it. 

In terms of value, this submarket is worth an estimated $50 billion annually.

There is likely to be less competition in this niche than in more well known subfields. If you do your topic research well, you will more than likely find a ton of long-hanging fruit ideas to focus on.

47. Tech

It is impossible to picture a future without the conveniences of modern technology because anything with a profound effect on a society is certain to be of great value.

The immense value of technology explains why the annual value of the technology market stand at $4 trillion dollar.

Since its scope is so broad, you can create a tech blog and market anything you want – from consumer gadget and home appliances to drones and metal detectors.

For some of them, you might earn as much as $500 for every sale you suggest. Plus, technology is evergreen since it never goes out of style.

48. Hunting

A typical hunter spends about $1,200 on equipment, making this a niche where devotees often shell out a lot of money on their passion.

As far as I know, the cycle repeats itself every year. Moreover, hunters together contribute at least $25 billion to the economy.

In addition to guns, emergency food, shelter, clothes, and boots are also important parts of the hunting market.

It’s also important to remember that there’s a lot of crossover between this field and the survival niche.

49. Nutrition

The $70 billion dollar nutrition business is a subset of the much larger health and wellness market.

If you think about it, more and more people are becoming more conscientious about the foods they consume.

And in order to eat better and healthier, people are increasingly prepared to pay more. This is true for both dining out and cooking at home, making the market for food subscription boxes quite attractive.

And they are only the beginning of the deals and programs you may advertise on a nutrition blog should you decide to create one.

50. Marijuana

In only a few short years, affiliate marketing has seen some amazing transformations.

As an example, consider the rise of marijuana. It’s a lucrative market with a net worth of over $63 billion. 

And with more and more countries around the globe, the United States included, passing legislation decriminalizing cannabis, marijuana is, without a doubt, a developing market.

Everything from vaporizers and grow tents to soil and seed varieties falls into this market. So all you have to do is choose a program and start promoting it right away.

51. Personal Development

personal development niche

Who wouldn’t want to improve their intelligence, physical fitness, mental clarity, emotional stability, financial standing, or position in life?

As a result, the self-improvement niche would be a good option to target. Currently, this market is worth $13 billion annually.

People are willing to invest significant resources into a successful self-improvement plan. You just have to provide them with the best options available.

52. Essential Oils

Interest in and sales of essential oils are both on the rise right now. Part of the explanation is the growing interest in nontraditional treatments for common health problems.

For this reason, analysts project the market will double in size during the next several years, reaching an annual value of at least $27 billion.

In terms of blogging and affiliate marketing, writing on essential oils would be better than focusing on the general health niche. There are thousands of low competition keywords to target, so building an authority on the subject shouldn’t be difficult if you take a step in the right direction. 

53. Vaping

Nearly 500,000 Americans die every year from smoke-related diseases.

Even a smoker acknowledges the obvious health risks associated with cigarette use. It’s a disgusting practice, but they somehow can’t resist the urge to puff because they’re already used to it.

Fortunately, there is an alternative, and that’s vaping.

Vaping is a $19.3 billion dollar market that continues to gain popularity. The industry has seen unprecedented growth during the last five years, and it’s tripling in size.

Further, the regulation of vaping will provide it a veneer of respectability, making it more acceptable to first-time users and enticing others to give it a go.

Despite what the conventional media may rant about, vaping isn’t going away anytime soon. 

54. Gardening

When starting a new website, most affiliate marketers search for a particularly interesting subject to focus on. They’re looking to advertise pricey things and reap substantial cash rewards.

So, when you suggest gardening as a market niche, you could get a few raised eyebrows.

The annual worth of the gardening business in North America is over $70 billion, but the commission rates per sale tend to be lower.

But considering the recent uptick in homesteading and urban farming, it’s clear that many people love working in their gardens.

55. Mortgage

With the housing market collapse a decade ago, and the current state of the globe, creating an affiliate site focused on this area may seem to be a bad idea.

However, while creating affiliate sites, it’s never a good idea to make assumptions. A further delve into research shows that at least 88% of mortgage applications in the US get acceptance.

Interestingly, mortgage lending is on the rise, with hundreds of new loans being approved every week.

So you can create a profitable blog with the potential to earn up to $200 for every customer you refer.

56. WordPress

Started in 2013, WordPress has grown to become the most powerful Content Management System that powers at least 70% of the internet. And it’s a great niche option to consider if you love everything web development.

You don’t need to know HTML, CSS, or PHP to manage a WordPress site. Moreover, it pioneered the concept of blogging as a profession or pastime.

Due to the platform’s immense popularity, there is a need for hosting, tools, and other services, which makes WordPress a $140 billion dollar a year business.

57. Web Hosting

Affiliates are generating a ton of money by advertising web hosting offerings, with average compensation rates of $100 per transaction.

Of course, web hosting is no doubt a crowded field. But it shouldn’t be too competitive if you have the right approach for topic selection, content creation, and content promotion.

In other words, if your content marketing strategy is spot on, you can succeed in this field.

58. Credit Card

The credit card business is valued an estimated US$3.2 trillion, and demand continues to soar.

Despite its popularity, the commissions on affiliate offers for credit cards are lower than they formerly were. Furthermore, there is intense regulation for this market.

Still, there are products you can promote if you ever decide to start a niche site in this market.

59. Fashion

Fashion is a market that people are willing to spend money on, and it remains popular despite the economic downturns.  

If you think about it, people’s need to maintain a sense of personal pride in their appearance persists even when everything else in their lives has fallen apart.

Also, online fashion is now undergoing a boom, with annual sales growth of over 25%. Even the affiliate commission rates offered by some of the retailers in the fashion business are worth the blogging investment.

60. Software

Back in the day, the term “software” used to refer to what you copied and pasted from a magazine.

But technology evolve, times flies, and new programs come. Today, the tech market has new program that can help people do just about anything from task management to picture processing, making the software business a beast that never once was.

The growth in this industry is the reason why affiliate programs exists for almost every kind of software. Some businesses may even give you up to $50 if you send them a new client.

61. Binary Options

binary option niche

Trading in binary options is an element of the international foreign exchange market. Although Binary Options’ worth would be improbable to pin down, this industry is undoubtedly worth a humongous sum.

This market has a few lucrative programs to promote. They range from exchanges to brokers to educational opportunities.

As a binary option blogger, you don’t have to worry about the security of your visitor’s money. Registered brokers are under tight regulation, so it’s highly unlikely people investing in this trading will have to worry about their money.

62. Software as a Service

Software as a service is a software solution rented on a monthly basis. Its current market size of this business is an estimate of roughly $600 billion, which is highly likely to increase by 2030.

Internet technology has advanced so much that we now have cloud storage. Given this kind of development, major software firms are working hard to have their goods tools hosted on the cloud rather than selling as downloads. 

The result is an abundance of affiliate programs from which to choose, perhaps including many of the goods and services you presently use yourself.

63. Credit Repair

Some people will always be “terrible” with money, regardless of how well or poorly the economy is doing. Therefore, credit repair services and the associated affiliate programs will continue to see steady demand.

Also, because this is a perennial market, the affiliate website you launch now will likely be profitable ten years from now provided you build it well.

64. Metaphysical

About 100 million people in North America believe in metaphysics. Research conducted by Authority Hacker further shows that about 400 million people hold on to the same belief.

You may not have someone in your social circle who regularly consult horoscopes or have seen a psychic at least once. But that doesn’t mean these people don’t exist. 

The nice thing about this subfield is that you can market more than just tarot cards and crystals. There are also apparel, jewelry, and even water bottle programs.

Furthermore, many affiliate marketers stay away from this sector on the assumption that it is either too cheesy or unprofitable. But if you can focus on building a useful blog around this topic, you just might stand the chance to make 6 figures a month.

65. Apps

The field of blogging devoted to mobile apps is quite a significant one.

And if you have ever taken a special interest in the software that appears on your smartphone and find yourself mesmerized by the enhancement of applications like WhatsApp, Uber, TikTok, and Open Camera, you might want to create a blog around apps.

Much of your revenue will likely come from display ads. But there are categories of apps that pay you to refer people to offers, which means you can also earn affiliate commission.

66. Forex

Do you have the knowledge required to teach people about betting on Foreign Exchange prices? Forex may be a good niche to consider.

Investors in the United States alone spend around $5 trillion on Forex annually. But while this is a huge industry, it’s also the riskier at its best. Investors already know the risk involved, which means they’ve more than likely made the calculated risks.

Trade alert software, brokerages, social networks, tools, and trading methods are just some of the affiliate programs you may advertise on your trading blog.

67. Pet Insurance

Having their dog, cat, or other pet get sick is the last thing pet owners want to happen. The amount of worry it creates is comparable to that caused by the illness of a human member of the family.

And if you’ve ever taken the hit by a hefty vet bill, you know how valuable pet insurance is.

Given how significant this pet insurance as a business is, with a valuable of $10 billion in revenue in the US alone, you can create a successful affiliate site around the topic and possibly make four to six figures a month.

68. Personal Loans

An important aspect of affiliate marketing is that you may earn the most in an area where there is the most interest. And if you want proof of how lucrative the financial specialty can be, look no further than personal loans. 

These days, more people than ever before take out loans to cover their expenses. As a result, the market for unsecured loans is expanding at a rate in the double-digit percentage range every year.

Some of the options do function similarly to payday loans. Car title loans, personal loan comparison websites, and “community” lenders are just a few of the other options.

So, everyone interested in personal finance should be able to find something of use here. Some of these programs are ready to pay as much as US$150 per lead/sale since it is not a niche for the faint of heart.

69. Hair Products

Since the typical individual cares more about how their hair looks than they’d want to admit, it makes sense why salons and barbershops are all over the place.

And because hair gets out of shape fast, people tend to spend more than $80 a year on hair care.

One of the cool things about the hair care industry is the variety of products it encompasses. The products range from specialized treatments for curly hair and hair extensions to even hair regeneration aids.

The commission rates in this area are rather low. However, this market is unusual in that it almost always features popular products in subsequent purchases.

70. Cats

Some cat owners tend to pay more attention to their feline friends’ needs in the exact same way they treat their very own.

It’s expected and common to provide a cat with a housing, toys, scratching posts, pet insurance, and a climbing frame. Of course, there is more to a cat’s needs, but you get the idea.

If you’re concerned that this market is too narrow to be profitable, remember that almost 100 million cats find homes throughout the United States and get down to creating a niche website that can cater to this growing audience. 

Some affiliate offers can earn you as much as $80 in commission per sale.

71. Hemp

help niche

Hemp has been in use for thousands of years, but it is just now becoming “socially acceptable” for human use, and perhaps that’s for the simple reason that governments may impose exorbitant taxes on it.

Apparently, hemp is currently a $20 billion market segment, and that figure is likely to go up as more people become familiar with it.

Not only can you market hemp-based consumables and CBD oil, but also hemp-based apparel, rope, bags, and even martial arts garb.

72. Meditation

Life in the modern world progresses at a dizzying rate.

People are always pushed to maximize their time by doing more things like reading more, traveling more, swiping more, and photographing.

The effort required is enormous.

That’s evident in the skyrocketing rate at which individuals are developing mood and anxiety disorders. This is why a growing number of individuals are practicing meditation in an effort to escape the din of contemporary existence.

So why not build an affiliate site that focuses exclusively on meditation to help your audience as you make money.

You can promote yoga mats, books, essential oils, candles and even classes in spiritual guidance.

73. Keto

Thousands of people world over are desperately looking for means to improve the quality of their health. And one of the options they have is to eat a low-card diet popularly known as Keto.

When Dr. Russell Wilder developed the Keto diet in 1924, a part of the human race and nutrition experts may have thought that this was just another fad diet that would fade. But it has made quite an impact since then.

The fact that those who adhere to the ketogenic diet achieve rapid weight loss is what led to the widespread acceptance of the diet.

Keto die-hards are constantly on the lookout for new treats and vitamins to include into their diet. Those who are just getting started with Keto want a warm welcome and some pointers.

If you put the appropriate content in front of Keto dieters, they will buy them without hesitation. And you can earn thousands of dollars in affiliate commission.

74. Psychic and Astrology

Some people may find the whole concept of psychics and astrology to be absurd. But even then, this industry generates at least $2 billion a year in revenue.

Everyone from free-spirited stargazers to corporate high-fliers is eager to consume the many products and services available in this sector.

If you build an affiliate website around this topic, you can earn a commission of up to $150 per sale, which is currently the going rate for new referrals to so-called “psychic health” websites.

In this market, even the smallest commissions often hover around $100.

75. Podcasts

The iPod was largely responsible for the launch of the first podcast in 2004. There are now over a million podcasts online, and everyone is trying to be the next superstar in the space.

To be successful, any podcaster needs the standard equipment. Equipment and supplies such as microphones, computers, seats, a camera, lights, and screenplay writing classes are a must-have.

Then they will need a variety of moneymaking programs to advertise to their podcast listeners, and maybe even some advertising networks to sell airtime to.

Here is an opportunity for you to create a podcasting blog and promote these products.

76. Coupons

Several of the largest online retailers in the world provide affiliates the chance to promote discount programs. Two excellent instances of this are Walmart and Rakuten.

Although some offers may only pay 10 cents per coupon, hundreds of millions of digital coupons are “clipped” annually.

77. Smartphones

Just how big do you think the smartphone market is? Well, it’s a massive $500 billion a year industry.

You might think that it’s a crowded market to target when creating a website. But that’s only so if your goal is to be a comprehensive information hub.

It might be better to target a thriving submarket such as iPhone photography lenses. You can blog about smartphone parental control software can be a great deal.

You can focus on robust mobile phones that won’t become useless after a single drop. And if you can find an audience that is interested in switching mobile phone carriers, you may still earn a lot of money.

Commissions may be as high as $100 per closed deal, making this a lucrative market.

78. Medicine

The average age of the world’s population is rising. The United Nations projects that by 2050, one in six individuals would be 65 or older, up from one in eleven in 2019.

The progress of medicine has a lot to do with this. A few decades ago, many health problems were fatal. Now, they are readily treated.

However, the aging process and its associated health difficulties are something that modern medicine has been unable to alter or reverse.

With a growing elderly population comes a greater need for healthcare services and products, making the healthcare industry a lucrative and rapidly expanding business.

That’s why it’s such a lucrative market for affiliate marketers.

79. Financial Planning

Everyone nowadays seeks out financial consultants that can assist him or her with financial planning best practices.

So if you have financial planning skills, this micro niche is a suitable choice for you, as you will be addressing just financial planning topics.

The level of difficulty in this niche ranges from moderate to high, but you can succeed if you conduct thorough keyword research and link to the searcher’s objective. There are more than 100,000 searches for financial planning on search engines. So the success rates in this sub-niche is more than likely strong.

80. Personal Finance

If you have a solid grasp of the concepts and principles of personal finance, you can start a personal finance blog to advice others, recommend personal finance services online, and earn an affiliate commission.

This micro niche has a specific and tight audience. And once you have their attention, they will become repeat visitors, as long as you produce valuable content for them.

This sub-niche is low to moderately competitive. Don’t forget that your chances of succeeding on the niche also depends on your ability to produce the best personal finance content than what’s already out there.

81. Budgeting


Budget management may help us achieve an excellent present and future.

If anything, people are interested in learning how to manage their expenditures and the kind of budget options available to help them do so.

These people often post important investment questions on budgeting forums. So these communities are the great place to start to look for content ideas for your blog.

82. Debt Reduction

Consumer debt affects millions of people, and the majority of those who are in debt are searching for ways to reduce or remove their financial load.

Individuals who have come out of substantial debt maintain some of the most popular personal finance blogs. If you’ve been in the same situation yourself, creating a blog on debt reduction can be a life changer for someone out there as well as yourself.

Share your story. Explain the lessons you learned, and tell your audience how you overcame debts to give them hope that they too can experience the positive change.

In this sub-niche of financial blogs, you must prove your expertise and built authority and trust.

83. Savings for students

As the name suggests, this sub-niche enables you to create a blog devoted only to money-saving strategies and ideas for students.

Many students work part-time and are concerned with saving money for the future. As a blogger, you will have to provide them with relevant advice that they can use to make informed decision.

Savingforcollege.com is one of the greatest blogs in this niche. I particularly love how they present their information, so you can use their platform as a starting point for inspiration.

The level of difficulty in this sub-niche goes from moderate to high, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that money can only be made in niches with a lot of competition, so choose one of these micro niches and create your platform.

84. Retirement

Successful retirement blogs are evergreen blogging niches.

Here’s the deal:

When a person nears retirement, he or she gets anxious about the present and future.

Therefore, mentoring them before and after retirement is a good option, as you can supply them with money-saving tips and investment ideas that can help them make and save more money even after retirement.

This sub-niche receives considerable traffic. If you work with sufficient regularity, you may easily accomplish your objectives of producing great content within a year.

The level of difficulty in this sub-niche is low to moderate, making it ideal for launching a blog within the personal finance sub-niche.

85. Make Money Online

One of the finest specialty ideas for personal finance blogs is to teach individuals how to add additional revenue streams to their job.

You may advise them on how to build an internet business, freelancing, marketing, or online consultation, making this a fantastic sub-niche blog topic.

You may collect data from these macro niches and produce daily micro-niche content for one of them. This will help you make enough money to achieve your objectives.

86. Money management

Money management is one of the most profitable yet highly competitive areas. Here you can find many options to earn money, and you may operate a profitable blog if you work hard.

If you worked consistently for 7 to 8 months on a money management, you might end up earning a substantial sum of money after days of consistent hard work. 

87. Banking

A blog specializing in banking may help many individuals in resolving their issues by reaching a global audience.

People are interested in learning how to increase their bank account balance, save money, and earn interest. So if you are confident in your capacity to run this sort of micro-niche website, being a banking adviser blogger can be a game changer for you.

If you do a quick search for queries related to banking advice, you will notice that people ask many long-tail inquiries online, and you may simply attract these people to your site by answering their questions.

A banking advice blog can generate revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing. You may also sell consulting services and courses if you have the expertise to do so.

88. Startups

There are many methods to generate money nowadays, both online and offline. People desire to create their own enterprises, make their own money, and become their own bosses.

If you can advise your audience on what businesses are excellent, how to succeed, and how to generate good profits, this blog niche suggestion may be the best one for you.

You can build a blog in many categories to compete with fewer individuals. Selecting a nano-niche inside this sub-niche, for instance, allows you to create a dedicated blog on startups within the area.

Generally, you will have little competition and a high search volume if you select a Nano Niche site in the Startup niche since entrepreneurs nowadays are starting enterprises and seeking expert advice.

89. Financial Instruments

Today, we live in a culture in which AI is of great assistance in our daily lives, with finance tools being the most commonly utilized tools in the finance industry.  

Investors, traders, and financial advisors use these tools to track their investments and appraise the market for lucrative possibilities.

Therefore, creating a blog that covers all of the important components of financial instruments might help you make some money through affiliate marketing.

You can discuss these tools by explaining what they are, how they work, why they’re the best solution, and how people can utilize them.

The level of difficulty ranges from low to moderate, and you may be successful in this niche.

90. Surviving Bankruptcy


You might develop a blog devoted to topics related to surviving bankruptcy in order to give your readers guidance on what they can do before and after filing for bankruptcy.

If you have studied law and have specialized expertise, you may start a blog in this sector and provide readers with advice that may be highly useful form a legal perspective.

If you establish a blog in this sub-niche, you will face moderate to high levels of competition, not to mention that you can monetize the blog in different ways. 

91. Budget Blog

If you’re considering establishing a blog that talk about spending, budgeting may be a good topic to focus on.

I did a quick search for the seed keyword “Budgeting” on Semrush and the tool returned over 600,000 monthly searches. Clearly, people are busy looking for ways to spend money wisely, which means there is an audience for you to target with your content.

Your blog may offer advice on money management and sticking to a budget plan. You can also offer additional suggestions and strategies for spending money on a variety of things.

This niche has low to moderate levels of competition and is one of the finest to target on YouTube.

92. Investing

Investing is one of the greatest sub-niches in personal finance, but you are aware that there is a lot of competition and you may not achieve success as quickly as you would want.

You can enter this niche if you have an expired domain with some authority, but if you want to start a site from scratch, I do not advocate this topic – unless you have the patience required to rank organically.

And if you’re considering working in this area on YouTube, it’s the most lucrative one, and you can even get traffic from organic search if you optimize your videos for search engines. The secret is to create compelling videos that convince viewers to subscribe to your channel.

93. Jobs

If you have the capacity to publish new blog posts on a daily basis, you might want to consider starting a jobs blog.

If you’re considering a blog about job updates, the competition may be too fierce. But if you want to start a new blog, you can create one in a micro-niche. For example, in the jobs niche, you may create a blog that covers all elements of obtaining good employment.

You can instruct your visitors on how to study, how to construct a study schedule, the finest books and other resources that will help them obtain employment.

94. Trading

Trading is a finance niche with a huge traffic potential. But it also has a great deal of competition. So you need to get your topic research right, create high quality content, and attract the right types of links to become a successful trade affiliate marketer.

A blog on a trading niche can provide a high revenue, but my recommendation is to focus on its smaller themes that cover all facets of that specialty.

However, if you have a good grasp of trade, the ability to write great content, and the willingness to create YouTube videos, you may pursue the full trading specialty since there are numerous opportunities for profit. 

95. Headphones

The current market size for headphones is $24.8 billion in annual revenue, and the value is likely to increase by a little over $124 billion by 2030. Such prediction show that the headphones market is a huge market around which you can create a profitable niche site.

HeadphonesAddict.com is a good example a niche site that does quite well in this market, albeit being somewhat competitive. The best approach would be to narrow down to specific brand and build your own voice around that. You could focus on just one brand, or you can grow the site’s size by reviewing multiple companies.

96. Smartwatches

Nearly 206 million individuals wear smartwatches. The current market size for this industry is $30.8 billion. According to Globe Newswire, the smartwatch’s market value is likely to increase to a little over $150 billion by 2030.

I used Semrush SEO tool to gauge the possibility of succeeding as a smartwatch blogger. And my conclusion is that the industry has some decent topics that you can cover.

Popular terms such as Apple Watch and Fossil may be hard to rank for, but if you’ll find some interesting topics to cover if you dig deeper.

97. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers have improved from simple pedometers to advanced smart trackers that work with mobile apps. It’s currently a $36.46 billion market, a value that’s likely to increase to $126 billion by 2030 thereof. 

From a blogger’s perspective, fitness trackers don’t have a ton of content ideas. But it’s possible create a blog with up to 300 posts if you do your topic research well. And while I don’t have the data to show that the more posts you publish the better, you’ll easily build into an authority blog if you focuses purely on the subject.

98. Laptops

A 2021 record shows that nearly 221 million people bought laptop from different brands. I can only image how many of those devices were sales resulting from affiliate referrals. 

Of course, people don’t buy laptops every month. But technology improves, which means change even for a laptop is inevitable.

Apparently, there are hundreds of low competition keywords in this niche. And given that new technologies unveil every year, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run short of topic ideas.

You can earn between $34 and $250 in affiliate commission per sale for a laptop bought via your link. Keep in mind that the range depends on the affiliate network you use, with Amazon often bringing in the least value.

99. Gaming Accessories

The gaming accessory is a subset of gaming valued at $6.71 million with a growth rate of 10.8%. Given such a high annual growth rate, it’s likely that the market value of gaming accessories will increase to $16.8 million by 2030.

If you look at the gaming accessories section on Amazon, you’ll notice that there’s a lot you can promote. The products range from gaming laptops and headsets to gaming desks and ergonomic chairs.

And if you build your site well by including a mix of informational and commercial content in an ideal ratio, you’re more than likely to thrive in this niche for longer. 

100. Digestive Health

In the year 2000, nearly 72 percent of Americans reported experiencing at least one of the gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms at least a few times each month. Such symptoms included diarrhea, gas, bloating, stomach discomfort, frequent bowel movements, and unexplained weight loss.

Therefore, if you have considerable expertise in the digestion topic, you may create a blog and a YouTube channel.

You can create a digestive health blog and create a brand that focuses on everyday issues such as how much carbs, lipids, and protein one needs to be happy.

Your blog can teach your readers about nutritious diet and ways to enhance their gut health, particularly given that the majority of human ailments originate in the digestive tract.

101. Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss often springs to mind when we think of the health niche, and it is a lucrative market to get into if you want to make money with affiliate marketing.  

In this niche, you may build a blog on weight loss and a micro-niche website where you can cover only one subject. Due to the high level of competition in the weight loss niche, it would probably a good idea to focus on a micro niche.

With the micro niche, you will cover all questions linked to a certain subtopic. For instance, you may establish a site that solely discusses bodyweight exercises for weight reduction; weight loss supplements, weight loss programs, and so on. 

102. Diabetes

Diabetes is the most pressing issue affecting all generations today. Therefore, the ideal way to begin your writing career is to create a site where you can answer all of the questions people have around this subject.

In your blog, you may give comprehensive information about diabetes, its kinds, diabetic diet plans, how to cope, and related issues.

103. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a vast topic that we can divide into several microfiches. Examples of  micro niches that you can blog about in this niche include

Training, cycling outdoors, running on treadmills, spinning classes, dance classes, Bootcamps, and strength training. 

Google favors websites and blogs that address all topics and queries pertinent to a certain micro niche. So start producing content for one of these micro niches instead of creating a blog that’s all over the place. 

104. Yoga

Yoga is a health niche that receives more than 368,000 monthly searches, and it is a very profitable keyword to target.

You can create and grow a yoga blog where you instruct various yoga positions, how to regulate your mind and body, meditation, chakra balancing, and so on.

Starting a YouTube channel in this niche is the ideal way to provide video instructions of each exercise so that individuals can do them properly.

105. Skin Care

Skincare is another major sub-niche under the health category in the blogging. And it’s equally one of the most profitable niches because people are busy searching online for ways to improve their appearance.

Skincare is a complex topic and wide topic. So if you have anything to say about it, a blog is an excellent platform to offer your thoughts and advice.

You may also relate your personal experience of overcoming beauty obstacles in the past or show how you utilized various treatments to achieve better skin.

If you’re considering launching a skincare or beauty blog, you should consider the search volume and number of inquiries for skincare.

106. Dental Care

If you are a dentist with years of expertise, you should focus your blog on dentistry niches.

Obviously, financial success is a vital component of this motivation, in terms of both attracting additional clients as well as making your firm as profitable as possible.

If you own a small dental clinic and want to attract more clients in the dentistry niche, you could launch a dental blog.

If you run a dental clinic, go online and register your clinic on Google’s My Business so that people in your area may quickly discover you.

And of course, you can promote dental products sold on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and make affiliate commission.

107. Hair Loss

If you have knowledge in the niche of how to stop hair loss, diet programs, and what to do to stop hair loss, then developing a blog can be a great way to reach out to people struggling with this problem.

During my research, I noticed just how huge this segment is. That means you can make a good affiliate commission by recommending the right products and grow into an authority by offering solid advice to your readers. 

108. ENT Care

If you are an ENT expert, you may supplement your income by creating a blog and gaining internet consumers for your services – and for the products you promote online.

Your blog can focus on ear, nose, and throat care so that individuals can engage with your content and get a relief from the convenience of their own houses.

The search volume for these terms is significant, and in my experience, if you develop content in this niche, you will rank better on Google due to the scarcity of material in this area.

109. Infant Care

This niche is ideal for you if you have expertise in providing parenting and infant care knowledge online. You can share your personal and professional experiences online in order to benefit others while earning an affiliate commission by recommending relevant products.

You may build a blog that provides parents and dads advice on pregnancy and childbirth, nursing, infant care, getting ready for a baby, pregnancy and labor, postnatal care, breastfeeding. 

110. Archery

When it comes to sports fandom, this subset lies somewhat beyond the norm. However, it has more than enough year-round interest and traffic to thrive.

Some ideas you can cover include bows and arrows, archery as competition, parlor games, youth archery safety, and hunting with bows.

You can make a lot of money in a variety of micro-niches in archery. And that’s because there is far much less competition in this area than in most popular sports.

111. Baseball

Baseball is one of the oldest and most popular professional sports with boundless potential. Traffic and interest in this sport are always high throughout the year, but they surge when the MLB playoffs roll around.

Examples of areas to focus on include drills and skills for young players, baseball history, baseball accessories, how to throw specific pitches, and general pitching drills. 

With some decent material and some patience, you can get started in any number of little sub-niches and create an authoritative blog that makes money in this sport. You can focus on one category, or diversify your each. One excellent blog topic may be devoted to the Chicago Cubs and their rich history.

112. Basketball

The National Basketball Association may lack Major League Baseball’s legacy, but it has caught up to MLB in terms of viewership. More so than any other American sport, basketball has found a niche audience outside the United States and is rapidly increasing there.

This might potentially offer your basketball blog a global audience that few other sports can match.

Some of the areas that you can focus your blog on include NBA, college hoops, shooting drills, coaching, and sneakers.

113. Boxing

Boxing has taken a knock out in recent years, mostly losing ground to MMA and other fighting sports. However, that doesn’t imply there isn’t a demand for it.

In my view, right now may be the best moment to launch your boxing blog because while the competition has gradually lost its global dominance, it still has an audience.

Some topic ideas to cover on a boxing blog include:

The history of boxing, professional boxers, individual weight classes, boxing workouts, and boxing gear reviews.

What’s more? 

Blogging in this space isn’t as competitive, which means you can create content and grow your audience easily within the first six months.

If anything, there is a ready audience waiting for you to provide interesting and engaging content for them.

114. Cycling

The cycling is a big niche right now, with just so much to blog about. In addition to the typical leisurely bike ride, you can focus on endurance, speed, extreme, and so much more.

When it comes to cycling, anything goes. Your blog can focus on professional cycling, indoor cycling, bikes reviews, bike accessories, cycling advice, and so much more.

To get the most out of the blog, it’s crucial that you stick to your micro-niche and any niches remotely linked to it. Try not to appeal to a wide audience, especially to hose with a passing interest in riding. Do your best to stay on your area of interest.

115. E-sports

The E-sports market is so large because it contains many smaller markets. The main problem is that it’s so new that some of the niches could disappear before long.

Even then, it’s still worth the shot.

When you’re just getting started, this is one of the few categories where I’d suggest taking a broader perspective. As this field is only getting started, you need to take all precaution to avoid passing trends.

116. Football

For years, doomsayers have forecast football’s demise, yet the sport continues on going strong. In fact, football is by far the most watched sporting event in the United States, and it shows no signs of slowing down in either the professional or the much-loved collegiate football game.

So if you love watching or playing football and you can create great content on different topics within this umbrella, it can be a great niche to consider.

Choosing a topic that both interests you and your audience can go a long way to help you grow into an authority.

117. Hockey

Now may be a great moment to focus your blog on educating the new generation of hockey players, either by explaining the basics or by detailing the game’s rich history.

You might also zero in on hockey equipment and help your readers select the finest hockey sticks.

Additional areas worth focusing on include skates and sticks, toys for goalies, and NHL fans’ favorite teams.

To be clear, hockey is another U.S. activity that receives little attention on a national scale. However, the sport is on the upswing, and the success of local clubs is largely attributable to the fervor of their own fan bases.

118. Mix Martial Arts

But competition is fierce in this niche, so you’ll need to identify and concentrate on a micro-niche if you want to cash in.

To create a blog, for instance, you may focus on MMA gloves as a piece of training gear. Also, you can include a little of exercise machinery into your blog, as doing so will help to grow the site’s size.

Remember that the best way to build an MMA blog is to start with one category before moving on to the next.

119. Tennis

Blogging about tennis is a fun and exciting experience. Due to the prevalence of local mini-leagues, the audience for tennis guides and resources extends far beyond the ordinary sports enthusiast.

You can create a go-to platform that focuses on professional tennis or personal entrainment from the game.

Tennis lessons usually begin with a focus on one of the game’s individual skills, such as backhands, serves, and volleys.

You could certainly keep yourself busy for a long time just writing about tennis rackets. And you can discuss the types of court surfaces and explain how they affect play. If you love tennis history, don’t shy away from blogging about the evolution of the game.

Final Thoughts

Having been an affiliate marketer for over 5 years myself, I can tell you from experience that it’s possible to create a site that makes passive income every month provided you choose the right niche.

Keep in mind that every niche has some level of competition. So it’s important to determine how much competition is in a given market before you go all in.

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