14 Blogging Niches that Make a Lot of Money In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on March 30, 2022  
Blogging Niches that Make a Lot of Money

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I wish I could tell you that starting a blog is as easy as choosing a hosting service, buying a domain, setting up WordPress, and creating great content.

It’s not.

From my experience, effective blogging starts with a lot of brainstorming. And if you want to get the best return on your investment, you have to pick and work only on the most profitable niches.

So in this guide, I’ll show you some of the most lucrative blogging niches that you can tap into right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner at online business or you’re looking for more scalable topics. The niches I’ve suggested in this guide can make a big difference in your blogging career.

And I’d like to make one thing clear before we begin:

Niche selection remains an essential part of blogging. Choose the wrong niche, and your blog will fall flat. But if you choose the right niche, you can make four, five, or even six figures a month in passive income right from the comfort of your home.

With that out of the way, below are the most profitable niches to invest in right now:

1. Health and Fitness

I’ve been a budding health and fitness enthusiast even before I started blogging. And it’s no surprise that it’s the first topic I ever blogged about from the time I was 18.

Today, health and fitness is still a hot topic, with a huge audience looking for solutions to problems such as weight loss, back pain, diabetes, arthritis, and erectly dysfunction.

Keep in mind that health and fitness by itself isn’t a niche but a big industry with hundreds of niches under the hood. You need to dissect the subject, create a list of all the niches you can find under the hood, and then choose a vertical that you can comfortably work.

So instead of writing everything you can about health and fitness, narrow down to a single topic such as weight loss, crossfit, walking, running, or diet.

The advantage of going narrow on such a huge topic is that you develop topical relevance quite easily and become an authority in your niche. Even Google will find your site a lot more favorable for your search terms and give you a boost in the SERPs.

An example of health and fitness blog that you may want to look at is the Nerd Fitness.

2. Parenting

Upcoming mothers want to know what it is like to be pregnant. Expectant moms search the internet for tips and guides on healthy eating habits and safe pregnancy care.

Soon to be dads Google phrases such as how to become a good father and a loving husband. And those already raising newborns are constantly searching for exceptional tips to raise good kids.

New and experienced moms and dads are all over the place. And all want nothing but the right parenting information that can help them raise healthy and smart kids.

This means one thing: 

Parenting niche is a hot topic, a topic that will always be evergreen as long as women keep getting pregnant.

There are even store dedicated to newborn and children. Not to mention that some are specifically for parents.

An example of a parenting blog that you can draw inspiration from is Mom Loves Best.

3. Online Gaming

I don’t know about you, but I think gaming is one of the most lucrative niches on the internet right now. Not to mention that you can make a lot of money if you blog consistently about the topic.

Think about it:

Many games you use to play or watch offline are now in digital format. From Call of Duty and Destiny 2 to Soccer and Star Wars Battlefront, there are many online games to play and review.

Then there are gaming accessories. With many people looking for products like the best gaming laptops, routers, controllers, headsets, and monitors, just to mention a few, there are many products that you can promote if you decide to work on this niche.

An example of a blog that has established itself as an authority in the gaming niche is Games Radar.

You can go broad like they do if you have a huge blogging budget. But if you’re limited on funds, I suggest you pick a single topic, exhaust it, and then move on to the next topic.

4. Fashion

Fashion is as wide as health and fitness. And with many niches and sub-niches in this vertical, it’s easy to find the right topic to blog about.

You don’t have to be popular on Instagram to create a fashion blog. And you don’t have to be a social media influencer either.

Some blogger assume that one must do many photo shoots to make it as a fashion blogger. But that’s far from the truth.

The secret is identifying where you fit in the fashion vertical and then invest your effort in that area. That way, it becomes easy for you to create great content around the topic and establish yourself as an authority in that niche.

For example, you can focus on the latest trends in fashion, dressing tips, or specific types of shoes.

5. Relationships

Love, mutual feelings, emotions, self-esteem, and self-worth are common words in the streets and motivational speeches.

And whenever I hear someone mention any of these words, I can’t quite think of anything else but relationships.

Think about it:

Everyone is searching for love, but very few people know how to find it. So if you’re an expert in the relationship niche, or you know how to help someone find their significant other, create a relationship blog and make money from it. 

There are many topics that you can cover in this niche. But be careful not to write something that might make someone feel inferior and less valuable.

Your options are limitless when it comes to monetization. You can earn from affiliate offers by recommending the best dating apps with premium subscription. You can write an eBook on dating, relationship, marriages, or divorce and promote it on your blog. Or you can recommend related products, such as books and gifts, on Amazon.

6. Education and Careers

Even with over 3.7 million teachers in the US alone, starting an education blog can turn into a fulltime career if you done right.

In this niche, you will be sharing your professional idea with a specific audience. And provided you know what you’re talking about, it should be easy for you to establish yourself as an authority in the niche.

As an education blogger, you can teach your audience how to find their passion and choose the right career path. You can teach new skills such as new languages, IT and software, or management skills. Or you can teach students how to get ready for their exams so that they score good grades.

7.  Pets

I have friends who are into pets more than I do. And they’ve taken their passion for cats, dogs, and aquarium and turned it into money.

So if you’re into cats or dogs, and you’re wondering what niche to pick, you already yourself one.

In other words, create a blog about pets, share as much information as possible to build an audience, and then monetize your traffic for money.

The blog it’s dog or nothing is a good platform from where you can draw some inspiration from if you plan to start a similar site.

8. Travel

Do you love traveling and would like to share your adventures with the world? Or maybe you’ve traveled to different places and you’d like to suggest some travel destinations to people who’d like to enjoy weekend trips and holiday getaways?

Consider starting a travel niche site.

Traveling can be an interesting niche to consider if you are passionate about the topic and if you can handle the competition. 

As a travel blogger, you can choose to:

  • Write about cultural  differences to help your readers to learn, understand, and respect local customs as they travel
  • Tour your city or country. Then, recommend great places that people can visit, especially the unusual destinations for budget traveling
  • Share traveling tips and little known strategies and secrets that you’ve learned as a traveler and a travel blogger

9. Sports

Even in a time where the global pandemic has brought many sporting activities to a standstill, you can still blog about sports and outdoors and make a lot of money from the same.

You can write about yoga, crossfit training, cycling, staying fit during the pandemic, extreme sports, camping, cheerleading, hiking, and personal training to mention just a few.

Keep in mind that sports is a huge topic and the more you narrow down the better. Instead of struggling to create content for all types of sports on the same site, pick one topic to work on.

10. Personal Finance

When it comes to money, three things are almost always for sure. We desire to make more money every month, we often look forward to spending less, and we wish we could save a lot more than we’re doing now.

While scaling how much we earn is possible, not all of us can spend less and save more every month.

And that’s a big problem, which makes personal finance a lucrative niche to consider if you would like to grow an audience that wants to learn how to spend less and save more every month.

Since personal finance is a wide topic, it helps to narrow down to a small topic. That’s especially if you would like to build and serve a small audience.

But if you have a big blogging budget, you can cover sub-niches in the personal finance niche. Only make sure you first exhaust one sub-niche before moving on to the next one.

11. Lifestyle

A lifestyle blog tends to fall on the macro niche side of blogging. That’s because while it has one type of demographic, it tends to cover different topics.

This is the only area where I would focus on multi topic and still make money. That’s because there’s already a specific audience to target.

Still, you have be careful with how you handle such a multi-topic niche site; otherwise your chances of making money with it may fall flat. 

In my opinion, a recipe for success here would be to get your keyword research right. If you can find low competition search terms with decent search volume, you’re good to go.

12. Newborns

By time I finish writing this sentence, an expectant other will have delivered a baby at home or in a maternity somewhere.

Why is this important in blogging?

Because baby need products, from cream bottles and breast pumps to baby monitors and strollers for better upbringing. 

And with babies being born every day, there won’t be a shortage for the products that they need to grow and survive.

For you, this means that you can make a lot of money if you start blogging about newborns and recommending the right products for them.

13. Cooking

Do you know that you can make a lot of money by blogging about cooking?

You don’t even have to be a professional chef to teach people how to cook online. You just have to teach them what you know.

And given that cooking is a broad topic, from baking and grilling to beer and home brewing, there is really no limit to the topic that you can work on.

When it comes to the cooking niche, people need details. So when it comes to giving procedures for cooking a meal, you have to provide detailed guides and recipes to win the heart of your audience.

14.  Product Reviews

Bloggers have mixed reactions about product review websites.

Some claim that Google hates affiliate only site because they’re in business purely for the purpose of earning commissions. Yet others say they can be a great income earner once a site starts to rank for the targeted terms.

My take is this:

Google doesn’t hate product review sites provided you build them well. So as you build the site, you should focus on establishing topical relevance and providing valuable information and the search engines will reward you for it.

If you’re reviewing gadgets, for example, pick one category in the niche and create as much content for it as possible. This will go a long way to help you establish topical relevance.

Then, go to another category and do the same.

You’ll end developing a robust and relevant product review website that will make you a lot of money every month.


If you seriously want to make money blogging this year, I suggest you choose one of the niches I have shared in this guide.

Keep in mind that these are broad topics to begin with. To succeed, you’ll need to narrow down and pick a single topic to focus on.

Then if your suite gains traction and you feel like scaling up, you can add more similar topics to the same site and make even more money.

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