6 Ways to Make Money with InboxDollars

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on January 8, 2021  
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Today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Inbox Dollars, a website that has become quite popular since its launch in 2000.

In particular, you’ll learn what it is, how it works, how to use it to make money, and its pros and cons. 

I first stumbled on Inbox Dollars via a blog post on survey websites that pay well. After taking it for a test ride for about five months, I’m confident that I have enough information to help you determine if the platform is even worth your time. 

First, let me be honest with you upfront:

Inbox Dollars is indeed a good platform build to enable folks, like you and myself, to make money online without too much elbow grease. However, the platform is so crowded that it isn’t going to make you a ton of money.  

Still, it’s a reliable platform to add to your list of sites that actually pays you to complete tasks. And it’s a good place to start if you want to make some quick cash on the side. 

With that out of the way, let’s get to the nitty-gritty, starting with what Inbox Dollars actually is – according to my personal experience.  

What is Inbox Dollars Exactly? 

inbox dollar

From my interaction and experience with Inbox Dollars, I’d say it’s more than just a popular survey website on the Internet.  

Here’s why: 

The activities and services on the website change from time to time. So instead of making money by just answering survey questions, you also earn by completing random tasks such as searching the web, reading paid e-mails, watching videos, playing arcade games, and doing shopping. 

Some websites I’ve interacted with, such as the Harris Poll Online, don’t send you money for completing certain tasks. Instead, they let you redeem your cash points to gift cards that you can use for shopping at big brands like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.  

Inbox Dollars is different because they send you money as soon as you hit the current minimum threshold of $30. You can request for a payment as soon as your account balance hits the $30 mark, and the payment modes accepted by the platform are electronic gift cards, check, or PayPal. 

This platform is open to all the US residents and is free to join. You even get a $5 signup bonus for creating an account with them. 

However, you won’t qualify to complete all the random tasks on the website. However, you’ll get work to do, make some money, and get a payment for your effort and time. 

How to Join Inbox Dollars 

As one of the easiest to join sites that I’ve ever interacted with, it takes less than 5 minutes to create an Inbox Dollars account and get going. 

From a personal standpoint, the process of becoming a member is easy and straightforward. Provide your email and password to the signup form on the home page, activate your account by confirming our email, and claim your $5 account registration bonus. 

The $5 is a nice bonus to have, but it isn’t a big deal because you can’t cash it out until you hit the minimum required threshold. 

The signup process doesn’t end with confirming your email address. You also have to provide as much information about yourself as possible. 

I should say this: 

The part where I have to provide personal information about myself was quite tricky for me mostly because I like to keep personal details private. If you’re like me, you’ll be better off if you go with the “I Prefer Not to Answer” response to questions that seem too personal to answer. 

The next step to complete the registration process is to claim your $5 activation and you do this by confirming your first PaidEmail. 

The problem with this offer is you’ll end up with many junk emails, which you may never read. But you can opt out and adjust your settings so you don’t get the emails again. 

6 Ways to Make Money with Inbox Dollars 

In my 90 days of testing, I loved just how diverse Inbox Dollars is as a platform. There are more ways to make money here and you actually get a compensation for it. 

Here’s a rundown on how you can actually make money with this website: 

1. You Get Paid to Complete Surveys 

I should say this: 

Not all survey websites are legit. 

I’ve encountered the very bad ones of our time, which wanted me to use my credit card to make a payment before I could cash out my earnings. Some never paid me at all, not to mention that the most illegitimate ones flagged my account without prior explanation whatsoever. 

Inbox Dollars is a different platform. It’s a legitimate site that actually pays you for completing survey question. 

The pay range for many surveys on Inbox Dollars falls between $0.50 and $5. These surveys are usually easy and take from 5 to 20 minutes to complete. 

Some pay $10, others pay $20, and there are those that pay more. 

One of the things I don’t love about making money by completing survey questions on Inbox Dollars is that you won’t qualify for all surveys. The kind of survey offer you get depends on your demography, and that means some people can take weeks, if not months, to hit the minimum threshold. 

2. Get Paid to Watch Videos 

Let me start this section by stating that I love watching videos of different kinds. The only thing I never knew back then is that an online platform can pay me some bucks to watch a commercial video. 

Inbox Dollars does that. 

I’ve earned a couple of dollars from watching new movie trailers and new product features. Not to mention that Inbox Dollars even allows you to complete a short paid survey about a video you just watched. 

While watching short videos on Inbox Dollars is a nice way to earn some cash, the pay isn’t decent. Even then, what you earn still play an important part of adding up to your $30 threshold. 

3. Get Paid to Play Arcade and Casino Games 

An interesting thing about Inbox Dollars is they even pay you to play Arcade games. 

I should say that Arcade games aren’t really my kind of thing per se. But they’re somewhat interesting to play if you fancy the likes of Mahjong Solitaire, Bubble Shooter, and Candy Jam.  

Inbox Dollars even has an established partnership with GSN casino, so you can access and play tons of poker games if you’re a fan of gambling. 

But there’s something I really don’t like about the GSN games: 

You do have to pay to play, and that’s something that’s quite common as far as pocket games are concerned. According to Inbox Dollars, for every dollar you spend, you’ll get an 18% cash back credited to your account, which will be available for cashing out as soon as you hit a $30 threshold. 

4. Earn Some Money from Inbox Dollars’ Cashback Offers 

Cash back offers are great because they enable you to save some money by shopping at top online brands. I’m saying this because I use cashback apps regularly and I save hundreds of dollars in shopping money every year. 

It’s good to see Inbox Dollars include this strategy as one of the ways you can make money with their platform. So if you also want to save money by simply doing shopping, and actually get that cash back, the consider taking advantage of this offer. 

One of the things that stand out as far as the cashback offers given by Inbox Dollars is concerned is the insider saving tips. The information is helpful as it allows you to find the best free stuff on the internet that you would otherwise spend money on. 

Another thing you’ll love about this platform as far as cashbacks go is that there are always new offers posted on a regular basis. That means there’s always an opportunity for members to shop, save, and earn some money. 

5. Take Advantage of Coupon Cash Rewards 

I’m a long-time fan of coupon codes and they’re no doubt on of the reasons why I love Inbox Dollars. 

You will get access to tons of coupon codes every month. You can use these to save money while shopping online.  

That’s not all. 

Once you complete a purchase at a grocery or beauty store online, you’ll earn some cash back to your account and you can use the money to do more shopping in future or withdraw it to your PayPal as soon as your account balance hits the minimum threshold. 

6. Get Paid to Read Product Promotion Emails 

One of the most unusual things I’ve ever heard is that I can make money by simply reading an email sent to my inbox. 

I don’t know what algorithm Inbox Dollars uses to ascertain this. But what I do know is that this is a cool way to make money. 

Plus, if you want to increase your earning potential, you can do so by competing the offers sent to that specific email. 

Keep in mind that how much you earn per email will vary depending on the kind of offer email that Inbox Dollar sends to you. 

If you don’t mind getting your email inbox flooded with paid offers, this may suit you. But if you’re someone who’d rather keep their inbox clean, you should consider turning this offer off in your Inbox Dollars’ account settings. 

Is Inbox Dollars a Scam or Is It a Legit Way to Make Money? 

As I told you, I took Inbox Dollars for a 90-day test drive to determine if they’re legitimate enough to pay for my time and effort 

It turns out they’re a legitimate business that actually pays you for the tasks you complete. Provided you have a minimum balance of $30 in your account, you can cash out by requesting for a payment. 

Inbox Dollars will issue a payment in the form of a check or electronic gift card. Also, you can use PayPal as your preferred payment method if you prefer instant cash. 

Inbox Dollars: Is It Worth It? 

Let me say this: 

Whether or not Inbox Dollars depends on what you’d like to achieve. 

If you have a lot of free time and looking for a way to make some bucks here and there, Inbox Dollars is worth trying. You’ll find it easy to navigate, the tasks are simple to complete, and you get your payout sent to your account on time. 

However, if you want to trade your time for some serious cash, Inbox Dollars isn’t going to be the best source of income for you.

Let me explain:

Surveys that match your demographic will be hardly ever available. So while you’ll make some bucks here and there, it won’t be enough to consider as passive income. 

Again, the surveys don’t pay that well. Majorities of the surveys on the site pay you between $0.5 and $5 upon completion and you’re likely to spend up to 30 minutes – maybe even more – to complete a single survey. 

The videos, cash back offers, arcade games, and the coupon promos are all good. But they won’t earn you enough money to make you the next upcoming Jeff Bezos. 

You can stick around the site if you want to earn a decent income But you can be sure it’s going to take you a lot of time to make money that you’ll consider as significant. 

So unless you’re on the site because you want to make some quick cash on the side, you should look at other ways to make money online. Or at least, find survey sites that pay better than Inbox Dollars does. 


We all want to make some money at the end of the day, however small the amount is. While Inbox Dollars won’t earn you a lot of money as such, don’t forget that every dollar you’ll make on the platform will bring you closer to financial freedom.

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