18 Ways to Make Money in Education

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on March 22, 2021  
Ways to Make Money in Education

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Have you ever thought of establishing a business in the education sector?

Besides teaching, there are several ways that you can make money either on a part-time or full-time schedule.

And you can make good money if you offer excellent services or products.

In this article, we look at the different ways to make money in education. Read on and see which strategy can work for you.

1) Teach in a school

Being a teacher in a school is the most common way to earn money in the educational field.

You can teach in an elementary school, secondary school, or higher education institutions like colleges and universities.

You must meet different requirements to teach, like having a bachelor’s degree and getting a license to teach in various states.

2) Start a blog

Starting a blog about education is also another way to make money in this field.

In your blog, you can educate people about various subjects or give them ideas on becoming successful working as educators.

You might not earn from a blog immediately, but you can make decent money after publishing quality content consistently after some time.

WordPress is a great platform to start your blog.  

3) Create and sell courses

You can also earn money by creating and selling courses.

Most people today rely on online courses to learn new things or expand their knowledge in various subjects.

The best areas to focus on in your courses are the ones you are an expert in because you would be able to create great content for your audience.

Ensure to have a great outline that learners can go through easily while grasping the information you have presented in the course.

You can then sell your course through platforms like Udemy.

4) Self-publish a book

If you love education and have been in this field, you know how to write.

You can share your experiences as a teacher, give your opinion, and make recommendations on improving learning.

Many people interested in this type of information would be willing to buy the book, and you would make money.

5) Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing is also another great way to make extra income in the education field.

You can earn to write about many subjects including science, math, English, history, and business.

Some people hire you to do related online jobs like proofreading, editing, virtual assistant, and online surveys.

The good thing about freelance writing is that you can specialize in particular subjects you are an expert in.

Online marketplaces like Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr are great places to start your freelance writing business.

6) Tutor online

If you love teaching and are looking for other ways to make money, you should consider online tutoring.

Several platforms offer online tutoring jobs that you can get paid about $20 per hour or more.

Elevate K-12, StudyGate, TutaPoint, and Education First offer online tutoring jobs.

These online tutoring platforms allow you to teach a wide range of subjects, including math, history, languages, science, technology, business, marketing, and law, among others.

To start working with them, you will need to meet specific requirements such as having a bachelor’s degree and being conversant with the subject you want to teach.

There are, however, platforms that allow college students to pursue their online tutoring careers.

7) Sell lesson plans

If you have been a teacher before, you understand how tedious creating comprehensive lesson plans can be.

You can earn money by creating and selling lesson plans to other teachers. Doing so will make their work easier.

You can borrow some insights on creating and selling lesson plans here.

8) Start a school

You could also start a school of your own. Some students would enroll and teachers who would find employment in your institution.

Starting a school can be quite expensive. You could spend about $1,000,000 to create a private school.

This, however, should not make you fear accomplishing this dream.  You can save money or do crowdfunding to start the school.

This can be a long-term source of income, and you would be proud that you accomplished your goals and helped other people as well access education.

9) Mentor upcoming teachers

Some individuals want to become teachers. However, they are still not sure whether this is a career that is worth pursuing.

You can come up with mentorship programs to guide these people. Address their fears, let them know what to expect and how to excel in this field.

You can create programs, classes, or guides to help them make the right choices.

If you offer excellent services, some people will benefit, and you will make money too.

The good thing about this venture is that you already know the kind of trouble that upcoming teachers go through. So you are best suited to advise them.

10) Start mentorship programs for students

People need mentorship and guidance at different stages of their lives.

Students could use some mentorship on various issues such as learning and future careers.

They also need guidance on physical, mental, emotional, and financial growth.

If you are an educator, you are best placed to offer guidance to students. Create a mentorship program, and you can offer it virtually or through a one-on-one meeting.

11) Sell activity packs for kids

If you have worked with kids or love teaching them, think about creating and selling activity packs.

Kids love playing, but while using the play items, they get to learn a lot intellectually.

You can develop creative ideas for activity packs and put things like crayons, crosswords, crayons, stickers, and cards.

You can sell these activity packs on online marketplaces like Etsy.  

12) Become a substitute teacher

You can also exercise your skills in teaching by substitute teaching, particularly during summer.

You would have to serve other schools, different from your own, with these services.

The good thing about being a substitute teacher is that you have a lot of flexibility.

Classes during this season of the year are usually shorter, and you can find time to go about other duties or have some free time.

If you would love this job, visit the school district near you and ask if they are hiring substitute teachers.

13) Become an education consultant

With all the educational experience that you have, you can comfortably become an education consultant.

An education consultant advises students and the educators’ community about various trends in this field.

You can advise people on learning technologies, trends in learning, student performance, curriculum development, and so much more.

Many people in the education sector would benefit from your work as everyone is always on the lookout to make learning better for students.

To gain customers and build credibility, you need to incorporate your experience and research to learn the problems that your potential customers need.

14) Become a curriculum developer

You already have the qualifications for this if you have been a teacher before.

You know what works and what does not work and can help other educators create a comprehensive program.

Curriculum developers are usually on demand, and this is a job that pays well.

You can look for a curriculum developer job in education boards within your state or country or private companies that do a similar kind of work.

15) Sell school supplies

Most schools need school supplies, and you can be the one sourcing and supplying them with these materials.

They could be books, stationery, furniture, fun and entertainment equipment and so much more.

If you have experience teaching in a school, you know useful quality items that are required. Do not let this knowledge go to waste!

Look for opportunities in the schools within your locality. Inform them about the need to supply them with materials for use in school.

You will have to search and supply quality products at a low price to make good margins.

Even better, if you can manufacture these things, you can make more profits.

16) Start a YouTube channel

If you are passionate about sharing your experiences in teaching, you can start a YouTube channel.

To earn from YouTube, you need to have many audiences viewing and benefitting from your videos.

The secret to earning money from running a YouTube channel is creating valuable content that informs and enlightens your audience.

People engage a lot with such content, and the traffic to your channel will increase.

17) Organize holidays for teachers

Teacher-specific holidays and vacations would be ideal for people in the education field.

The everyday experiences that teachers share would unite them and enable them to have a great time with like-minded people.

You can earn money by organizing such holidays for educators as teachers need to relax too from their busy schedules.

Along with this, you can come up with fun activities that they would enjoy.

18) Homeschool kids in your neighborhood

Homeschooling kids within your neighborhood or local town can enable you to earn money.  

If you have been a teacher before and have the right qualifications, you can advertise your homeschooling services and start earning money.

A good starting point would be letting your family and friends know that you can provide such services.

Through word of mouth and referrals, you will create a very profitable business homeschooling.

How to establish a business in education successfully

Now that you know the different ways that you can earn money in the education field, you might be wondering how you can establish a successful venture.

Here are a few pointers that will help you create a profitable business in the education field;

1) Know what you want to do

The first thing that you want to do is know precisely what you want to do.

You want to make money, but you can only do so if you love what you do and deliver excellent services and products.

Look at the areas that you are passionate about. Then examine the skills that you have to see if they are adequate to meet your target clients' expectations.

You do not need to be perfect, but you can take up online courses to perfect your skill and knowledge.

2) Define your target audience

It is crucial to determine who you want to serve with your service all skills.

There are many target groups in the education sector, including schools, students, curriculum developers, and teachers, among other stakeholders.

Each of these groups has different needs and wants to be served in specific ways.

Determining who you want to target your services to will help you create effective business systems and serve your clients in the best way possible.

3) Market yourself

Marketing yourself and the services you offer is critical.

You could be offering the best services in the education sector, but if people do not know about you, you will not make sales.

There are several ways that you can create awareness about your services. You can use blogs, social media marketing, paid advertising, and word of mouth, among other strategies.

Once people know about your business and purchase from you, they will spread the word about your business if they are pleased with your offer.

4) Keep learning

To stand out and make more money in education, you must keep learning new ways to do things.

You should investigate your area of specialization and learn better and effective ways to carry out your business.

The goal is to ensure that you keep serving your clients in the best ways possible so that they keep purchasing your products.


If you were looking for ways to make money in education, the 18 points discussed above will help you start.

You do not need to be a teacher to make money in this field; you can offer different services and products that are useful and needed in this sector.

You can choose whether to pursue these money-making strategies as full-time or part-time businesses based on your goals and schedule

The most important thing is to ensure that you offer excellent services and products and marketing yourself to reach a wider audience.

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