10 Legit Apps That Pay You to Walk by Tracking Your Steps

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on January 14, 2021  
apps that pay you to walk

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Earning through walking has been made possible by apps that track your steps. 

The rewards come in different forms and can be worthwhile if you put in the effort. The apps are available for both Android and iOS users.

For some of the apps discussed, they award you for other physical activities such as running, hiking, and cycling- the goal is to be active. 

You’re able to use one or multiple apps at a time to increase your earnings. Here’s a comprehensive review to assist in choosing the best one.

1) Runtopia

Runtopia is a product of Codoon Inc. It’s a fitness app committed to keeping its users moving to enhance their overall health.

It pays you to walk by tracking your steps in the form of Sports Coins. The coins can be traded for gift cards, PayPal cash prizes, electronics, and fitness gear. 

Whether you’re walking to keep fit, lose weight, or make some money- you end up improving your well-being. 

To start, head over to your app store and download. You can sign into the app via email or using your Facebook account, and you’re set to begin!

Runtopia features a GPS that keeps track of your activities. You can choose to run or walk- the goal is to be on the move. 

You have access to real-time data such as the number of steps, calories burned, distance, and speed stored on the app for analysis. The data helps to identify your fitness level and plan your workouts. 

Connecting to other devices such as Garmin is also possible irrespective of whether you’re using iOS or Android. 

There are training plans available if you’re looking for a more structured routine. A social community is in place. Here, you get motivation and an avenue to share your goals and achievement. 

2) StepBet

StepBet is an app that allows you to bet on yourself against other people with regards to the number of steps you can make in a given period. 

You place a given amount of money- if you win the bet, you win cash if not-you lose the amount. 

It’s a product of WayBetter, famous for creating other ups like DietBet and RunBet.

The first step is to download the app and complete the install prompts. Once you’re done, you need to synchronize a pedometer to the app.

This step is essential as the pedometer is what will keep track of the steps that you make. You can connect wearables such as Garmin, Fitbit, or an Apple watch.

Another alternative is to use the phones’ pedometer via health apps. When you’re done linking, the app automatically sets goals for you.

It uses historical data from the connected device to come up with the goals. There are weekly goals divided into active, power, and free days.

Active days are standard step days. Power days encourage you to push yourself to take more steps compared to the regular days.

Free days allow you to relax or catch up on your steps if you haven’t met your goals. 

Aside from the weekly goals, you can join games customized for a group. The average number of participants in a group is about 300. 

The games take six weeks, and all the participants stake money added to a `pot.’ The bet average is $40; with 300 people, that makes it $12,000. 

However, some games may require you to bet more. The money is then divided among the winners in the group. 

Before sharing, StepBet takes fifteen percent of the gross total contributed to the pot.

For the winners, the money is deposited into their StepBet account in the form of points. You can then cash out using PayPal or use the amount in other bets. 

The points expire after a year of inactivity; ensure that you make use of them.


Lifecoin is a free app that keeps track of your steps and pays you depending on the number reached.

The number of steps tracked is converted into life coins, a form of currency. You’re then able to redeem the life coins for products and gift cards. 

It’s an application developed by Azumio Inc, a technology company. To start, install the app from your play store.

Proceed to fill in your information and activate the Google Fit Services. It’ll aid in keeping track of your steps. 

The app tracks both your indoor and outdoor steps; however, payment is only for outdoor steps that are GPS verified. 

Apart from the steps, you’re able to earn by referring users to the platform. You earn five coins for every person you refer.

In terms of earnings, the amount is significantly low. To redeem a $50 gift card, you need to have earned 2500 coins.

The difficulty in this is, the maximum number of coins you can earn a day is 5. It might take you two years to earn and redeem $50!

Another downside of Lifecoin is the glitches as the app may fail to track all your steps. It also interferes with your phone performance as it quickly drains the battery. 

4) PK Rewards

The PK Rewards app is another innovative product that pays you for any form of movement. Whether you choose to walk, run, or hike, you’re eligible to earn.

It’s a free app that you can easily download from your play store or the PK Rewards Site. There’s also a paid plan that unlocks more features.

You only need the free app plan to be able to earn. Once you have the app, create an account, and connect it to a heart rate monitor that is Bluetooth-enabled. 

The app records any form of workout you do and gives a unique personalized score. You accumulate points that are paid in the form of coins. 

You’re also able to track your activities and get information such as calories, time, heart-rate, distance, and coins earned. 

The coins are redeemed for rewards such as Amazon gift cards, trips, and apparel such as Nike Shoes.

5) Fit for Bucks

It’s a fitness app that helps to connect local merchants with users. It encourages users to engage in physical activity, and the merchants reward them.

The arrangement benefits both parties. The merchants get access to an audience while the users keep fit, get paid, and get introduced to new merchants and service providers. 

To get started, download the Fit For Bucks app and register. The next stage is to connect to your fitness tracker to keep track of your daily steps.

The app is compatible with several fitness apps such as HealthKit, Withings, and Fitbit

The number of steps a user accumulates is what is converted into rewards. You need to identify the reward you want from the list and exchange it by claiming.

Once you claim, it’s stored in the app Wallet. You can redeem it immediately or keep it. The key is to ensure that the expiration date does not reach before you have redeemed.

There are several options to redeem; choose a promo code, shop online, choose a service, or obtain a QR code. 

For instance, a coffee cup requires 35,000 steps, a 30 minutes massage 30,000 steps, and a smoothie 50,000 steps.

Take note that redeeming a reward is limited. You’re only allowed one compensation per visit every day. 

6) Achievement

Achievement is a popular application that rewards its users for accomplishing healthy activities. It has a user base of more than two million with huge payouts over the years. 

You can earn by walking, running, or any form of exercise at home or the gym. There’s also an opportunity to get points by participating in health surveys. 

To keep track of your activities and accumulate points, the Achievement app requires you to synchronize with a wearable device or fitness app.

Here, the list is endless as the app is compatible with more than 30 fitness tracking apps. 

The reward points are equivalent to a cash reward. For example, every 10,000 points earn a $10 cash reward. 

Aside from your activities, you can also earn from participating in health research. These are sent exclusively to users who meet the criteria. You can earn up to $200 per study.

Additional methods of accumulating points are through the referral program and sharing your activities on social media platforms.

Withdrawal can be through direct deposit, PayPal, or gift cards. 

To use the app, you need to be eighteen years old and above. Download the Achievement app from your play store or website and register. 

Complete your profile and take part in the survey to earn initial points. Finally, connect your fitness tracking devices to record your activities. 

7) EarthMiles

It is a UK based application that rewards people who embrace a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right. 

The EarthMiles app is free to use and install. Download the application from your app store. Like many other apps discussed, connect it to a fitness app to keep track of your activities. 

You earn earthmiles for any fitness-related activity you undertake, such as walking, running, hiking, etc.

A kilometer of walking equates to one earthmile, while a kilometer of cycling is equivalent to 3 earthmiles. The amount you accumulate depends on the activity.

EarthMiles can be exchanged for rewards such as coupons, freebies, and discounts from stores like ASISC and Illumiseen.

The rewards all relate to health and lifestyle stores. A downside of using the app is a challenge when it comes to redeeming the rewards if you’re not based in the UK.

8) SweatCoin

The SweatCoin app is another popular app that pays you to walk by tracking your steps. They aim to encourage users to be physically active.

Steps you make are tracked by GPS navigation. It would be best if you walked outside for them to count.

As long as the app is open, your strides are recorded. You earn one sweatcoins for every thousand steps. 

The company takes 0.05 sweatcoin from the amount to cater to expenses. You’re thus credited with 0.95.

The coins are redeemable for gift cards and offers.

There are four membership levels of the app; mover, shaker, quaker, and breaker. The memberships are paid in the form of the app’s currency- sweatcoin.

Their differences are in the limits of earning and cost. Additional ways to bank with the app include; watching ads referred to as daily rewards and the referral program.

9) Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an application that pays for walking, running, and cycling. It works the same as most of the apps we’ve discussed.

The only difference is that the amount you earn is paid to a charity of your choice. 

You’ll not make money for your use, but you’ll get to make a contribution that will impact a cause you’re passionate about. 

All that is required of you is to download the app, register, and start tracking your activities. Charity Miles handles payments to charities.

You only choose specific charities that should benefit from your earnings. There’s also an option to select a different charity when you log more miles.

To start earning, select the activity you’ll do, and tracking begins. Cycling makes you ten cents for every mile while walking and running earns twenty-five cents a mile. 

10) Walgreens Balance Rewards

It’s an app that significantly benefits Walgreens’ shoppers. The users get balance reward points for walking.

Every mile covered earns twenty points. The points have a cash value where a thousand points equal a dollar.

You can also engage in other healthy activities to earn points. There’s also an opportunity to participate in 4-week challenges that give 100 points a week.

Connecting a fitness app to the Walgreens app is necessary for tracking. 


The apps that pay you to walk by tracking your steps are legit and a fun way to stay healthy. 

To make the most out of the walking, register with a number of the apps at a time. 

Ensure that the tracker is always active to log in all your activities.

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