32 Best Sites To Get Paid To Type Online From Home In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on April 18, 2023  
Get Paid to Type Online

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Would you like to get paid to type online but have no idea where to start?

Don't worry.

We've put together a list of 32 websites you can sign up with and start making money immediately.

Before you get down to the typing job, it’s essential to remember that how much you earn depends on the website you work with.

With that said, below is a list of the 35 websites you can use to make money simply by typing text.

1. AccuTran Global

Estimated Earnings: $40 to $50 an hour

AccuTran Global brings together dedicated and skilled teams to help clients with typing assignments. You can become part of this team and earn up to $50 an hour.

That’s good money, or isn’t it?

You’ll have to take a test before you join the team. And if you’re lucky to be part of the crew, you can make some good cash every month.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Estimated Earnings: Depends on task

If you’re looking for consistent flow of online typing jobs, consider signing up with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

You aren’t going to earn a lot of money per task on Amazon Mechanical Turk. But every dollar count, so you shouldn’t shy off from this platform if you want to make something on the side.

3. Aberdeen

Estimated Earnings: $1.5 per audio minute

Aberdeen gives you the opportunity to make money by typing content for closed-caption, real time TV.

They do pay up to $1.5 per audio hour, which is higher than what many companies offer. However, you do have to take a test for them to determine if you’re qualified to work on the platform. 

4. Casting Words

Estimated Earnings: $1 per audio minute

If you’re looking for a transcription website that isn’t too strict on who can join and work with them, Casting Words is a good option to consider.

Your work on this platform will be to convert text to speech, and you can earn more than $1 per audio minutes.

The website may require you to take a transcription test before you start working.

5. Bubbletype

Estimated Earnings: $0.40 per audio minute

Join Bubbletype, a legit company that offers transcription jobs, and earn at least $0.4 for every audio minute that you type.

The website requires that you set aside at least an hour a day for transcription. And that means you get the opportunity to earn at least $400 per month.

Bubble type will give you a test first to determine if you’re fit to work with them.

6. Freelancer

Estimated Earnings: Set your hourly rates

The good thing about looking for typing jobs on Freelancer is that you can set your hourly rate and then market yourself as a skilled and dedicated worker.

Such an opportunity allows you not to settle for less. But it’s also important to be reasonable with your pricing.

7. Daily Transcription

Estimated Earnings: $0.75 per audio minute

If you love converting speech to text, you can join Daily Transcription and make at least $0.75 per audio minute.

The website will require that you convert the speech in English to different languages. So keep this in mind before you sign up for an account.

8. Go Transcript

Estimated Earnings: $0.6 per audio minute

Go Transcript won’t have a consistent flow of work from Monday to Saturday. But it’s a good platform to try if you want to make at least $200 a month.

The website requires that you complete a few tests. This will enable them to assess your ability to deliver quality work.

9. Cyber Dictate

Estimated Earnings: Not indicated

If you’re interested in legal transcription jobs, and you’re strictly a citizen of the United States, you can become a member of the Cyber Dictate and make money as a transcriptionist.

The requirements are quite strict, so you’ll need to develop a thick skin and be able to work under pressure. It’s a legal field after all, so you must be mentally alert.

10. Click Worker

Estimated Earnings: Depends on the task

Click Worker is a good platform to find a variety of tasks, and typing jobs is one of the assignments that you can complete and make money.

You aren’t going to earn a lot for the typing assignments that you do. But at least the tasks take only a few minutes to complete.

11. Micro Workers

Estimated Earnings: Depends on the task

You can earn some cash on the side by doing some simple typing jobs on Micro Workers.

Do keep in mind that the amount paid per project isn’t a lot. But at least the tasks on the platform take only couple of minutes to complete.

You’ll love this platform if you have fast typing skills.

12. SigTrack

Estimated Earnings: Depends on the task

When it comes to signing up for typing jobs, you need to work with a company that pays you well. And SigTrack offers you that kind of opportunity, provided you meet their requirements. 

Becoming a member only takes three steps: signing up for an account, complete tasks, and earn money.

13. SpeakWrite

Estimated Earnings: $450 or more per month

SpeakWrite gives you the opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home.

Although they prefer people with experience in the legal field, they still have room for you provided you have what it takes to deliver high quality work.

You can make $450 or more per month working with SpeakWrite.

14. Hollywood Transcriptions

Estimated Earnings: Not stated

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the entertainment industry and typing is one of the areas you’re good in, join Hollywood Transcriptions.

They do have strict requirements, including the ability to type at least 65 words per minute. So if you can play to their terms, you can establish yourself as one of the most successful typists in the film industry.

15. Axion Data Entry Services

Estimated Earnings: Not stated

Data entry jobs are quite simple to complete. And as long as you have the time and the dedication for the job, you can make some money with Axion Data Entry Service.

They don’t state how much they pay their workers. And since they charge a fee of $7 to $10 annually, it’s important to check their terms before you sign up with them.

16. Transcribe Me

Estimated Earnings: $15 to $22 an hour

If you’re a professional transcriber with several years of experience, you may want to take your earning potential to the next level. Transcribe Me is a good place to start.

This company pays up to $22 dollars per audio hour, which means you can make a good amount of money every month. 

17. Rev

Estimated Earnings: $1 per audio minute

Rev has been in the transcription business for over 10 years. So if you’re looking for genuine company that can pay you up to $60 per hour for your skills, join Rev today.

You’ll need to do a test, which they’ll use to determine if you’re fit to join them.

18. Scribie

Estimated Earnings: Between $5 and $25 per hour

If you already been in the speed to text field and you’re tired of earning $0.6 per audio minute, join Scribie

You will love working on this website because they pay between $5 and $25 per hour. Not to mention you even stand a chance to earn a $5 bonus per month.

19. OneSpace

Estimated Earnings: Not indicated

The thing I love about OneSpace is that they don’t care where you come from provided you can deliver high quality work. 

OneSpace doesn’t publicly state how much they pay per audio minute. So it’s important to learn about this directly from them before you apply for work

20. Dion Data Solutions

Estimated Earnings: Not stated

Dion Data Solutions has been in business for more than 15 years. And it’s a legit platform that you can use to get paid to type online.

If you qualify to work with them, they’ll send you scanned handwritten document, so that you can type them in Word Document and earn.

21. The Smart Crowd

Estimated Earnings: Depends on the task

If you’re looking forward to making money from home by simply typing, consider becoming a member of The Smart Crowd community.

How much you earn will depend on the kind of typing that they ask you to do. Plus, they’ll send you payment every month.

21. Kolotibablo

Estimated Earnings: $1 per 1,000 captchas

Kolotibablo pays you to type captchas. It’s free to join and you’ll earn only $1 per 1,000 captchas.

This kind of typing may seem strenuous in the beginning. But it can pay you well if you get used to it.

22. Smart Apartment Data

Estimated Earnings: Not indicated

If you can gather accurate information about apartments for proper recording, Smart Apartment Data has data entry opportunity that allows you to make money remotely.

23. 2Captcha

Estimated Earnings: $0.5 for 1,000 captchas

You can make money online by just typing captchas. All you have to do is to sign up for an account with 2Captcha.

24. Quicktate

Estimated Earnings: $0.01 for every two words

If you would like to make more money as a transcriptionist than you already do right now, consider adding Quicktate to your list of the top transcription websites.

25. Working Solutions

Estimated Earnings: $15 an hour

Working Solutions has been in business for over 20 years. These days, they offer flexible typing jobs that can earn you up to $15 an hour.

To work well with Working Solutions, make sure you can pay attention to details and have a decent typing speed.

26.  Capital Typing

Estimated Earnings: It depends

Capital Typing has all types of typing jobs, from data entry to audio transcription. How much you earn will depend on the task you work on.

27. Southwestern Fundraising

Estimated Earnings: It depends on the job

The Southwestern Fundraising platform may not earn you a lot of money per month. But if you want to make some bucks on the side by converting text to speech, don’t hesitate to join them.

28. TDEC

Estimated Earnings: Not indicated

If you would like to work with a team of people that have the interest of veterans and disabled at heart, you should consider becoming a part of the TDEC.  

They do offer data entry jobs, which involves a lot of typing. This can be a great opportunity for you to make money.

29. Lionbridge Smart Crowd

Estimated Earnings: It depends on the task

If you want to work either as a transcriptionist or as a data entry professional, you can do so on Lionbridge Smart Crowd.

They accept applicants from around the world. And the much they pay you will depend on the task assigned to you.

30. Data Plus+

Estimated Earnings: It depends on the task

While they don’t have the most refined website on the internet, Data Plus+ is one of the most trusted companies that you can work with.

They offer data entry jobs. And the amount you earn will depend on the task assigned to you.

31. Allegis Transcription

Estimated Earnings: $13 to $17 an hour

If you’re comfortable earning between $13 and $17 an hour for audio transcription, don’t hesitate to sign up with Allegis Transcription. This job is particularly suitable for you if you love working on insurance and legal file.

32. Fiverr

Estimated Earnings: It depends on your gig

Fiverr is a big marketplace. So what’s stopping you from presenting your typing skills in the form of a gig and make money?

Create gigs that stand out. Promise something you can deliver and then promote yourself heavily to win clients.


With all these useful platforms available with the click of a button, nothing should stop you from signing up and becoming one of the people that make money online.

Create an account for free and start making money as a typist.

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