How To Become A Facebook Ad Manager

Last updated on June 30, 2021

How To Become A Facebook Ad Manager

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With so many businesses selling on Facebook today, Facebook ad managers have established a lucrative way of making money.

Running a business and closing sales on Facebook is not an easy job. Most businesses will prefer to hire a person who has Facebook Ad management skills to advertising their business.

So, if you have been thinking of helping individuals and businesses advertise their products and services on Facebook, you will love this kind of work.

Being a Facebook ads manager has several benefits. You get to help businesses increase their income selling online from the comfort of your home. 

You can manage Facebook ads for many companies all around the globe. 

You might be wondering how you can become a Facebook ad manager. Lucky for you, all the information you need to know on how to get started has been discussed below.

Who is a Facebook Ads Manager? 

It is essential to understand who a Facebook ads manager is and what they do.

A Facebook ads manager runs Facebook marketing campaigns by creating and monitoring Facebook ads to meet clients’ objectives.

There are many objectives when it comes to running Facebook ads.

Some companies do them to create awareness of their brand, increase engagement and followers on their pages, ask people to register for an event, and sell products to customers.

If you are hired as a Facebook ads manager, you will ensure that the Facebook ads you run are successful and meet your clients’ expectations.

Along with this, some clients will require you to create Facebook pages, write advertising copies, make some graphics, analyze data, engage the audience and publish posts on their pages. 

Skills And Requirements To Become A Facebook Ads Manager

Doing ads on Facebook and achieving goals is not an easy thing. You will need to acquire the necessary skills and do some practice to become perfect at it. 

Here are some skills that you need;

  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Knowledge of how Facebook ads manager works
  • Different ad objectives and when to use them
  • Creative communication skills
  • Data analysis skills

Besides these skills, you do not need very complicated or expensive tools. Since you will be doing the ads online, you need a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Other tools that can make your work easier include project management tools such as Trello, scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Calendly, graphic design apps like, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

How much does a Facebook Ads Manager Make?

The annual salary for Facebook ads managers ranges between $49,679 and $79,785 per annum. 

However, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make as a Facebook Ads Manager. As a beginner, you can start by charging $400 per campaign.

You can increase as the quality of your services becomes better and as your customer base widens.

Other factors such as the brands that you work with, your experience, and additional skills will also determine the number of earnings you make.

How To Become A Facebook Ad Manager

Becoming perfect at doing Facebook ads requires a lot of practice and continuous learning as the platform introduces new trends now and then.

However, you need to start somewhere as a beginner, and the tips listed below will help you get started. 

1) Acquire Facebook ad management skills

One of the most essential things you need to do to become a Facebook ad manager is acquiring the necessary skills.

People who hire you expect to see their Facebook ads performing well and delivering the expected outcomes. It will become extremely difficult to achieve this if you do not have the basic skills.

Learning how to do Facebook ads entails quite some tasks. You need to know how doing business on Facebook works.  

Learn the Facebook audience’s buying process, reach them through valuable content, how the Facebook ads manager works, and so much more.

Understanding audience and content marketing are also crucial in making excellent Facebook ads.  

You can find a lot of helpful information about Facebook ads management online.

Facebook ads specialists share valuable tips, including Jon Loomer, Ben Heath, and Ryan Deiss.

Facebook also offers a free course on Facebook marketing known as the Facebook BluePrint.

You will also find HubSpot and  Digital Marketer very useful because they offer educational resources and free courses.  

It might take some time because you master how to do Facebook ads, but you will become an expert at it. with time

2) Create your own Facebook business page

If you want to sharpen your Facebook ads management skills, you need to practice having your page.

It will be extremely difficult to market your services to people if you have never managed any Facebook page.

On your Facebook page, you can either focus on Facebook ads or even sell something else that you will need to run a marketing campaign for.

An excellent strategy would be advertising your own digital marketing agency. Potential clients need proof that you can grow their business by running effective Facebook ads.

By running your page, you will learn the best practices for doing advertisements on Facebook. 

All of the knowledge that you will gather will come in handy to help you become an expert in this field. 

You can go through this guide to learn how to create a business Facebook page. 

3) Come up with a blog 

A blog will help you establish a solid online presence and also reach clients.

On your blog, you can teach people about Facebook ads; teach them what they are all about, how they are done and how they can benefit their businesses. 

By creating valuable content regarding your niche, you can create awareness about your Facebook marketing agency and reach potential clients.

Having a blog also expands your knowledge about how Facebook ads help businesses increase traffic to their websites. 

Some clients will require you to run ads that lead clients to their websites to purchase or sign up for a course. 

Besides the content, ensure to clearly state the services you can offer to clients, how they can reach you, and probably how much you charge.

4) Decide how much you are going to charge

Assuming that you have already begun your Facebook ads management journey, it would be essential to develop a pricing strategy.

Remember, you want to create a profitable business, either full-time or part-time and having an effective pricing method will help you achieve this goal.

There are some factors that you need to consider to know how much to charge your clients. Always ensure that your charges are reasonable to you and your clients.

If you set very high prices as a beginner, you might not be in a position to attract customers. If you set too low prices, you might not make enough money out of this business.

To process your services effectively, consider the amount of work that you are expected to do. Some clients already have their Facebook business managers set up. 

You would not charge them the same way as a client who is just beginning to use Facebook for business.

Also, look at the duration of time the client needs your services, the type of content formats they need, and whether they need other services like engagement with the audience.

5) Define your target client

An excellent way to grow a business is by defining the target market, the people that you want to service.

As a Facebook ads manager, you can work with businesses across all sectors; in agriculture, aviation, education, environment, transport, and so many more.

However, if you are comfortable serving specific niches, then focus on them.

 Doing Facebook ads requires you to have copywriting skills, and it is wise to start working with businesses in the niche that you like or see great potential.

As you learn about Facebook ads management, you will discover that defining a target market is significant even when doing ads.

The idea behind this is that not all people on Facebook can buy your product. 

When doing ads, you have to select who you want the ad to reach by determining their location, age, gender, and income, among other factors. 

6) Look for clients

Having acquired the skills, built an online presence, and established a pricing strategy, the next important step is to look for clients.

The Facebook page and website should be the first things you utilize to reach potential clients. 

You can incorporate organic marketing by creating valuable content on your platforms, and you can also run Facebook ads. 

Another way to market your services is by approaching companies that might need your assistance.

You can identify these businesses by searching them on Facebook. Go through their business pages, identify faults in their ad strategies and send a proposal to help them do better Facebook ads.

Within your locality, there could also be businesses that have been using the brick-and-mortar business model, and they would like to take their businesses online. 

These would be ideal customers who would be willing to pay you to do ads for them. 

Family and friends can also inform others about the services that you provide.

7) Network 

Networking with other Facebook ad managers will be helpful to you.

Nowadays, it is easy to reach like-minded people, mainly because you can easily find most Facebook ad managers and specialists on Facebook. 

There are also Facebook groups that have been created with the sole purpose of teaching people about Facebook ads.

Such networks and Facebook communities will increase your knowledge about establishing a successful Facebook ads management business.

If you are good at doing this, they might refer you to clients who could use your services.

7) Keep learning 

Learning and practicing consistently will enable you to become an excellent Facebook ads specialist. 

Facebook does several changes to the trends, layouts, and delivery of Facebook ads. You need to be up to date with all these changes so that your ads can perform excellently.

Luckily Facebook usually informs you about these trends, and it is up to you to align your strategy.

Along with this, keep in mind the Facebook ad policies because they can make or break your career. 

Whenever you do an ad, Facebook goes through it first to determine if you have complied with their policies. 

If you break specific policies, Facebook can ban you permanently from using their platform to run ads, which would adversely affect your business.

 You can find Facebook ad policies here.

How To Get Facebook Ads Manager Jobs

As a freelance Facebook ads manager, Facebook groups are great places to find jobs. Most sellers online have not figured out yet how to run ads successfully.

Since they sell in the buy and sell Facebook groups, you can inform them about your services and land long-term clients. 

You can also find jobs on freelance job sites like Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms list these jobs now and then. 

You will need to pitch to clients so that they can choose you to complete the tasks for them. 

Brick and mortar stores that are transitioning their business models into eCommerce stores can also hire you.  You would need to visit the stores and let them know about the services that you can offer. 

You can also use your personal social media pages for advertising your services and reaching out to people who could be interested in your services. 


Being a Facebook ads manager is one of the best jobs to do today.

Millions of businesses are relying on Facebook to reaching their customers and close sales. Therefore, there is a guaranteed market for your services. 

If you brand yourself as a Facebook ads manager, many online business owners expect exceptional results from your ads.

 You need to keep on improving your skills and become an expert at doing Facebook ads. 

Implement the tips above and get started on creating a profitable business being a Facebook ads manager. 

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