8 Easy Ways You Can Get Paid to Advertise for Companies

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on February 8, 2021  
How to get paid to advertise companies

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Are you looking for ways to make more money? Well, you should consider doing advertisements for companies.

Companies spend a lot of money marketing to create awareness about their business, reach the right customers and make more sales.

Televisions, magazines, and other traditional marketing methods have been relied on by businesses for a long time.

However, this is changing. People do not want to feel like they are being advertised to. 

As such, companies are looking for more creative ways to market their products and services. 

They want to stand out and get noticed, given the millions of ads their potential clients come across every day. 

And this is where you come in. You can earn decent money creating brand awareness and doing marketing campaigns for companies.

Read on to discover various ways you can earn to get paid to do ads for businesses.

1) Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to advertise for companies.

You can create and manage your blog.

To earn through blogging, you would have to attract massive traffic of people to your website. You can do this by creating valuable, engaging, and helpful content for your target audience.  

People are looking for information every day, and if your content resonates with them, they will always engage with it.

Through your blog, marketing for companies would be through mentioning them and letting people know how that company can be reached.

If you have a huge following and traffic, companies will be willing to work with you.

The best companies to advertise for are those that sell products related to the kind of information you discuss on your website.

For instance, if you provide content about farming, you can market for a company that sells fertilizers, farming tools, and grocery, among others.

Starting a blog is very easy. You start by buying a domain name through sites such as Namecheap. Proceed to create the website through content management systems such as Wix and WordPress.

2) Managing a blog for companies

Most companies today have websites that they use to communicate about their organizations, products, and processes.

They also rely on them to market their brands.

Blogs need to be managed well to attract customers. However, most of these businesses do not have the time or people to carry out this task.

If you have blogging skills that can enable a company to create awareness about their business, you can apply for such jobs.

Among the activities that you would get paid to do include creating and publishing content, updating the website, responding to the audience's comments on the blog, among other activities.

Some companies can hire you to do search engine optimization, SEO. SEO helps a blog to rank high on search engines, thus attracting massive traffic to the website. 

3) Use social media platforms

You probably are fond of using social media for fun and connecting with people worldwide, which is excellent.

But you can also use these platforms to make extra income by advertising for companies.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become very valuable marketing tools today. Most people are log in to them for quite some time every day.

People who have mastered the art of social media marketing are not only able to let people know that their businesses exist but are also able to close sales.

To advertise for companies, you will first need to create social media pages for them.  Coming up with social media content plans and strategies is very important.

You will be posting and sharing relevant content on their pages, engaging the audience, and doing paid promotions for them. You can learn more about online advertising on Facebook here.

4) Reviewing products or services for companies

Several companies today also rely on product reviews for marketing, and you can make money by carrying out this task for them

Reviewing products involves informing the audience about how a product works, its features, the value they will get by using it, how they can maintain it, among other details.

Most companies will require you to test a product first to interact with it to give it a proper review. 

You can create your product review platform, which can be a YouTube Channel, website, or social media platform.

If you give unbiased opinions, you will gain a huge following and it will be easy to convince companies to work with you. 

There are also online companies that will pay you to review products from various stores. Examples include Survey Junkie, OneOpinion, Valued Opinions and PinchMe, among others.

5) Influencer marketing

With the increased use of social media worldwide, influencer marketing has become a highly sought-after way to market products. 

This marketing strategy is a social media marketing strategy that involves brand mentions and endorsements by an influencer.

An influencer is a person who has a huge engaged and dedicated following and is viewed as an expert in their niche.

Celebrities mainly did influencer marketing in the past, but nowadays, anyone can just become one.

All you need to do is become an expert in something, provide helpful information in that niche and gather a huge audience. 

To be an influencer, you have to first build trust with your audience such that you can serve as social proof to the potential customers of the brand you are advertising for.

If you can influence people to buy something, companies can hire you to communicate to the masses about their products. 

6) Brand ambassador 

Another excellent way to get paid to advertise for companies is by being a brand ambassador.

Brand ambassadors are people who are hired by an organization to represent it positively. 

Such people can increase the awareness of a brand and stimulate potential buyers’ interest in a product or service. 

To be a brand ambassador, you must have some basic marketing knowledge. You also need to have in-depth knowledge about the brand that you will be representing.

Your work is to advocate for the brand, sample and use its products, advertise for the company through word of mouth, run marketing campaigns for it, among others.

You will become the face of the company and can earn good money doing this.

7) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn income by advertising for companies. 

It involves promoting another company’s product and then getting a commission for every sale made.

Most affiliate marketers have websites whereby they mention a product and provide a link to where the product can be purchased.

If a reader purchases the product through that link, the affiliate marketer earns a certain percentage of money.

To earn from affiliate marketing, you need to create a website and have considerable traffic. 

Investing in search engine optimization is essential as it will help your website rank at the top of search engine results when users search for specific keywords. 

8) Advertise on your car 

This is an offline marketing method, and funny as it may sound, you can use your car to advertise for companies.

If you look at most companies, they usually have a logo or photos of their products drawn on their company vehicles. They do this to market their products on the roads.

You can get paid to have this done on your car as well. This marketing strategy is known as car wrapping.

A company will have you place advertisements on your car. It could be a logo, banner, or a write-up on the company's services or products.

This will be ideal for you if you do not mind extra attention as you drive.  If you love traveling a lot, you can consider this as an additional income stream. 

You will be paid depending on the size of the advert place on your car.  

Other ways to advertise for companies include wearing branded t-shirts, getting a tattoo of a brand’s logo, writing eBooks, and crafting courses.

How to get started advertising for companies

Now that you know various ways to get paid marketing for companies, you might be wondering how you will get started.

Below are steps that you can follow to embark on this journey. 

STEP 1: Gain marketing knowledge and skills 

To be hired to advertise for companies, you need to have knowledge and skills that will enable you to market their products effectively.

Marketing is all about letting potential buyers know that a product exists and convincing them to buy it. 

You need to understand the product inside out, define your target market, be a great storyteller, create memorable customer experiences, understand customer needs and preferences.

Skills such as graphic design, content writing, and video editing will come in handy. 

You can take up a marketing course on platforms like Udemy to perfect your skills. 

STEP 2: Get marketing tools

You need tools to market products for organizations.

The necessary tools include a digital gadget and an internet connection if you decide to be marketing online.

You might also need to develop a website and social media platforms depending on the type of advertising strategy you want to be using.

You need to acquaint yourself with digital marketing tools and software that will make your work easier. These include customer relationship management software, Trello, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, etc.

STEP 3: Identify companies you want to work with

An important thing to do is to identify companies that you would like to work with. They could be your favorite brands or companies that inspire you.

Doing this helps you to know what to expect and who to target as you market your services.

It is wise to work with companies that have a positive organizational culture and those that are not too rigid to accept creative advertising methods. 

Advertising for companies that sell products related to the niche you blog about is also critical. It reduces the time to learn about a product and creative ways to market it.

However, do not limit yourself to a niche. Be creative enough to accommodate brands in different fields. 

STEP 4: Market your services

Now that you have done the most basic steps, it is time to market your services.

There are so many ways you can do this. Word of mouth to your colleagues, family, and friends works excellent.

You can also invest in doing paid promotions through social media and websites to reach many potential customers.

Pitching to companies is also a great way to get started. Check within your locality and see those that might benefit from your services.

While at it, ensure to communicate the value you will offer to companies if they decide to hire you.

STEP 5: Keep learning 

Most importantly, you need to keep learning. Marketing is broad, and consumer trends and preferences keep changing.

You should be on the frontline to advise companies that you are working for on what they need to do to continue capturing the masses.

You can join marketing groups and take up marketing courses to gather more creative marketing tips.

Additionally, do not restrict yourself to few marketing methods. You can combine as many as you can as long as you keep delivering value. 

For instance, you could be a brand ambassador, be an influencer, and have an affiliate marketing site.

The more the ways you can advertise for companies, the more money you can make.


Above are some of the ways you can make money to advertise for companies. Most companies have budgets for advertising but sometimes do not know how to promote effectively.

If you can develop better, creative, and effective ways, you can help them reach more potential customers and increase their revenues.

The good thing about the strategies discussed above is that they are not difficult to start and execute. 

You do not expect to start making money immediately, but you can become a highly sought after marketer for many companies today with continued effort to improve. 

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