How To Become A Mystery Phone Shopper In 2024 [Earn up to $967 per week]

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Last updated on May 15, 2023  
how to become mystery shopper

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Have an interest in becoming a phone mystery shopper? Phone mystery shopping can be a fun, flexible, and exciting way to earn extra money.

This job allows you to work from home at a convenient time. You only need a phone and can choose the hours you want to work. How cool is that?

You can also become your own boss in the sense that you choose the kind of assignments you want to handle and the companies to work with. 

What exactly is phone mystery shopping?

Phone mystery shopping involves evaluating calls and collecting data such as pricing from companies.

Most big chains usually have mystery shopping strategies. The goal is to know exactly how their products and services are.

So, if you work as a phone mystery shopper, you are doing some research to determine the quality of the products or services a company offers.

You also collect data about if companies are conducting businesses according to rules and regulations set by law.

When a market research firm hires you, they can give you a task to investigate the customer service quality and pricing of a company, among other details. 

They could ask you to place a complaint or ask various questions about the business’s offering. Based on your experience, you will write a report to inform the market research firm about your findings.

You could be hired to gather such information from retail stores, gas stations, entertainment agencies, and banks, among other businesses. 

If, say, the customer service representative was rude or not well informed about the business’s products, this data can be used to improve on those areas. 

Companies need this type of researched information for their training purposes. 

Since you will be doing this task over the phone, you do not have to visit the stores. All you will need to do is make a phone call, ask questions, and collect the required information.

An internet connection and a laptop might also come in handy. Some companies can require you to log in to a certain site to pick your phone mystery shopping task. 

Considering that you will need to write a report after every assignment, a laptop is crucial. 

How to become a phone mystery shopper

To become a phone mystery shopper, you do not need any experience or technical skills. All you will need is a phone and an interest in this kind of work.

Several companies hire mystery shoppers. Most of these companies are online. So, your first step is signing up for these platforms.

Create profiles with phone mystery shopping companies

Most companies will need you to submit an application and also create a profile with them.

There are very many people applying as phone mystery shoppers. With huge applications and limited opportunities, you need to stand out so that you can be selected.

Once you have identified the company you would want to work with, begin making an application and an appealing profile.

Since phone mystery jobs don’t take up a lot of time, you could sign up with as many companies as possible.

By doing that, you will increase your income streams and earn good money as a mystery shopper. 

Necessary skills you need 

While you do not need any experience to start this job, specific skills can make you stand out.

You will be working through the phone. Therefore, you need to have phone etiquette, something that companies will look out for before hiring you.

Certain things, such as introducing yourself immediately and speaking clearly, will help you collect information seamlessly.

You also need to be an active listener. Remember, you need to gather data that will be helpful to the company you are working for. 

Actively listen to the other speaker, notice how they express themselves and tonal variations.

Excellent writing skills will also come in handy. At the end of every phone mystery assignment, you will need to write a comprehensive report detailing your findings.

Generally, being comfortable over the phone and being able to do several phone calls will help you ace at this job. 

If you love shopping, this could be a good side hustle for you. 

Where to find legitimate phone mystery shopper jobs

If you are searching for phone mystery shopper jobs, below are some companies where you can find work:

1) Intelichek 

To work with Intelichek, you need to send an inquiry and make an application first.

This company mainly employs mystery shoppers to collect data for companies in the automotive industry.

If the company has openings, they will invite you for an interview and guide you on how and when the interview will be carried out.

Usually, Intelichek requires you to work for at least 15 hours every week. 

The good thing about this company is that they will train you to make calls and follow their guidelines. You get paid monthly or bi-monthly through checks or direct deposits. 

2) ARC Consulting

ARC consulting is also another company that you should consider when searching for a phone mystery job.

The company will hire you as an independent contractor to do calling and monitoring analysis.  You do not necessarily have to be in the US. They hire globally.

The company guarantees flexibility for their contractors. You can apply for a job directly from their website.

Once hired, you will be trained. In the beginning, you will be put on a probation period and given limited amounts of tasks. As you become an expert at this, your workload will increase. 

3) Quest for Best

Quest for Best offers competitive compensations to mystery shoppers.

As is with other companies, you are required to be observant and articulate while you carry out your tasks. 

However, this company hires shoppers from limited locations in the country.

You can check if there are opportunities in your area here

4) Yardi Matrix

Unlike most mystery shopping companies, Yardi Matrix hires mystery shoppers as payroll employees. This is good, particularly if you want to earn decent money if you pursue this as a part-time job. 

The company requires thorough and accurate surveys through phone calls.  

Yardi Matrix specializes mainly in the property management industry. By working with them, you could get other part-time opportunities with the company. 

5) Perception Strategies, Inc

Perception Strategies also hires mystery shoppers in various locations.

If you want a job with them, it is essential to check if they are hiring in your area here.

Once you apply and are selected as a potential candidate, a vetting process will follow.

Compared to other companies, Perception Strategies does not pay as much. Therefore, you might not need to dedicate a lot of time doing mystery shopping with this company. 

6) hires telephone mystery shoppers throughout the United States.  You do not need previous experience to work with this company.

However, you must currently be living in the US and be 18 years or older. This company also promotes diversity in that you could get hired regardless of your gender, age, and disability.

You are required to have excellent communication skills guarantees payment within a short time, seven days or less. You will also be paid $5 to do a 10-minute call.  This is one of the companies that pay well for this kind of work. 

To apply for a telephone mystery shopper position, head over to their website and fill out a form. 

Your workload might not be as much in the beginning, but with time, the company will add you to more shops that match your profile. 

7) Mystery Shopper Services 

You can also become a shopper with Mystery Shopper Services

While working for this company, you can expect to do a lot of evaluations. 

8) SkilCheck

To work with SkilCheck, you must be a creative person who can correctly act as a customer.

To receive phone mystery tasks, you will need to log in to a site. This means that you need to have a computer, phone, and internet connection.

It is important to note that SkilCheck will not reimburse you for the charges you incur to make calls. You must have unlimited calling plans.

The company offers work only on a temporary and part time basis. They make payments every two weeks via check.

Other companies that you can work for include RBG and Shopper’s Critique

Some of the companies also offer other mystery shopping means such as in-person, video, and online. You can always pick multiple ways to make more money. 

Check with the companies to know the different modes of mystery shopping they allow. Then know the ones to pursue. 

Avoid being scammed

The internet could be a perfect place to identify phone mystery companies that could hire you. However, you can easily get scammed. 

When making an application, do not ever pay any money to secure employment with them. Legit companies will only ask for your bank details to pay you.

They will also give you the terms and conditions of working with them. Make sure to go through them carefully. 

If any company asks for money, they most likely want to scam you. Signing up for phone mystery jobs is usually free in all platforms that are hiring.

More tips on mystery shopping 

Now that you are familiar with where you can get a job as a phone mystery shopper, it is also essential to know the dos and don’ts of mystery shopping. 

  • Offer to work regularly: Mystery shopping companies will allow you to choose the hours you want to work. However, this does not mean that you allocate less time. If you work often, you will create a good reputation and get more jobs.

  • Work for many companies: There are so many people doing mystery shopping today, which means that the tasks can be hard to find. You, therefore, need to sign up with many companies to get more work and opportunities. 

  • Memory practice: While making phone calls and pretending to be a customer, you might not have the chance to take notes. You must therefore pay keen attention and remember all the vital information you got from your survey. 

  • Understand your work scope: Before you can work with any company, you need to know the scope of your work and requirements from the company. See if you will be hired on a temporary, part-time, or employee basis. Inquire about reimbursement of phone charges, the hours you are required to work per week, and payment details. 

  • Always submit your report on time: You should also be a reliable mystery shopper who submits their report on time. After every assignment, your employer will need a report indicating your findings. Completing tasks on time will make you a highly sort after mystery shopper.

  • Don’t ever pay to get hired: If a company is legitimate, it will never ask you for money to add you to its team. To get more information about legitimate mystery shopping jobs, and how to start mystery shopping, visit the Mystery Shopping Providers Association website.

  • Don’t rely on mystery shopping as your only income source: Mystery shopping might not enable you to meet all your financial needs. The jobs can be scarce, and some companies take longer to pay. You should pursue this as a part-time or temporary job. 


If you have small children, are disabled, or generally need a job that allows you to work from home, phone mystery shopping would be ideal for you.

You get to choose the companies to work for, and you can be guaranteed a lot of flexibility.  

You can work for many companies at the same time. The more gigs you get, the more money you can make.

Also, you don’t need to be in a very official setup while making phone calls. In fact, a noisy background is recommended because it makes the calls seem more realistic. 

Phone mystery shopping is a great way to earn extra income, but you should never rely on it entirely. It can only supplement your income. 

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