Letgo Review: Is It Safe & Easy to Buy & Sell Used Stuff with This App?

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on January 26, 2021  
letgo app review

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Letgo is an online marketplace that allows its users to sell unwanted, used items to make extra cash. The app connects you with users around your geographical area.

The application was launched in 2015 to offer alternatives to Craigslist and E-bay.

When starting, the application only targeted the US market. However, it has since spread to other sections of the world. 

You can utilize it from Norway and Canada since they were launched in 2016 and 2015, respectively. 

The app and website versions of Letgo are free to use. It was founded by Alec Oxenford, who is the former OLX CEO, and Jordi Castello.

Users have been quite receptive to this app, with 2 million downloads when launched; it was the fastest growth.

According to Businesswire, the Letgo app has seventy-five million downloads, with more than two hundred million listings. Out of the users who have downloaded the app, twenty million are active monthly. 

From the Google play store, it has a 4.3-star review from 1.5 million reviews. 

How It Works

You can get the app on Android or iPhone from the play store. Once you download, you need to create an account. 

Please take note that it is free to join and start buying or selling. 

You’re required to register by creating an account. You can use your email and password or utilize Facebook or Google. 

The setup process is pretty straight forward. When you’re done, browse through to get a feel of how the platform works. 

It is also essential to know that you need to be of legal age to use the Letgo app. If underage, parental or guardian consent is necessary.


  • It is free to join 
  • The registration process is quick 
  • You’re easily connected with users in your area 
  • Flexibility to set your prices 
  • No extra fees charged 
  • Navigating the app is straight forward 
  • Provides an avenue to make an extra income 
  • Can get quality items for a bargain
  • A chat interface that eliminates the need to give out personal information


  • You may encounter fraudsters since the app is free 
  • Your listing might not get great exposure as it moves down with time 
  • The market might be limited, with only local connections available. 
  • No guarantee of item quality or condition
  • Letgo does not secure payment

What you can get on Letgo

With more than two hundred million listings, the app has numerous products available for sale. 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, the categories are numerous and include the following;

  • Housing
  • Cars
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Movies and books
  • Fashion 
  • Baby and Child
  • Electronics
  • Post jobs and Services

These listings with the categories are accessible on the app’s homepage. You can choose to browse if you’re looking for a particular item or looking to get an idea of how to post your listing. 

Although several items are sold off the platform, there are a few restrictions.

The app also lists what you can’t sell. These items include;

  • Alcoholic products
  • Adult toys
  • Illegal drugs
  • Live animals
  • Pornography
  • Live animals
  • Fossils
  • Parts from endangered species
  • Offering Catering services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Fireworks
  • Firearms and related accessories
  • Financial services
  • Tutoring 
  • Pepper sprays, tasers, and Mace

If you’re looking to sell, ensure that you go through the list of prohibited items before posting a listing to avoid being banned.

Aside from products, certain behaviors are prohibited. These include harassing and spamming users on the app.

To get an overview of the do’s and don’ts, visit Letgo’s terms and conditions and Community Guidelines. 

Who should Use Letgo?

Letgo accommodates buyers who have used items to sell. It also serves users looking to buy products at a bargain. 

Thus, the app serves a wide variety of people. 

You can utilize it if you’re looking to start a flipping business. You buy the used items on Letgo at a bargain and flip them for a profit. 

With a great search, you can find gems that can turn into a significant profit. 

Letgo is also a great platform if you’re looking to declutter while making an extra coin. 

Buying on Letgo

When buying on the platform, the first step is to identify the product. 

You can browse through the listings or use the search function if you already know what you want. 

Once you identify an item, reach out to the seller through the app’s chat section. 

It allows agreeing on the price with the seller. You’re also able to ask more about the products if the listing is not comprehensive. 

Once you agree on a price, you are advised to make payment in cash or Paypal. 

It is also upon you and the seller to choose a meeting point for the exchange. Since it’s a localized marketplace, there are no shipping fees, and you can quickly meet. 

Letgo advises meeting in open and crowded areas to enhance your safety. 

After the transaction, there’s an opportunity on the app to rate both the seller and buyer. Reviews help other uses to know who to interact with for a better experience.

Selling on Letgo

To sell on Letgo, follow the same procedure for registration. 

Once this is complete, the next step is uploading the listings to show the items you want to sell. 

On the app, tap on the camera icon to choose an image of the item from the gallery. It will help buyers if you use clear pictures. There is also an option to take pictures using the app. 

Take note; you can only make a listing via the app and not the desktop version of Letgo.

Ensure that the pictures are clear to give buyers an accurate representation of the item. 

Apart from the picture, you also need to add a title, description, category, and price. Give as much information as possible on the item’s condition. 

You can state a final price or indicate that it is negotiable. 

When you’re satisfied, click the post button to make your listing live on the app. You are free to list as many items as possible. Just ensure that you are not spamming. 

View your listed products on the profile page. It might take up to forty minutes for it to go live. If it doesn’t appear, contact support to identify any issues with the listing.

Besides seeing your listing, you’re also able to keep tabs on how many times the customers have seen it.

To do this;

  • Visit your profile
  • Select the selling tab
  • Choose the specific item you want to view the statistics
  • Select the more info button. It’s at the top of the app’s screen.
  • There’s an eye symbol with the number of views alongside it.

Once the listing is live, wait for potential buyers to reach out through the app’s messaging platform. 

This is when you negotiate the price and agree on the meeting place to make the exchange. Payment is in the form of cash or secure payment platforms such as PayPal.

When the transaction is successful, there’s an option to rate the buyer. You also get a rating depending on the buyers’ experience. 

Editing a Listing

You’re able to edit an already published listing on Letgo. Visit the selling tab on your profile and select the particular item.

At the bottom right corner of the screen, there’s a pencil icon. 

When you click on it, you’re able to add or remove details from the listing. Once you’re done, click on update to save the changes. 

It is important to note that your listing becomes less visible as more people publish new ones. The app has a feature that acts to make your listing more visible. It’s known as the Bump feature.

Bump Feature

The feature allows listings to appear at the top of the page to increase the probability of making a sale. 

You’re only allowed to use this Bump feature when your listing has been online for a while. You can’t use it right away.

To bump a listing costs $1.99 per listing. 

Before you consider making use of Bump, evaluate whether it’s a worthy endeavor. Use it if the sale you’re likely to make will cover the cost.

Nevertheless, it’s a significant boost if you’re struggling to make sales.  

Letgo Pro

As stated earlier, Letgo is free to use. You’re free to buy and sell on the platform, and no commission is charged.

However, there is a Letgo Pro version of the market place. It’s a marketplace exclusive for car dealers only. 

The pro version comes with features that make it easier for car sellers to reach buyers easily. They get direct leads to customers, free bumps, and a verified profile badge.

The premium Letgo has three tiers that include;

  • $99 monthly charge for 30 vehicles
  • $399 monthly payment for 70 vehicles
  • $599 monthly payment for 150 cars.

Letgo Alternatives

Like any other marketplace, there are alternatives to Letgo that allow the buying and selling of used items.

Alternatives give a good opportunity if Letgo does not work out for you. They include;

  • Craiglist
  • OfferUp
  • E-bay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Amazon
  • Peerhub

It’s important to understand that even though they are alternatives, they may have different requirements and rules of use.

Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the different platforms and understand how they operate. 

How it Compares to other Selling Apps

To get a clear distinction between Letgo and other marketplace apps, we’ll compare features.

Letgo Vs. Offer Up

OfferUp provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers to transact locally. 

The two apps are similar when signing up, posting a listing to sell, and buying items. 

Compared to Letgo, Offerup not only connects you locally but also with any US user. 

On the flip side, you may incur shipping charges if the geographical distance constrains a physical meeting.

Another difference comes in with the fees. Although the two platforms are free to download, register and use, Offerup has a charge.

Upon a successful sale, sellers are required to pay a 12.9% fee on the product. Payments are through a credit card or PayPal.

Secondly, Letgo has a higher number of registered and active users. You’re therefore able to make more from the platform compared to Offerup.

It’s also safer to use Legto compared to Offerup. 

Offerup comes up as a better alternative when it comes to customer service. They are much more involved in the selling process than Letgo.

Letgo Vs. Craiglist and E-bay

When comparing Letgo to Craiglist and E-bay, they have larger audiences by being there for a more extended period.

E-bay and Craiglist are diverse, offering more than local connections. Letgo gains an advantage with this as it becomes safer to use and target buyers.

It also makes it secure, minimizing the number of spammers and con artists. 

The quality of products on Letgo can also be said to be better as Letgo have a more strict approach when it comes to listing products.

Finally, since millions of listings are available on Craiglist and E-bay, sellers’ reach can be limited. Letgo with the bump feature promotes visibility and chances of sales. 


Letgo is a reliable online marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of used items. You’re able to find a wide range of products available on the platform.

The Lego app is free to use, and it easily connects local buyers and sellers. This eliminates the need for shipping charges as the users meet face to face.

Using the app is straightforward, whether you’re a buyer or seller. There are features in place to safeguard its users.

One is the in-app messaging platform that eliminates the need to give out personal details. Another feature is the rating option.

Users can determine who to work with depending on other people’s experiences. 

Letgo compares well with other apps as it gives a broader reach, does not charge any fees, and is simple to use. 

Download the Lego app today on your Android or ios device!

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