How to Sell Feet Pics Online for Extra Money

Last updated on February 23, 2021

How to Sell Feet Pics Online for Extra Money

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You can earn money online in so many ways, one of them being selling feet pics online.

Weird, right?

Some people are willing to pay money just to have your feet pics. These could be promoters, marketers, and bloggers.

And it’s not that your feet are needed for the wrong reasons. 

Companies that sell foot-related products such as feet accessories, shoes, socks, toe rings, among others, need great feet pics to achieve this goal. 

We also have doctors who need feet pics to illustrate and teach about certain feet conditions.

The other way you can sell feet pics online is by becoming a feet part model. There are modeling agencies that would be interested in using your feet pics for marketing purposes.

The most challenging question you might be asking yourself is how to get started selling your feet photos. 

Read on to discover how selling foot pics online can create a lucrative source of additional income. 

13 Places To Sell Feet Pics Online

1) Instagram

This is one of the best platforms to sell your foot pics.  Instagram allows you to connect with several people, some of which would be interested in this product type.

To get started on this, you will need to create a professional business account.  If you already have a personal Instagram profile, you can turn it into a professional one.

The next step would be to take excellent photos of your feet and then posting them on Instagram.

Note that posting these photos alone will not be enough to get paying clients. You need to stand up for a course. For instance, teach people about foot care. 

Educate them on maintaining healthy feet; best feet wear, daily feet care routines, how to go about certain feet conditions, among other essential feet details.

When you do this, you will attract more people to your page, making it easier to reach your potential clients.

As part of your marketing strategy, you need to make use of hashtags. Hashtags make your page more discoverable on Instagram.

In this case, you can use hashtags like #feet and #feetnation, among others. 

You also need to be consistent in creating valuable feet content. Posting about three times every week is a good start.

Most importantly, connect with people in that niche or related niches and always use professional images.

2) Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network, but it is also a marketplace whereby people sell just about anything. You can also use it to sell foot pics. 

On Facebook, there are buy and sell groups for selling purposes. Most people turn to Facebook to find items that they want to purchase.

To sell feet pics, you will need to join these groups and list your products. 

Note that not all groups will allow you to sell feet pics. You need to check the group rules to know the kind of products posted on that platform.

Alternatively, you can create your own Facebook page or group, invite people and sell your feet photos from there. 

You also need to enlighten them about different aspects of feet so that they can trust you.

Remember to use excellent and professional images.

3) Feet Finder 

Feet Finder has got to be the best and most secure online platform to sell feet images. 

The platform connects feet pic sellers with feet pic buyers. 

You can upload different variations of feet images on the platform, e.g., with polish, socks, dirty feet, pedicure pics, tattooed feet, among others.

To use Feet Finder, you will have to create an account first for free. The platform will require you to verify your identity with your national identification card.

You can then upload your images. 

Besides selling feet pics, you can also connect with customers. Sometimes, they will request you to take custom pictures for them. 

Feet Finder is secure, and buyers cannot access your images until they buy them.  

The images are usually blurred. When a buyer requests to buy a photo, they are typically shown a preview alone. Once they make the payment, the image is revealed to them. 

You have the option of rejecting offers from buyers.

Payment is made through the platform. 

The key to making lots of sales is by being creative in the way you take the photos and how you present them.

4) Start your blog

Starting your blog about feet and feet pics is also a great way to make money.

The content of your blog should be helpful to people who are interested in several aspects of feet. Information about foot care and foot condition is ideal for bringing traffic to your blog.

Along with this content, dedicate your website to selling high-quality feet images.

You can also make money through affiliate marketing and advertising products for other companies in related niches to foot care.

5) Instafeet

Instafeet is a platform dedicated to selling feet pics. 

You will need to get approval first to use Instafeet; write an application first, and upon approval, you can start selling on the platform. 

There are rules and regulations that you must follow. This helps to prevent scammers from interfering with the security of the platform. 

Also, note that it can take up to 3 weeks before your application is approved due to security reasons.  Your application could also be denied.

If you are allowed into the system, Instafeet takes 10% of your earnings, and payments are made two times a month. 

6) Foap

If you are interested in making extra money selling some videos or photos, you should consider Foap.

This website is dedicated to helping visual content creators earn extra money by showcasing and selling their creative works.

You will need to sign up first and then upload your feet photos. At Foap, your photos reach a lot of individuals and businesses.

Foap usually takes 50% of the total amount of money that you make on every sale. 

7) Etsy

Etsy is not dedicated to feet pics alone. It is an eCommerce platform used to sell creative goods such as jewelry, personalized gifts, arts and crafts, and so much more.

However, you can still sell your feet pics. The only problem you encounter is that buyers might not discover your pics as they might not find your page. 

For this reason, use Etsy as your eCommerce site. It is best to use it if you do not want to create your website and test if your feet pics can sell. 

Also, consider selling foot jewelry whereby you can take foot pics with jewelry on them. 

8) Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is also another platform dedicated to selling feet pics.

Unlike most platforms in this niche, Dollar Feet buys the feet pics directly from you. 

To start selling here, you must apply. The approval process usually takes about one day.

Upon approval, you can start uploading your feet pics and videos. Ensure to follow the instructions provided by this company. 

Even better, you receive money after 24 hours after selling your pic.

Dollar Feet pays about $5-$10 for every foot video you send. Each video must be 5 minutes long.

The amount of money you can earn depends on the quality of your videos. If you have wide heels and pink soles, you can be hired as a regular model for the company.

9) Zazzle

Zazzle is more of an online marketplace, but it provides a creative way to sell foot pics.

You can take foot pics and have them printed on t-shirts, posters, pillows, etc.  

Your target customers should be people who love foot pics and would appreciate such images accompanying other items. 

There is no limit to how creative you can get to make more sales. Use good quality pics on useful quality items, and you will smile at the bank. 

10) OnlyFans

OnlyFans is an excellent platform to create passive income selling foot pics.

It uses a subscription business model whereby users subscribe to view videos and photos. 

You must upload professional images and videos to have people buying your products.

The good thing about this platform is that you can price your product as high as you want. The minimum you can charge for a photo is $5. 

This means that potential customers on the platform would be willing to pay adequate amounts of money if the feet pics meet their expectations. 

You would, however, have to pay 20% of your subscription monthly.

11) Use TikTok

You might also want to consider TikTok to sell your feet pics and videos. 

The platform has become very popular with so many different audiences, some of which are interested in feet photos.

With TikTok, you can get very creative and communicate different forms of messages. You can create short videos and edit them on the platform.

To stand out and reach potential customers on TikTok, educate people about feet. Also, connect with people in a similar niche.

People who want to buy the photos will send you messages. You can also land modeling gigs from agencies.

Bonus Tip! How to become successful at selling feet pics and make money 

If you want to make more sales, there are some things that you need to observe as discussed below:

1) Take good care of your feet

Your feet must be appealing to look at. No one would want to buy feet with chipped nails, poorly done pedicures, and cracked heels.

If you want to attract customers, your feet must appear soft and smooth, well pedicured, and moisturized.

Cleaning your feet is one way to keep them in good shape. But there are other procedures and products that you can use to make them even more beautiful. 

2) Invest in good photography

You might have the best feet, but they might not be appealing if you take bad images.

Use a good camera and invest in good lighting as well. You can even hire a professional photographer to do this work for you.

There are also tools like Canva and photoshop that you can use to edit the images. 

Along with this, ensure to take different feet poses. You can take photos of feet alone, with tattoos and jewelry, or in any other creative form.

3) Sell products along with your feet pics

While you can make good money selling feet pics alone, think about selling products related to fit.

You can start blogging about feet, and while at it, do sponsored ads and affiliate marketing.

You can also sell jewelry and foot art. Feet products such as oils and lotions would also be ideal products to sell alongside feet pics.

4) Be aware of scammers

Online platforms and marketplaces are great to make extra income. However, you are susceptible to being scammed or being conned.

To avoid such scenarios, always ensure to verify if the seller is legit. If you are selling items on social media, you can ask the buyer to pay first before sending the photos.

Consider using secure platforms like FeetFinder that verify users and also allow you to receive payment via the platform. 

5) Sell your feet anonymously

You do not have to reveal your face or other body parts when selling your feet. 

It is best to avoid platforms or people that ask you for other photos. By doing this, you can protect yourself from online bullies.

You might also not be sure how people want to use your foot pics. They could use them to do embarrassing things, and you do not want that.


Selling feet pics online is a legit source of income, as you have learned from the discussion above.

It is something you can begin with minimal capital; all you need is your feet and good photos.

You can maximize the money you make by taking high-quality feet pics and being creative in the way you sell and present them.

Join as many platforms as you can and sell more.

Most importantly, take good care of your feet to keep enticing buyers. 

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