q 25 Legit Ways To Make $50 Fast Online & Offline At Home

25 Best Ways To Make $50 Fast From Home In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on April 19, 2023  
how to make 50 dollars fast

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Oftentimes $50 may not seem much but can be the difference between paying for the electricity bill or putting food on the table.

There are several opportunities to make this amount and more. They may be online or offline tasks. If you need that extra $50, we’ll discuss 25 ways to make $50 fast. 

Since the opportunities are vast, identify your strengths and preferences. Then, try at least 5, and see which works best for you.

1. Product Testing

Before realizing products to the masses, companies carry out testing. They do this to test out the effectiveness of the product and get feedback from users.  

You can be one of the people engaged in the product testing phase of product development and get paid. 

How this works, you receive the product to keep and use. In exchange, you need to give an honest review.

You may review a wide selection of items. It may be electronics, food, drinks, cosmetic products, books, clothes or shoes. 

Choose what resonates with you and start testing. Product testing companies offer different incentives. Some pay cash, others let you keep the goods while others pay in vouchers.  

You’re bound to get a better pay if you work with companies that offer luxury products. Examples of great product testing websites you can try out include; Toluna, Alba Science, User Testing etc

2. Online Surveys

Companies conducting research offer surveys to the public to get opinions before making decisions. You can easily make a decent amount just sharing your thoughts.

All that you need is an internet connection, phone or laptop and you’re set. It may take you 5 to 10 minutes to do a survey.

Just spare a few minutes a day and make an extra $50. The process is not always very engaging, you can do the surveys while watching movies or hanging out with friends.

A great site to start out with is Survey Junkie. It pays between $1 to $5 a survey. Other great sites include; Vindale Research, InboxDollars and Swagbucks

Most of these even pay a bonus just for signing up. 

3. Sell your Personal Data

data collection apps that pay

Yes, you read that right. You can sell your personal data and get some bucks for it. This does not mean giving away information that might put you at risk.

You may choose to give your demographic and location data anonymously. This data is then combined with other user data and is sold to third parties for research. 

For some apps, all you need to do is install them on your laptop or phone and get paid. Payment may be in the form of cash, vouchers, or Bitcoin currency.  We have covered the best apps that pay for your personal information previously.

4. Deliver Food with UberEats

delivering item

You can deliver food with your car or bike using UberEats.

It gives the opportunity to do delivers full or part-time. The process is fairly simple.

Join the program by signing up to the Uber Partner app. There’s a safety screening consent required and you’re all set.

Once this process is done, take up food delivery orders around a chosen area. Navigation information is provided in case you’re not familiar with all the delivery spots.

You’re able to keep track of your earnings via the app. Payments are made every week.

A similar platform to UberEats is Doordash, which pays per hour. 

5. Become a Shopper

If you love shopping, you can get paid doing it for others. Since many people don’t have time to run around buying things- they pay using Instacart for someone to do it for them.

Once you register, you get an order, shop for it and delivery. You’re paid per hour and the rate ranges between $10 to $25 depending on the season. 

You’re free to make your own schedule depending on your availability. 

6. Watch Videos Online

Watch Tv shows, movie previews, celebrity videos among other video content on InboxDollars and get money in your pocket. 

This is a great opportunity to relax and earn. All you need to do is sign up on their website and lookout for a list of videos to watch.

You can watch using your phone or laptop. There’s a set playlist that is available to watch in order to get paid. 

The video content ranges between 5 to 30 minutes. You’re able to preview and establish how long it will take before you hit play. 

Payments are done via cash or gift cards redeemed at popular brands.  

7. Selling Images

If you have a gallery of images that you can sell or you love taking pictures- you have a way to make $50 fast. 

Numerous stock photo sites and agencies rely on other people for images. They in turn pay you depending on the number of times your images are downloaded. 

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to submit your pictures. They just have to be clear and appealing.

Sites to sell your images include; Shutterstock, Adobe stock and istock

8. Cash Backs

You can make money through Cash Backs. This is an incentive offered to buyers where they can get a refund on selected products when they make a purchase using a certain platform. 

E-bates, a website that offers deals and coupons also gives cashbacks when shopping online through the platform.

When you sign up, you get a cash bonus of $10 and $25 per referral. All you need to do is refer 2 people and you have your $50.

We have covered best cash back apps previously.

On top of the bonuses, you get cash back while shopping. 

9. Fiverr


This is a freelance marketplace that allows you to offer services for $5 or more. The services may range from simple tasks such as posting comments to writing, editing and translation. 

The best part is, you can offer more than one service, increasing the likelihood of earning from all the services.

Signing up on the site is quick. You need a username and email. Once you’ve verified your email, fill in your profile.

The last step is creating your services- they are called gigs. Ensure that you provide all the vital details of the service.

You’re free to add additional services to the gig and charge more. Create more gigs and wait for potential clients to reach out with offers.

Fiverr charges a fee on the amounts. If you earn $5, a dollar goes to Fiverr. Payments are made via bank transfer, PayPal and the Fiverr Revenue card. 

10. Review Music

An interesting way to get paid if you’re a music lover is reviewing music and radio. It’s simple, sign up, listen to the songs and give an honest review. 

A popular site known for this is Slice the Pie. It’s now expanded to reviewing other items but it still provides plenty of music to review. 

You only need to ensure that the review you give is original. This is necessary as the reviews guide the musicians and song writers in making decisions on their releases.

Slice the pie pays weekly via Paypal. You also earn by referring people to the site. 

Additional sites you can try out include; WeLocalize, Hitpredictor, Earnably and RadioEarn.

11. Test out Games 

Get paid playing games on your phone for hours via MistPlay. This is an android application that connects game developers and players. 

The developers seek out reviews of the games to help with improving them before launch.  Once you download the app, you’ll find a list with games.

Install one of the games on the list and start playing. You start earning units after playing for 5 minutes.

The more games and time you play, the more units you earn. You also need to share feedback to get extra units.

The units you accumulate are redeemed for gift cards. 

12. Get Paid to Walk

Walking is a necessary part of life that gets you from one point to another. Why not get paid for undertaking a necessity and keeping fit at the same time?

To make it more fun, you can recruit your family and friends to walk a few minutes daily and make a little cash. 

It’s a great motivator if you’re too lazy to do other forms of exercise. 

A great app to try out is SweatCoins. It rewards when you to take outdoor steps and pays in Sweatcoin- a form of cryptocurrency. 

There are lots of other apps out there that pay you to engage in healthier activities such as Achievement, StepBet, Lympo and Earthmiles.

13. Become a Home Organizer

If you’re tidy and neat, get paid to organize people’s homes. People lack the time and discipline to organize their spaces and happy to pay someone to do it for them. 

You can get customers by advertising on your social media feed. You can also use platforms such as Care.com with people looking for the service. 

14. Editing & Proofreading

If you love reading and are a stickler about grammar rules, spelling and punctuation, start offering editing and proofreading services. 

There are millions of websites out there and many are looking for individuals to countercheck their work and polish it up to meet their goals.

You can proofread articles, thesis, e-books- the list is endless. Approach website owners directly or make use of sites such as Scribendi to seek out jobs. 

15. Writing Articles

Write articles on a wide range of topics and get paid for it. Whether you’re knowledgeable in a given topic or have great research skills- this is for you.

There are many platforms and website owners looking for proficient writers. You can write sales letters, articles, product reviews and descriptions.

The pay varies with the client. However, you can easily make $50 within a few hours. 

16. Translation

This is the activity of transforming a text from one language to another. If you’re proficient in speaking and writing more than one language, you can work on various translation jobs. 

Website owners are also embracing translating their website content into other languages to broaden their audiences. 

You can also translate on-call to audiences. 

17. Transcription

best audio to text transcription apps

Earn a few bucks by transforming recorded audio into text. If you have a keen listening ear, you can earn a considerable amount within a few hours.

Get transcription jobs on many freelance sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and People Per Hour. There are also sites that specialize in transcription only.

These include; Rev, TranscribeMe, Speechpad and GoTranscript. You may also opt to seek out clients directly.

Social media platforms are a great way to meet clients. You can also approach podcast owners who require transcripts of their interviews.

18. Sell your Crafts

Sell your crafts on Etsy or e-bay and make a decent income. Create and sell unique pieces such as bracelets, t-shirts, pots.

The options are unlimited. There’s an opportunity to create a successful business if you’re passionate about making crafts. Visit established online stores and get inspiration from other creators.

Selling on Etsy is straightforward. Like with other ventures, you need to attract buyers to your products through marketing. 

19. Become a Jury on e-jury

When lawyers prepare for a trial, they conduct mock trials to evaluate how prepared they are. Often times, they need services of actual people to act as the jury.

You can get hired as a jury on E-jury.com and earn cash. Unlike the normal jury, an e-jury includes a minimum of 50 participants to give the lawyers more feedback on their performance. 

To participate, you need to be more than 18 years of age, be a citizen of the United States and not have any convictions. 

Visit their site for more requirements and get started as a jury!

20. Offer Packing Services

You can provide your service to pack greeting cards into a box. These are greeting cards manufactured by companies for different occasions. 

Once packed, the cards are usually delivered to addresses supplied by the employer all over the country. 

You’re normally paid depending on the number of cards packed and mailed. Packing has increasing become a work at home job. 

Most companies have embraced hiring people to package cards from home as it saves the costs. 

You see, cards are seasonal and thus, there’s no point of investing in equipment and space for packing at limited times of the year. 

21. Give Expert Advice

Are you an expert in a certain field? Then you can join JustAnswer and give expert advice for pay. People are always searching for information from experts regarding different aspects. 

You’re able to make a significant amount over time. People prefer to pay the online platforms as opposed to seeking out the professionals themselves for a hefty sum.

22. Sell Your Blood Plasma

Plasma is a yellow component of the blood that is used in therapies for treating a number of diseases and disorders.

People make plasma donations since this component can’t be made synthetically. You get paid $50 per donation. 

The extraction involves drawing of blood. The separation of the plasma is then conducted using an automated machine. 

The process is safe and the donation can be made once a month. 

23. Become a house-sitter

Get paid to watch someone’s house while they are away. Home owners who do this usually need things in the house taken care of when they are away.

This may include; watering the plants, feeding pets and ensuring everything is in order. The pay varies on the number of days and size of the house.

Get house sitting jobs from neighbors or friends. You can also check out sites such as mindahome.com.

24. Rent your parking space

Spaces for parking are becoming scarce with vehicle and bike owners seeking out safe and secure parking spots.

You can rent out a parking spot for a day, week or even month depending on preference. You’re able to rake in $250 to $400 a month.

The money you make varies with the location and size of parking. 

25. Perform on the streets

Take a few hours and perform on the streets for cash. You can sing, dance, rap, play an instrument or magic trick.

The aim is to entertain people passing by and encourage them to pay for your act. This method is recommended to individuals who are confident.

To earn $50, choose a location with a large traffic of people. It’s easier to attract a crowd this way. A word of caution, ensure that the area you intend to perform, this is allowed.

In some states, there are laws prohibiting public disturbance without a license. Also, don’t interfere with other people’s businesses and rights.


Most of the ideas mentioned in this article have the potential to earn even more than $50. The amount you make largely depends on your effort.

Feel free to try more than one of the ways at a time and find what works for you. I know that some of the ideas mentioned might not be as appealing.

What you need to keep in mind is that making money is not hard, you need to work on your mindset by being open to try out new opportunities. 

Feel free to let us know which idea worked for you. You can also share tips not mentioned to make $50 fast.

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