How To Build a Successful Etsy Shop In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on April 6, 2021  
how to start successful Esty shop

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Are you a creative who is looking for ways to reach more customers and increase your income?

Well, then you should consider setting up an Etsy shop. 

Etsy is a global e-commerce site that connects buyers with sellers. Sellers use the place mainly to sell vintage, handmade, non-handmade and crafted items.

As of now, the platform hosts millions of sellers and millions of buyers rely on it to purchase items.

You can therefore be guaranteed that it is an active place to sell you creative items.

Also, note that you do not need to have a physical store or a warehouse to sell your products on Etsy. Once a buyer pays for an item, it is shipped to their convenient location at a fee.

Since there are several sellers on the platform, you need to set yourself apart and make your shop successful.

Read on to discover how you can set up a profitable business on Etsy. 

Setting up an Etsy shop is not difficult. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that it is successful. All these tips are discussed below.

Things to sell on Etsy

Etsy is known and used for selling creative, handmade or non-handmade and vintage items. 

Among the things that you can sell include handmade jewelry, party decorations, printable, home decorations, toys, accessories, vinyl mugs, woven clothing and DIY supplies, among other items. 

How much can you make on Etsy?

This is a question that is probably bothering you.

The Etsy site does not disclose the average amount of money that sellers make on the platform.

However, the money you make depends on the number of people who find and buy from your Etsy shop.

It also depends on the cost of your product.

This means that you have a bigger chance of making a lot of money when you sell great quality products and implement an effective marketing strategy.

Building a relationship with existing customers both on and off the Etsy platform is also crucial as it will make them loyal customers.

Step By Step Guide On How To Start Selling On Etsy

Here are valuable tips to help you create a successful Etsy shop;

1) Choose your niche 

One of the most important things you need to do to create a successful Etsy shop is determining your niche. This is simply the area that you want to specialize in.

You can sell several things on Etsy, but the best item to sell should be the one you love or are interested in. 

Selling something you are passionate about will help you build a profitable business, as you will never get tired of selling it. 

Additionally, when you love what you sell, you increase your chances of being creative and meeting your customers' needs. 

Once you have settled on the products you want to sell on Etsy, it would be essential to research them.

Go through the Etsy site and search for similar items. See how the sellers have packaged themselves. You can even try purchasing a similar thing to see how the whole process works.

The research will help you know how to know what your customers want, how to serve them well and how to create a competitive edge for your business. 

You can then develop a plan on how you will be creating those products or where you will be sourcing them from.

At this stage, it would also be essential to determine your target audience.

2) Create your shop at Etsy

Knowing the exact items, you want to sell on Etsy, you can then create your Etsy shop.

Creating an Etsy shop is accessible. However, there are some little costs that you may incur. 

Here is a breakdown of the costs to expect;

Opening an Etsy shop: FREE

Listing fee: Listing each item costs $0.20  for four months

Transaction fee: You will pay 5% of the selling price as a commission 

Payment processing: 3%

15%Offsite Ads Fee: This fee is only charged when you make a sale through the ads that Etsy runs outside its platform. 

Postage Fees: This depends on the delivery provider you use to send the parcel to the client. You can alert the customer how much they need to pay. You can also consider including the shipping cost in the price of the product.

To start selling, you will need to sign up here first. You can even sign up with Facebook or a Google account.

Once you have the Etsy account, you should set up the location of your shop and currency, choose a name, create a listing and then set your preferred payment method.

The platform also requires you to set a billing method; how you want to pay Etsy fees.

One of the benefits of having a shop with Etsy is that it provides you with tools to grow your business. 

You can also reach out to Etsy support specialists for help and tips to make your business profitable. 

Once your shop is set up, you can proceed to stock it, as discussed below. 

3) Stock your Etsy shop 

You need to upload photos or images of the items that you will be selling. 

It is always important to fill the shop with many items as possible. This makes you look like a professional in your area of specialization.

However, when starting, you might not have several products, and that is fine. With time, however, aim at increasing your stock.

One of the things that you must consider when stocking up your shop is the quality of the images you upload.

Remember, a buyer will primarily be attracted to products whose images are clear and appealing.

It would therefore be wise for you to invest in good photography. Be creative to the extent that a customer can feel as if they have already seen and felt the product's texture.

Unclear and inadequate quality images will turn potential buyers away, and you do not want that to happen.

Another thing that you must do is write detailed descriptions. These descriptions should describe what the product is and what it can be used for, like this example.

A good description will help you promote your product and appeal to potential clients.

To reach more people and increase traffic to your shop, you will need to learn and invest in search engine optimization.

An excellent way to do this is by identifying keywords that relate to your target audience. Use appropriate keywords and tags on the title and description of your product.

Lastly, ensure to update your shop frequently; monthly would be okay. Add new items to keep existing clients glued to your shop. 

Updating your shop also helps to bring in new clients. 

4) Market your products

Just having an Etsy shop is not enough; you need to create awareness about your business and reach more interested people in your products.

Social media platforms are among the best marketing tools that you can use to market your Etsy shop. You can use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, among others.

While at it, ensure to be as active as possible and communicate clearly about your Etsy shop and the kind of products that you sell.

Another hack that can help you leverage on social media is connecting with people. Online buyers love to communicate with the owner of your brand.

If you can share your experiences on social media platforms, potential clients will connect with you quickly, and you can convert them into actual buyers.

Remember that branding is also essential for your business. Ensure that your business name is similar in all the online platforms that you use.

This makes it easier for buyers to search and find you. You also appear professional and credible.

Within the social media platforms, you will also notice that you can do targeted advertising. 

This is whereby you pay a certain amount of money and run marketing campaigns to reach more people. 

5) Determine your packaging

With e-commerce, you have to invest in excellent packaging. 

This is part of promoting your product, and customers appreciate it when their goods are appropriately packaged.

Determine your packaging method based on the items that you will be selling. 

Some of the other factors that you should consider include the size, how fragile an item is, the size and use of the items.

If you make glass items, you will need to ensure that they are package in a way that they do not break.

If you sell items for gifting, the packaging has to be colourful, beautiful and fancy. You can make the packaging bags or boxes or outsource from a company that makes the same.

Along with packaging, chose colours and logos that match your brand. Different colours bring about other emotions. Ensure to capture all of these details in your packaging. 

6) Determine your shipping processes

Knowing how to ship your products to clients is very important.

On Etsy, you can get clients from different parts of the world. Additionally, clients know that you do not have a brick-and-mortar store or a warehouse.

Therefore, it would be essential to know some of the best shipping agents and the shipping process.

Additionally, think about how much you will be charging the clients. Distance matters a lot. But there are also other factors like the cost of your product that matter.

To attract more customers and even retain the existing ones, you can offer shipping at a lesser cost or do free delivery for people who purchase several products at a go. 

When selecting the best shipping options, always use the convenient shipping services for your assistance.

The fact that the shipping services are affordable does not mean that they will be excellent. The vice versa is also true.

Do thorough research to ensure that your product is delivered on time and in good condition. 

7) Create an email list 

Even if you are just getting started selling on Etsy, you need to run your business like a professional.

One way to do this is by creating an email list of your customers and sending them newsletters often.

This is a great marketing strategy. You can keep in touch with your customers. They are also able to know the new products that are currently in stock. 

Create a way to collect their emails when they buy or get in touch with your business. You can give them incentives and discounts and ask them to sign up using their email addresses. 

As you run the business, you will realize that marketing will be a critical factor that will determine your business's success. 

Also, consider sending your customers an email as a way to gather information about your products. You should ask them what they think about your products.

In case you are introducing a new product or adding features to an existing one, you can seek their opinion. 

This will save you many resources as you will avail yourself products that they need and can buy. 

Bonus Tip: Provide excellent customer services

Having excellent customer service skills will come in handy to help you build a successful Etsy shop.

Often, customers will contact you to ask about your product even when you have indicated all the information on the platform.

This can be frustrating, but you ought to be very patient and get back to the client with the right information.

Also, be an honest and trustworthy seller. Otherwise, you risk receiving poor ratings and rankings on the site. 


As you have gathered from this discussion, selling on Etsy and ensuring that your shop is successful requires many efforts.

Having great images of your products is one thing; marketing, packaging and shipping are also other important activities you need to carry out.

If you are crafting the products, you might find doing all of these tasks overwhelming. 

You can outsource services or employ people to help you with some duties. At the end of the day, all you want is a shop that is running and thriving.

Use the tips above and get started selling on one of the best eCommerce platforms around the globe. 

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