How to Become an Authority Blogger in Your Niche

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on May 6, 2022  
How To Become An Authority Blogger In Your Niche

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In this guide, I will tell you exactly how to become an authority blogger in your niche.

Whether you’re just getting started with blogging or you have an existing blog that’s performing poorly, you will find this post useful.

Anyone can buy a domain, get a hosting plan, setup a WordPress blog, and publish content.  However, very few people ever become an authority in their area of specialization because they never work toward becoming an authority in the first place.

The blogging business has changed tremendously. We’re no longer in the age where you’d write and publish anything on a blog and watch your traffic skyrocket.

We’re in a time where Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are three things you can’t do without.

4 Ways to dominate your blogging niche

I’ve created 6 blogs since 2017, but only 50% picked well. The difference between the blogs that failed and those that did well is authority.

I learned that it doesn’t matter how many posts you write for a blog. If you don’t focus on building an authority, you’ll waste a lot of time on money working on a project that will eventually fail.

So how do you build authority and stand out from the competition?

Here’s how:

1. Focus on One Project at a Time 

Bloggers fail for many reasons, and having shiny object syndrome is perhaps the worst of them all.

Think of it like this:

A friend of yours shares their successful blogging journey with you their successful blogging journey with you, tell you the niche, and they even share their site’s link. 

Another friend does the exact same thing. They tell you how they started and unveil exactly what they did to get there.

You see an opportunity, you start craving for these niches, and you’re not afraid to create two additional sites to add to your portfolio. You begin to chase project after project, hardly ever settling for one option that you can build. 

Shiny object syndrome is a dangerous disease. I know that from experience because it makes it difficult to finish any project you star.

Given that it induces poor planning, confusing execution of ideas, and wastage of time and resources, the disease makes it hard for you to build a brand and become an authority in your niche.

Beat shiny object syndrome by focusing on one project at a time. Even if you feel like your friends’ ideas are better than yours is, focus on the project you started from start to finish.

You can start additional sites, of course. But now isn’t the right time to start shifting focus. Or you may lose the bigger picture altogether and fail to become an authority in your field.

2. Build Topical Authority

The days when we’d publish a post on a single topic and rank on Google are long gone. To become an authority in your niche, you have to demonstrate your expertise by exhausting a topic completely.

If anything, topical authority is the new way to create a blog and become an authority in your niche. 

Topical authority is a metric that indicates the depth of your website's content on a certain topic. It is one of the factors that Google uses to determine the quality of your content, and it has also become a ranking factor for top-level domains.

Topical authority enables you to demonstrate your knowledge across related pieces of content. Rather of focusing just on specific keywords or keyword groups, topical authority enables you to develop a full resource and plan around your desired topic.

As you develop topical authority, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines will treat your domain as the go-to source of information in your niche. This increases the likelihood of ranking better for specific keywords.

3. Build High Quality Backlinks

Creating content alone isn’t enough. You have to promote your content so that it ranks on Google and get daily visitors.

And the best way to do that is to build high quality, relevant backlinks

Search engines determine the authority of your site by looking at the types of inbound links pointing to it. Consider it as though you're establishing a network of readers and websites to substantiate

When establishing topical authority, it is critical to get links from authoritative sources relevant to your website. By relevant source, I mean getting backlinks from site that publish content in an industry similar or related to yours.

4. Be Consistent With Content Creation

Having high quality backlinks pointing to your site is great. But you have to continue creating high quality content for the site if you want to become an authority in that niche.

Spending time creating high quality content in your niche can make a difference. What you’re doing here is building a foundation of a strong information that earns your audience's trust.

Pack your content with excellent guidance, pearls of wisdom, and eye-opening insights, you'll be position yourself as the go-to source for answers to questions in that niche.

Creating content takes time. But if you pack every post you write with great information, people will trust you. And they will come to your site more often to look for more information in your niche. 

Use tools such as Google Trends, Semrush, Ahrefs, Answer the Public, and People Also Ask to search for the most popular topics or questions in your niche.

Then, create high quality content that address the topic or answers the questions that your visitors might have. By doing so, you’ll not only rank for more keywords on Google but also establish yourself as an authoritative source of information in your industry.


Developing your blog into an authoritative source of information doesn’t have to be difficult. At least you now know what it takes to become an authority blogger in the niche you selected to work on. 

I strongly recommend that you spend your time, effort, and money on one project at a time. Don’t become a subject of shiny object syndrome.

Eventually, all the hard work that you put in to become an authority in your niche will pay off just in time.

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