12 Genius Ways To Save A lot of Money On Baby Formula

Last updated on May 4, 2021

how to save money one baby formulae

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Breastfeeding remains to be the best and least expensive way to feed a baby.

However, not every mum can breastfeed due to health conditions or other issues, which is why they feed their babies baby formula.

If your breast milk has dried up or you cannot breastfeed your baby full time, you might have considered using baby formula.

Baby formula is good, but it is one of the most expensive baby products you will ever have to buy.

It can take up a considerable percentage of your income, considering that your baby needs to keep on feeding now and then. One large canister can go up to $34.

Luckily, there are some genius ways to save a lot of money on baby formula, as discussed below.

1) Buy different brands of baby formulas at first

Even though baby formulas serve the same purpose, they may have different components. 

There are three significant types of baby formula. There are cow milk protein-based formulas that are made of cow’s milk which is processed to resemble breast milk.

The other type is soy-based formulas which are particularly important if you want to eliminate animal proteins from your baby’s diet.

Protein hydrolysate formulas contain proteins that have been broken down into tiny pieces than those in cow and soy-based formulas.  

These are suitable for babies who have are allergic to proteins.

When you start on baby formulas, try different types and brands in small quantities to determine your baby’s likes and the other that they are not allergic to.

This will save you some money as you will not need to dispose of huge amounts of baby formulas if they are not suitable for your baby.

2) Contact your favorite baby formula companies

Another way to save lots of money on baby formula is by keeping in touch with your favorite baby formula brands.

If there is a baby formula that has worked well for your baby, you can write an email to the company to appreciate their product.

Let them know the positive experience that you and your baby have had. Share how often you use it. Doing this will show how loyal you are to their brand.

If you are lucky, they can send you some baby formula to appreciate your loyalty and so that you can continue to enjoy their product.

You can also seek information on upcoming sales, promotions, or referral programs that you can participate in.

Most baby formula brands have an online presence; either on websites or social media. It should not be hard to communicate with them.

3) Check for the best baby formula deals online

The online space has not only promoted brand awareness but has also created various ways to buy items at lower prices.

Some companies reward you for using their sites to carry out tasks such as online surveys. The rewards can be in the form of coupons, cash backs, prizes, and gifts.

A great platform that you can use to get cashback is Rakuten. The company requires you to shop through the app from stores such as Walmart to earn cashback.

This means that if you purchase baby formula using this app, you will get your money back.

To get started using the platform, you will need to sign up and create an account. Shop as much as you can through the platform to earn more cashback.

Once your money has accumulated, you can cash it out using PayPal or a check. This is an excellent way to save money on baby formulas.

You can also find the best deals on baby formulas from the Honey Chrome extension. This browser extension finds the best coupon codes and applies the best to your shopping cart.

To access and use this browser, install it on your computer and sign up here.

4) Be on the lookout for coupons

Now and then, baby formula brands run promotions and give you a coupon for use the next time you shop.

The coupons might not be as much, but they can add up and help you save on some bucks the next time you buy baby formula.

Always check the baby formula canisters for coupons.

Some companies like this one even allow you to sign up for baby formula coupons.

Along with this, always be updated on promotions that baby formula brands are running.

If you participate, you stand to win prizes, cash, and gifts that will help you save money on baby formula.

5) Seek assistance from a local food bank

If you are feeding your baby on formula, you need a relatively high income because this product can be expensive.

However, there are times that you might not have this money and your financial strength is limited.

This is the time to seek help, and one of the best places to do so is through local food banks.

The Feeding America program distributes several meals per year through local food banks to feed people who cannot afford it.

If you are struggling to buy baby formula, contact the local food bank near you. A simple search online will help you identify it.

They may have baby formulas to give you or refer you to an organization that can help you access them.

6) Sign up for baby formula rewards programs

There are baby formula-specific reward programs that can also come in handy when trying to save money on baby formula.

One of the best programs is the one offered by Enfamil.

Once you sign up for the program, you can win baby formula for a whole year, discounts on baby formula, baby formula samples, and coupons.

The company also gives you nutrition tips tailored to your needs.

Similac also has an excellent baby formula reward program to win baby formula samples and coupons to spend on baby formula.

You can also join the reward program by Gerber.

7) Talk to your pediatrician

Your pediatrician can help you save lots of money on baby formula.

Since they deal with the well-being of babies, most baby formula brands contact them to seek feedback about their products.

Often, the pediatrician does not need that baby formula, and it will sit around in their offices for a long time until it expires.

Therefore, it would be wise to ask your pediatrician to give you baby formulas that are lying around in their offices and are in good condition.

Having worked with several stakeholders and brands on matters of children, pediatricians have resourceful networks.

They can link you up with organizations that can give you baby formula or sell it to you at a lower price.  Take advantage of that and save money on baby formula.

8) Seek for assistance

If buying baby formula is taking a toll on you financially, you can seek assistance from Women Infant and Children, WIC.

This program helps parents who are struggling to feed their babies with free baby formula and baby food.

However, you need to meet specific eligibility requirements to be considered.

Some of these requirements include;

  • You must be a woman who is either pregnant or breastfeeding up to the infant’s first birthday.
  • You must reside in the state where you applied
  • Your income must be between 100% of the poverty income guidelines set by the federal government.
  • A health professional must determine whether you are at nutrition risk and need help with baby food and formula

You can read more about WIC here. If you are in dire need of baby formula, ensure to apply.

9) Purchase formula in bulk

Purchasing goods in bulk saves you lots of money. And this can apply to baby formula too.

Once you have established the best brand that your baby enjoys and is suitable for them, you can proceed to buy the baby formula in huge quantities.

You are likely to buy them at a lower price than if you purchased a fewer quantity.

Buying in bulk also comes with some huge discounts. Some stores will give you a free can of baby formula if you purchase lots of them.

Purchasing baby formula in bulk will also save you shipping costs as the items can be transported at once.

Most importantly, you get to focus on other areas once you buy the baby formula that can last for a long time.

10) Join the Amazon family

It is impressive that big brands like Amazon help families raise their children better.

Joining the Amazon family comes with a lot of benefits, particularly for people who are raising children.

You will get discounts on baby products like baby formula. You will also know about great deals on the baby formula that can enable you to save lots of money.

Knowing about other baby formula products that other parents are loving will also help you make good decisions when purchasing baby formula.

To join the Amazon family, sign up here. It’s a great way to save 20% on baby formula.

11) Buy powdered formula instead of ready to use formula

This is also another genius way to save money on baby formula.

Baby formula comes in three different forms. The most popular is the powdered form. It is less expensive than others. You need to mix it with water and then give the baby.

The other form is the concentrated liquid formula, which should also be mixed with water.

Then there is the most convenient formula that is ready to use. You do not need to mix it with water. It makes your work easier, but it is more expensive than the other baby formula forms.

Since they all serve the same purpose, it would be wise to buy the powdered formula as it is less expensive. This way, you will save lots of money.

12) Use insurance to buy baby formula

In some instances, you might need to buy specialty baby formula. For example, some babies need more iron, have allergies, and were born prematurely.

These children need unique formulas to cater to their specific feeding and nutrition needs.

Unfortunately, these specialty formulas can be overly expensive and be a burden to you. In such cases, you can seek to buy insurance-covered formulas; use insurance to purchase baby formula.

There are companies like these that allow you to buy baby formulas using insurance. Consult with your insurance company to determine if you can cover baby formula costs with their cover.

13) Bonus Tips! Saving Money On Baby Formula

As you strive towards saving money on baby formula, ensure not to waste it. Only mix the right proportions that your baby can finish in one sitting.

You might want to use Dr. Browns formula mixing pitcher, which mixes formula with no clumping. It also minimizes air from getting into the mixture.

 If there is leftover milk, do not let it stay for too long before using it.

Also, be careful when handling baby formula to avoid it from spilling over. The more you waste it, the more money you will spend to buy more.

Most importantly, only buy a baby formula that is not expired; you can check the can to see. If it is expired, the quality might not be good and can cause harm to your baby.


Baby formula is quite an expensive formula that can take up a large percentage of your income.

It could be a requirement and the only choice for feeding your infant, and the amount they consume can be high.

You need to come up with ways to save money on baby formula. Remember, your baby has other needs that need to be taken care too.

You also need money to take care of your family or yourself. Saving on baby formula will reduce financial strain and enable you to afford other things that you need to live a quality life.

The tips listed above will come in handy and help you save lots of money.

You may also want to join breastfeeding mom networks to discover how they are saving money on baby formula.

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