17 Effective Ways to Start Growing Your Blog’s Traffic In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on May 24, 2022  
Effective Ways To Start Growing Your Blog’s Traffic

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The initial stage of blogging isn’t anything fun.

You have to pour your heart, sweat, blood, and investment into creating content you want people to read.  Then, you have to promote that content to the right audience to grow your blog traffic.

Unfortunately, many new bloggers approach the whole blogging thing wrong.

They invest in the publish play approach and hope that Google will somehow notice and shoot up their ranking. But publishing great content and waiting for an automated ranking boost is far from how things work.

In other words:

If you want your blog to get visitors and convert prospects into buying customers, you have to actively promote your content right, left, and center.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to grow your blog’s traffic in different ways – even if you’re in the most boring niche on the planet.

In fact , these are the exact strategies that I’ve used to grow one of my blog’s traffic, easily transforming it form just another website on the internet into a money making machine.

So if you’re ready to grow your blog’s traffic and make $1,000, $2,000 or more a month, keep reading to learn how to get there.

1. Create Great Content for Your Audience

The first ten or so posts on your blog may not be enough to establish you as an authority in your niche. So you need to keep producing great content to make your blog topically relevant.

There’s a reason why marketers like to throw the phrase “content is king” around quite too often.

That’s because better content not only attract visitors but also send authority and quality signals to search engines. And when the search engines learn that people love your content, they’ll give you a major ranking boost in the search engines.

But don’t just write content for the sake of meeting your content calendar’s monthly target. Instead, produce content that meets your audience’s needs.

More often than not, people need useful and educational content that they can use to solve specific problems. So if you can provide them with such information, they’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

Don’t worry if you don’t have topic ideas to cover. You can use tools such as Quora to see what questions people are asking in your industry.  

2. Optimize Your Posts and Pages for the Right Keywords

Here’s a scenario:

You went to Google, typed in a keyword, and the SERPs returned relevant results for that particular term.

Those results didn’t appear by accident.

It’s all keywords and SEO.

So if you want to drive traffic to your blog from search engines, keyword research and on-page optimization must be part of your blogging strategy.

Think about it for a moment: 

Would you ever write content on a topic that no one is searching for online? Unless you’re blogging to kill time, you surely wouldn’t.

Plus, it’s straight out impossible to grow your blog’s traffic if your blog posts aren’t targeting specific terms that people are searching.

Before you start creating content for your blog, conduct in-depth keyword research in your niche to come up with relevant topics to cover. Write great content and optimize them around these key search terms before publishing.

3. Know Your Traffic Sources

We bloggers are so obsessed about Google traffic so much that we forget that there are more opportunities beyond search engines.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem is, you’re not blogging to full potential if you don’t take advantage of all the potential traffic sources on the web.

You see, your target audience doesn’t just hang out on Google. They also spent time on Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Bing to name just a few.

So if you want to grow your blog traffic, you have to be strategic about where exactly your audience spends their time, and then take your content to them.

Take question and answer sites, such as Reddit, for example.

With millions of visitors coming to the site every month, and with virtually any niche you can think of already being a topic of discussion on the platform, you can drive a ton of traffic from Reddit.

4. Optimize Your Site for Speed

Humans hate slow website and so do the search engines.

In the age where humans have strong attention disorder and easily get distracted, a slow-loading website is the last thing the search engines want to rank.

Think about it like this:

Would you wait for a slow site to load so you can access information? Well, not exactly.

If your blog is slow, people will click the back button, go back to the SERPs, and look for an alternative pages that serve their queries.

Fortunately, site speed is an onsite optimization issue that you have full control over.

First, use the Google Page Speed Insights to check your site’s current speed score and suggestions on what to do to improve your site’s speed.

Second, understand that site speed alone isn’t enough to make the cut. You also have to make sure your site offers the best user experience. So fix your core web vitals to give your visitors the best page experience.

5. Establish Relationships with Bloggers in Your Niche

Networking with other bloggers in your niche can get you noticed pretty fast. And if done right, you can get a good exposure for every piece of content you publish on your blog.

From my blogging experience, networking goes beyond being seen and being heard. You can even get tons of high quality, branded links pointing back your website.

And the result is?

Not only do your blogging friends get to see the content that you have published. You may also get high quality backlinks pointing to your site, and these links can move your pages up in the SERPs.

There are many ways to establish good relationships with bloggers who are in the same niche as yours.  You can:

  • Leave meaningful comments on their blog posts or their social media pages
  • Ask if you can guest post on their blog
  • Support them by sharing their content as if it were your own

Why networking with other bloggers is generally time consuming, it can go a long way to grow your blog traffic in a great way.

6. Make Your Blog Easy to Use

I’m not so much of a perfectionist when it comes to user experience. But there’s no way I’m going to spend time reading a blog that’s hard to use.

If the layout of a site isn’t easy to understand, I’m leaving and never coming back.

And I’m not the only one who hates sites that are difficult to use. Hundreds of thousands of online readers do, too.

Which means if you want to bring people to your website and make them stick, you need to make your blog very easy to read.

  • Make sure your blog has a clear navigation bar
  • No one will read your blog if it’s not mobile friendly. Fix that right away
  • If your blog is already a massive content hub, include a search box to allow your audience find more content on your website with ease

7. Make Your Content More Engaging

You can have the best backlinks in the world from big brands. But if your content doesn’t make your audience happy, they’ll click the back button and look for an alternative web page that best serves their queries.

This is pogo sticking.

If hundreds of visitor pogo stick on your blog, Google notices and they drop your website like stone.

It’s a different case when you create and publish great content that readers crave to read. Not only will they look up to you as an authority in your niche, they’ll also keep coming back for more.

Again, Google has user interactive signals that notice these interactions, with a higher dwell time indicting that your content is of great quality and therefore deserve a boost in ranking.

But how do you write great content that people want to read? Well, you can do that by: 

  • Making your content easy to scan
  • Use a conversational tone throughout your article
  • Remove fluffs, write short sentences, and go straight to the point
  • Use visuals throughout your article 
  • Make your content actionable; this improves dwell time and lowers bounce rate
  • Don’t use big blocks of text. Use short paragraphs instead
  • Write strong headlines

These writing and formatting strategies may take time to implement. But they can make a bigger impact and help grow your traffic. 

8. Build Your Email List

Traffic from Google is never enough. And wit algorithmic updates now a commonplace than ever before, you had better have more than one traffic source if you want to grow.

So start building your email list right now.

An email list is a powerful marketing tool that lets you build a powerful and a more personalized connection with your audience.

Not to mention that it can get your blog a lot of traffic if you have a massive list.

9. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to grow your blog traffic even before you start to rank on Google and other search engines for targeted keywords.

Facebook and LinkedIn are just two examples that you can use to put your content right in front of hundreds of thousands of people

 With millions of daily active users, you can get many people coming to your blog, reading your content, and possibly even converting.

To use social media to grow you blog’s traffic:

  • Brand your Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn and any other social media page. Don’t forget to add a link back to your blog
  • Add social media buttons on your website to encourage engagement on social
  • Schedule and post on social media regularly
  • Use creative visuals to drive traffic from social media to your website
  • Always promote the your most important blog posts and pages on social media

You can take this even further by building an online group in your niche. While this requires some work upfront, it can go a long way to grow your blog’s traffic once you start getting a good number of group members.

The best way to build an online group in your niche on social media is to participate in other groups in similar or shoulder niches. This can go a long way to skyrocket the number of members interested in what you have to offer.

The more active you’re on social media, the more traffic (visitors) you’re likely to bring to your blog.

10. Submit Your Work to Content Curation Sites

Maybe you’ve ignored this strategy because it’s time consuming. But it’s an important promotional strategy that can give your brand an exposure and grow your blog’s traffic.

First, some of the best content curation sites that you can use include:

  • Inbound.org
  • Scoop.it
  • Blogegage.com
  • Kingged.com
  • Triberr.com

Second, these sites are important because they could trigger social sharing of your content. And the more people share your work, the more exposure your blog gets.

11. Build Quality Backlinks

Writing and publishing useful content is a significant strategy to grow your site’s size. But great content alone isn’t enough to grow your traffic.

To grow your traffic from handy visits a day to hundreds or even thousands of daily readers, you have to build quality backlinks.

Links are votes from other websites. When you get powerful, contextual, relevant links, Google notices and boost your pages in the SERP results.

And don’t worry if you find link building challenging. You can check this guide to learn how to get started and how to scale your campaigns.

12. Encourage Social Sharing

Social buttons exist for a reason.

They allow your visitors to share your content on different social media platforms. And that can bring you an additional free traffic and grow your site. 

So include social share buttons on all your posts and pages. Also, don’t shy away from asking people to share your content if they found it useful.

13. Use an Editorial Calendar to Grow Your Site’s Size

If you’re not using a content calendar yet, chances are you’re not fully prepared to boost the growth of your blog.

A content calendar is a unique tool because it keeps your content production schedule organized. You know what to write and when to publish.

This can go a long way to grow your website.

14. Build a Brand Presence on Question and Answer Sites

People visit sites like Quora and Reddit every day. And they do so to get the best answers to their most burning questions.

Such platforms are great for driving targeted traffic to your site. So go sign up on Q&A sites and start building a brand presence today.

You can take this even further by participating in other online communities (forums) in your niche. You’ll be surprised to see just how many people are interested in consuming your content.

15. Target Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are good for fairly new websites. They have low competition and, to an extent, they tend to be underserved.

Create and publish content around these keywords to grow your traffic. Click here to learn how to find low competition, long-tail keywords.

16. Leverage Pinterest Traffic

You can send targeted visitors to your blog by leveraging free traffic from Pinterest

Keep in mind that this method requires you to invest your into creating boards and pins and building a following.

If done right, Pinterest can set you hundreds of visitors to your blog every month; hence contribute to growing your blog.

17. Consider Content Upgrades

If you have hundreds of posts on your blog, chances are of them are already decaying and losing traffic.

You can claim back your traffic by updating your content, a process known as content upgrades.


With over a dozen ways to grow your site’s traffic covered in this guide, it should be easy for you to get started with promoting your website.

So start promoting and growing your blog traffic early. And as you start, keep in mind that consistency is the most important rule to observe if you must succeed as a blogger.

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