Decluttr Review: Make Money Selling Off Used Items

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on February 8, 2021  

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Do you have a collection of used DVD sets collecting dust around the house? Still have those old school, ten or so year-old phones that you won’t even need taking up extra space on your TV stand? 

What about that box of outdated electronic gadgets that you no longer use? And what are you still doing with that collection of comic and/or romance novels that you’ve already read and don’t have the psych to re-read anymore?

If you’re anything like me, you probably have so many items than you even need. And if they’re taking up space unnecessarily, chances are you have a digital clutter problem that you had better solve right now. 

The question is:

How do you get rid of used items that you no longer need without losing their worth? 

The answer is simple:

You should consider selling them on Decluttr, and make some quick cash that you can use to buy items that you really need.

But what is Decluttr, how does it work, and can it really help you sell off tech and gadgets that you no longer need?

In this review, I’ll answer these questions and many more. My goal is to help you determine whether Decluttr is the right platform to sell used tech and gadgets. 

I’ll also show you how to use the platform, step-by-step. 

So let’s get to it, starting with exactly what Decluttr is.

What is Decluttr?

Decluttr has been around for years, and it’s one of the most trusted platforms that makes selling of used, unwanted items easy. Think of it like a marketplace that simplifies the process of selling items that you’re no longer interested in using. 

There’s a caveat to it, though:

In other words, Decluttr is not just a platform to sell anything you no longer need hanging around the house. It only lets you sell selected electronic items such as video games, game consoles, DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays,  books, LEGO toys, smartwatches, smartphones, and wearable. 

In short, if you own items that fall mostly in the technology and entertainment category, and you no longer need them but feel someone out there may find useful, then Decluttr would be the best place to sell them.  

How Does Decluttr Work? 

When it comes to using an online platform for anything, I tend to consider systems that are straightforward and easy to use. And I know I’m not the only one, because who wants to spend a lot of time on a website they can’t figure out? 

Decluttr isn’t hard to figure out, and, in my opinion, it’s one of the easiest platforms that you can use to sell used items that you no longer need. 

Here’s how to use it, step-by-step: 

Step #1: Signup for an account 

First, create a new user account if you don’t already have one. You can go to the signup page here or use their mobile apps to do the same.  

Setting up an account shouldn’t take you long. You’ll spend around five minutes on this and then you’re good to go thereafter.  

Step #2: List the Name of Your Item(s) 

The next step is to list the name of the item(s) that you’d like to sell on Decluttr. To do this, look for a barcode at the back of the item(s) and enter it on the Decluttr – this work for books, video games, CDs, and DVDs. 

If you’re selling logos, just enter its weight. If want to sell a gadget, such as an iPhone, enter the description of the product and mention its current condition. 

This process is important because Decluttr will use it to give you the basic price of the item(s) you’d like to sell. 

From what I understand, there’s no such thing as a fixed price on items on Decluttr. Cost tends to vary depending on the current demand and sometimes the popularity of the product in question. 

At this stage, your item can either be accepted or rejected. Decluttr accepts your product if you get a price quote returned and a warning message will pop up if they can’t accept the item. 

Step #3: Complete Your Order 

With items you want to sell now captured in the system, you now have to complete your order by doing a few things. 

First, choose how you’d like to receive your payment from Decluttr. The options available include mailed check, PayPal, and direct deposit. 

I prefer PayPal and direct deposit because these methods ensure you get your money almost instantly. Checks aren’t bad, but they’re only viable if you can wait for 5 to 7 days to cash out. 

Next, choose an option to receive your Decluttr Welcome Pack. The Welcome Pack is a document that lists the items you want to sell, plus instructions on how to ship them to Decluttr. 

I won’t go through what’s in the Welcome Pack in this review because you can read that in the email they send you. Only remember that every box that has the items you want to ship must have the shipping label, which comes in the Welcome Pack. 

Step #4: Ship Your Items

You’re now a few steps closer to selling off the items you don’t need to a company that can help you dispose them to the people that need them the most. Now you have to ship your items to Decluttr. 

Make sure you package your products appropriately, making sure they fit in the box that you’d like to use for shipping. Only the labels provided by Decluttr in the Welcome Pack should be on the box, so remove any other label from the box to avoid confusion. 

Once your items are secure in the box and you’ve labeled it properly, ship to Decluttr from a UPS shipping location. 

Step #5: Wait 

You’ve collected all the items you want to sell. You’ve packed them in a box, added the label from the Welcome Pack, and shipped them to Decluttr from a UPS location. 

Now what? 

All you have to do is wait. 

From my experience selling off some books that I felt were too outdated for me to read again, it takes between 6 and 12 days for a package to get to Decluttr. 

But waiting doesn’t stop after Decluttr receives your package. You need to give them even more time to assess the quality of the items, as they want only the best items worth reselling. 

I can’t guarantee you that Decluttr will accept all your items after evaluation because that’s subject to their evaluation criteria. But I’m sure that as long as your items are in good condition, Decluttr will deem them sellable and therefore compensate you for it. 

How Much Can You Make on Decluttr hat Can You Sell on Decluttr? 

I didn’t really expect much from Decluttr when I sold them used books, and that was, and is, something normal to me. After all, I really didn’t expect much owing to the fact that I had already read the books and they were only collecting dust in my at-home bookshelf. 

My point is this: 

You won’t make a lot of money selling off used items on Decluttr. But the amount of money you earn will be better than having nothing at all. 

After all, secondhand items that you no longer use aren’t worth lying around the house. So it won’t hurt if you sell them for a few bucks. 

How Much Does Decluttr Charge?

One of the things I love about Decluttr is that the business doesn’t charge you to use their platform. Furthermore, they don’t charge you shipping fees to use their USP shipping, which is why it’s a good platform to use if you want to sell used items without spending money. 

There’s, however, a caveat to using Decluttr. If you want to get the most out of this platform, your items must be in damn good condition. 

Here’s why: 

As soon as your shipment arrives at Decluttr, they’ll inspect the items to determine if they’re to their quality standards. If they find the items realistically unsellable, they’ll dispose them and not you a dime.


You’re taking a big risk here. So unless you’re confident that the used items you want to sell are up to the standard, you may want to keep them instead of shipping them to Decluttr. 

Decluttr may not mark some of your unsellable items for recycle even if they’re not in good shape. If this is the case, the company will contact you and give you a revised offer. 

If you accept the revised offer, the company will pay you and keep the item, but if you reject the offer, they’ll have the item sent back to you – because it’s not fit for recycling. Since these are items you don’t want to keep, it would be best if you consider the revised price for the item.  

Is Decluttr Legit? 

If you’ve been reading my posts on Dollar Berg for a while now, you’ll notice that is that I question the legitimacy of every product or service that I review. After all, I don’t want to waste my time – or money – on a website that won’t return the value, and neither should you. 

Fortunately, Decluttr, a company that has been in business since 2014, is a 100% legit and reliable platform that professional buyers and sellers use to exchange used items for cash with zero chances of being ripped off. 

If you look at Decluttr on Trust Pilot, you’ll notice that it’s a well-rated platform, which makes it a trustworthy website to use if you want to sell used items online and actually get paid for it. And besides, Decluttr wouldn’t have had successfully sold over $300 million of goods to more than 4 million customers if it weren’t legit and reliable. 

The Pros of Using Decluttr

Easy to Use 

When I want to sell of an item that I no longer want to own, I want to do that fast. I don’t want to read in-depth user manual to know how to use a website – I just want things to be quick. 

Thankfully, Decluttr makes things easy for those of us, like myself, who want a sales process to be quick. Being among the first platforms I used to sell used DVDs and old novels, I can confidently say that it takes under 10 minutes to place a listing on the platform – and you’re good to go after that. 

Bulk Selling 

If you’ve ever wanted to sell used items in bulk but never found a reliable platform that allows you do to do so, you should try Decluttr. 

Free Shipping 

Decluttr doesn’t charge you shipping fees, no matter the number of items you’d like to sell off. Even your prospect won’t incur any additional fee except for that which the item costs. 

Guaranteed Payments 

As long as your items are in good condition, Decluttr will pay you for them. 

You can get paid to your PayPal account, through direct deposit, or via check. 

Expect for PayPal, with which give you access to your payment in the shortest time possible, payments made via check and direct deposit payments will take time to reach you. 

The Cons of Using Decluttr

Lower Payouts 

I personally agree that Decluttr is a good website for business. But it isn’t exactly a platform that sends you a decent payout for all items. 

Some items will automatically attract lower payouts even if you sell them in bulk. And it’s unfortunate that you can’t quote your own price for the items that you’d like to sell. 

So if you’re looking to sell off all your items at what you’d consider high price, you should look elsewhere.  


Overall, Decluttr is a legit and reliable website that you can use to sell items that you no longer need. So instead of burning that old book, giving away your CDs and DVDs for free, or throwing away outdated electronics just like that, consider selling them to Decluttr for money. 

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