10 Data Collection Apps That Pay for Your Information

Last updated on December 7, 2020

data collection apps that pay

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Whether you know it or not, many of the websites that you visit collect your data. They utilize this information in different processes for their marketing. 

If you give away this information for free, why not turn this around and get paid for your information? There are a number of apps that have come up that do this. 

There are several ways you can make money from the data collection apps. One, just install an app and allow it to collect the data. Secondly, you can fill surveys and forms.

Don’t fret if you don’t like to share all of your data. You can choose which info to share. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 data collection apps that pay for your information.

Let’s dive in;

1. DataWallet

It’s an application made by Engel that allows you to choose the information you want to share. Personal information such as your name and contact details are usually removed to eliminate the chance of being identified. 

Once the information you give is collected, it’s combined with data from the other users. It is then used to create reports and can be sold to companies.

Aside from the ability to remain anonymous, another advantage of Datawallet is that you get all the information regarding how your data is used. 

Depending on the amount of data you share, you can earn $10 for a single report created that includes your data. The payments are made after every two months.

To get started, head over to your app store and download it. The next step is to select what data you want to share and connect your socials.

The more accounts you connect, the higher your earnings. It’s important to know that there’s a limit to being part of Datawallet. Only 1000 users can join the app per month. 

To increase your chances of being accepted, join early, and share the app with as many people as you can.

2. Panel App

This is a data collection application that pays in points. Unlike most, this only tracks your location. All you need to do is, download the app and switch on your internet and GPS location.

You may also need to fill in basic information such as your gender, age, income, and other related demographic data. Like Datawallet, you’re able to choose which info to share.

This data collected is then combined with other people’s data and is sold. Most of this data collected is used in researching the trends of a population.

So, how do you earn from the App?

Panel App rewards using a point system that involves giving sweepstakes and guaranteed rewards. Sweepstakes give an opportunity to win Amazon gift cards. 

On the other hand, with guaranteed rewards, you exchange the points earned with the gift card. Gifts from the sweepstake take 2 weeks to get to you while the rewards are emailed the preceding Monday.

You start earning points as soon as verification of your account goes through. Remember, it works in the background as long as your GPS is on.  

Sometimes, you can also get more rewards by referring other people to join the app or by filing surveys that are occasionally sent to you. 

3. Cocoon MDR

The App is owned by Virtual World Computing LLC. Cocoon My Data Rewards (MDR) collects behavioral data anonymously. 

What you need to do is head over to your app store, install the application, and create an account for free. 

The app collects your data as you go about your activities. Whether you are shopping, going to school, or work, it records this without taking note of specific details that might expose you. 

It only collects geolocation data. You’re able to easily stop sharing by setting the data sharing feature off. This gives you control. 

There’s also a Desktop version of the app that enables earning by sharing your browsing data.

This isn’t available on the mobile app but is soon rolling out. It gives an opportunity to earn by sharing in a number of ways. 

Payment is in cash which you are able to transfer to your PayPal account without providing any bank information.

The amount is automatically transferred to PayPal once you reach the minimum threshold which is $5.

4. Wibson

Wibson is a data marketplace that is part of the European Union project called PimCity. Started in the year 2018, it aims to help users monetize their data. It also aids in controlling who has to keep your data.

The app collects both location data and info from connecting to your social platforms such as Facebook. 

The mode of earning is by accumulating Wibson points. You get the points after accomplishing certain actions. For example, you earn 15 points when you give the app access to your location.

With the Wibson points, you have the option to redeem Uber credits, a premium Spotify account or get Visa gift cards.

Once this data is collected, it’s sold to the company’s partners who use it in campaigns and research. 

5. Honeygain

This application once installed, collects data on your web usage. You need to be connected to the internet.

And since the app utilizes your mobile data, we recommend keeping track of this or using Wi-fi to avoid depleting it fast. 

Honeygain then offers proxy services to companies and businesses that act as the third parties.

You can easily download Honeygain on Android, Ios devices, and Windows. The great thing about using this app is that you can download it on more than one device. 

There’s a limit of up to 2 devices and you are able to earn from data collected from all. The amount of money you make is estimated by the total GB of the traffic you share.

On average, people have reported earning $19 to $25 a month. The traffic that is sent to your devices is what largely affects the earnings.

From their website, they state that what influences your traffic flow is your location, network speed, and the number of IP addresses.

You can also earn by referring users to the app. You’ll get 10% of the earnings of your referrals. 

6. National Consumer Panel

There are 3 main ways to earn some money from this app. The main is by letting the app collect information on the purchases you make. 

It’s able to collect from the downloaded app or via a provided scanner. You simply scan the barcode on the items you purchase and earn points.

The points are then redeemed in the form of sweepstake entries or gifts. There’s a gift catalog by the National Consumer Panel available. 

The other way to earn through the NCP app is by taking part in the surveys or special studies conducted.

7. Upvoice

You often see a number of ads while browsing through social media and e-commerce sites. Well, Upvoice gives you the opportunity to earn from those ads.

Once you register, you’re deemed as a panel member that helps brands make decisions on their marketing. 

You sign up with Facebook. Your Facebook profile needs to be active to join, it’s a simple click process.

To join the platform, you need to be 18 years old and above. And, it only accepts residents of the United States.

Unfortunately, the majority of people are locked out here. Once you’re accepted to the platform, you can add the app extension on chrome for tracking on your desktop. 

The app keeps track of the ads that come your way when your visiting sites such as Amazon, YouTube. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

What’s more, when signing up, you’re able to get tokens or cash that you can redeem when you hit the minimum threshold of 600 tokens equivalent to $10.

When browsing, you earn 10 tokens a day when you visit the previously mentioned sites. There are also bonus tokens when you achieve milestones as a panel user. 

Additional ways to earn tokens is through answering surveys and the referral program. You get 300 tokens for every person you refer.

This translates to about $5. Once the people you refer hit 100 tokens, you earn a bonus of 300 tokens!

You can refer to a maximum of 20 users. The tokens can be redeemed for gift cards that can be used at a number of stores-Target, Adidas, Best Buy, iTunes, and Spotify.  

You can check out for more stores to redeem on their site. The list is extensive.

8. Mobilo 

Mobilo, developed by Dolphin Technologies, is a unique app that pays to keep you safe. This is because it gives you a reward for keeping off your phone when driving. 

When at a speed of more than 12 miles per hour continuously for 2 minutes, it detects this and starts tracking.

If for some reason you start using your phone, a point is deducted.

When you’re using your phone for navigation, music, or podcasts, fix it in a stable position such as a cradle to minimize movement which might be interpreted as phone use.  

You earn a point for every minute you don’t make use of the phone. To use this app, download and activate the GPS on your phone. 

The points you earn are exchanged for Mobilio, a new cryptocurrency. This currency is minted by drivers who use the app and have proven to drive distraction-free. 

It will soon be possible to use the Mobilio currency in the app’s marketplace. You’ll be able to pay for services and products sold by the participants of the marketplace. 

This application is available for Android and Apple smartphone users. 

9. Permission.io

It’s a platform that gives users the opportunity to share their profile data and watch advertiser’s content to earn points.

The users get paid directly by the advertisers to watch their ads. The data that you share when you join the application is stored under a private key under your care.

This is what gives you the opportunity to choose which advertiser will get access to your data. The data shared is anonymous- no one will know who you are. 

For payment, the platform offers to ASK, a form of bitcoin currency. You’re also given a crypto wallet. This is what facilitates the conversion of the ASK to the currency you prefer.

It’s important to know that the advertisers target specific users that resonate with their content. You may not always have ads to view and get paid. 

10. FusionCash

The last app on our list is FusionCash. Once you register, you get paid $5 for the registration and confirming your details.

There’s also a survey that you’re required to complete for the $5 payment to go through. Aside from this, there are a number of other ways to make money from the app. 

You can sign up for offers available, refer other users, post on forums, and following on social media platforms. 

The amount that you can earn varies depending on the complexity. However, you can make withdrawals using PayPal, check, or bank deposit. 

How to Qualify for Payment

It’s important to know that not all data that you try to sell will attract a payment. Some data is deemed more valuable compared to others.

The majority of the data that sells is that which gives information on user behavior. If you’re active on the web, the higher the likelihood to make cash selling your data. 

Being active on the web entails;

-Having several active social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

-Making use of the GPS system

Wrapping Up

You’re able to make money using data collection apps. There are a number of apps available to choose from.

The apps vary with the data they collect, mode of use, and payment. The majority of all the data apps provide anonymity- your identity is protected. 

Some of the apps give you the freedom to choose the companies that make use of your data. 

Finally, the money that you earn from the data collection apps that pay for your information is not enough as a single source of income.

However, it provides a bit of surplus that may go a long way in easing your way of life. 

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