17 College Students Jobs Hiring Now

Last updated on April 11, 2021

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Having a job while in college, although challenging, eases financial strain. The majority of college students seek out jobs while still in school. 

You may seek out a part-time or full-time job depending on the time you have available.

It is also dependent on the goal. The bracket of those who work includes both high- and low-income students.

According to Center of education and the Workforce, 8 out of every 10 college students have a job. Aside from an additional income, there are other benefits of working as a college student.

You learn other skills such as time management, get to increase your network, and gain professional skills.

College students’ jobs hiring are plenty, all you need to identify is where to seek them out.

1. Sales & Marketing

It entails facilitating the sale of products and services of a business. The position gives you the opportunity to formulate sales strategies.

Sales and marketing job also involves interacting with clients. You answer questions they may have, fulfill orders, and handle any complaints.

The job plays a crucial part in any business as it determines the revenues.

The sales and marketing job is for you if you love engaging with people and can convince them to buy products and services.

It may also be a good fit if you’re able to use online platforms to market. This can be in form of sales letters, email marketing, and digital marketing in general. 

The specific role you take on depends on how the company/business conducts its marketing. This job is great for college students because of its flexibility in terms of time.

You’ll be able to work and tend to school work. It also has the potential to provide a reliable income.

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant specializes in offering services to business owners as a self-employed individual from a remote location. 

It gives you the freedom to work from the comfort of your room. The virtual assistant services vary widely. 

Some of the services include; administrative work such as setting appointments and handling emails to specialized services like bookkeeping, graphic design, and customer service. 

You can be paid hourly or negotiate a monthly retainer depending on the tasks you handle and the time you spend doing them.

Amazing platforms to find virtual assistant jobs include; Upwork, Remote.co, and People Per Hour.

3. Tutor

It’s another great job for a college student especially if you scored highly on your SAT or are a whiz when it comes to certain subjects. 

You’ll find a number of opportunities to tutor grade and high school students. You can also extend this to your college mates if they are struggling in aspects you are great at.

Another way to become a tutor is by using online websites that hire tutors such as StudyGate and Preply. Most specialize in specific areas of tutoring such as languages and math. 

4. Bank Teller

When your schedule as a college student is flexible, a bank teller job provides a good opportunity. This is especially so if your course is related to accounting, finance, marketing, and business. 

It’s not only limited to these individuals, it’s only more advantageous as it spruces up your chances of entering the job market once you graduate. 

The main duties of a bank teller include; handling money from customers and account services. It pays well to work as a bank teller although the rate varies from bank to bank.  

5. Bartender

A bartending job favors students who prefer a fast-paced working environment with an atmosphere of entertainment. 

The job entails preparing and serving alcoholic beverages to customers on order. Additional duties may involve verifying customer age for compliance, receiving payments, and cleaning of bar utensils.

You may also need to keep a record of sales for stock keeping. A bartending job is flexible and provides an opportunity for extra income through tips. 

One may end up reaping more cash, especially during holiday periods. It may at times provide an avenue for building networks. 

To work as a bartender, you need to be above the age of 21 years. The age does vary with each state, so check on this before making an application. 

6. Call Center Representative

With this position, you’ll be the first point of contact with clients who call the company. The main duty is to answer the calls and offer assistance. 

You’re also responsible for redirecting calls from the customers to a representative who can offer assistance if you’re not in a position to. 

To maintain this position, it needs friendliness, and ability to speak clearly, patience, and a bit of tech-savvy. 

The aim of a call representative position in the company or business is to keep the customers satisfied and happy. A call center representative is paid hourly and the job is flexible. 

7. Barista

For a coffee lover, working as a barista as a college student is it. The job entails brewing and preparing coffee specialty drinks. 

You can find work as a barista in any establishment that serves coffee. This can be a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or bookstore. 

Aside from handling matters coffee, the job might also involve running the cash register, stock taking, and general maintenance of the establishment. 

Becoming a barista does not need any specialization. Most businesses offer training before you commence work. It might be basic or specialized training depending on the company.

8. Receptionist

It’s among college students job hiring opportunities that are available in most companies. A receptionist is responsible for welcoming visitors to the business premises. 

They are the first point of interaction by the customer. The position requires guiding the visitors to the appropriate office while answering any queries. 

It’s also the responsibility of the receptionist to communicate to staff about visitor’s arrival. The specific duties may vary from one office to the other.

There are some receptionist positions that require administrative tasks handled. Desk receptionists may also tackle security and handling deliveries. 

9. Brand Ambassador

This is a job that is becoming increasingly popular with college students. It’s a great job that adds a sizeable amount to your income. 

A brand ambassador acts as the face of a company. They publicly influence a group or community to use the services or products of the said company.

Their duty is to educate people about the company and increase the brand’s awareness. Brand ambassadors have come up to take up the traditional roles of brand managers. 

What do you need to be a brand ambassador? The key aspect is the ability to influence the decision of a following. 

This might be through different social media platforms or physical engagement. The role requires the use of products or services of the brand and encourage others to follow suit.

To become a brand ambassador, you need to show what value you bring. It’s recommended to engage brands you resonate with for it to be more natural.

A simplified version of an ambassador is a person who promotes products or brands at events, premises, and online platforms.

You can start out by adorning the brand apparel or handing out fliers to influencing through YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

There’s a potential to make a good amount of money as you’re not limited to work with one company. You can also take up other jobs mentioned on this list. 

10. Bookkeeper

Every business needs to keep track of their financial transactions. This is where a bookkeeper comes in. 

With this position, you keep a record of all financial transactions (debit and credit accounts) and finally come up with financial statements. 

The statements give the business an idea of their performance and help them identify areas that need improvement. 

To be a bookkeeper, you need to be familiar with accounting. There are several programs that you’re required to use to accurately keep track.

You can utilize Google Sheets and other bookkeeping software such as QuickBooks. You also need to be organized, have a way with numbers, and attention to detail.  

11. Fitness Trainer

You may choose to become a fitness trainer or instructor if you enjoy fitness, keeping fit, and healthy. The role entails offering guidance on exercise routines and wellness plans.

They can be for individuals or groups and they depend on their specific needs. You’re also responsible for leading the exercises and offering words of motivation. 

As a fitness instructor, you can work for a gym or training studio. Depending on your school and work schedule, you’re able to also take on personal clients.  

12. LifeGuard

During summer, you’re able to work as a lifeguard in hotels, swimming centers, and beaches. Your responsibility is to keep an eye on swimmers and people around the pool. 

 When watching them, ensure that the regulations are enforced together with the safety policies to ensure no injuries take place.

If and when an emergency occurs, you’re required to quickly attend to it to prevent the loss of life. In order to land a lifeguard job, there are a few requirements.

One, the ability to swim proficiently. You also need to be certified by the Red Cross. This is majorly for certification in the US.

You can also find other certification programs depending on your location.

13. Tour Guide 

College students’ jobs hiring includes tour guides for long and short day trips. The responsibility of a tour guide is to escort assigned visitors around a particular area. 

The task is to take the visitors around popular attractions, educate and aid in them enjoying their visit. 

The task as a tour guide can be exciting as you get to explore different areas and learn in the process. Aside from the visits, you interact with a lot of people- both nationals and foreigners looking to explore. 

To successfully tackle your tasks as a tour guide, you need to be healthy, friendly, knowledgeable, and well-spoken.

14. Web Designer

If you’re creative and tech-savvy, taking up web design can work hand in hand with college. This can be a rewarding part-time job.

It entails planning and creating websites and pages to rely on information in form of text, images, and videos. 

Being a web designer requires expertise as some tasks need the use of coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP.

You may choose to work for an organization or go at it as a freelancer. In both circumstances, you’ll find plenty of tasks that earn good money. 

Many business owners and organizations are looking to position themselves online, increasing the opportunity. 

To stand out from the competition, diversify your skills to enable you to create a number of website designs. 

15. Nursing Assistant

An opportunity in the healthcare industry for college students is as a nursing assistant or home health aide. 

You provide support to sick people that need care and can’t access it in a hospital setting. 

As a nursing assistant, you work under a registered nurse and give updates for appropriate action and guidance. 

It does not require a certificate, but you need training on basic first aid tactics to handle any emergencies. 

Specific tasks that the job as an aide entails may include; feeding, taking patients to appointments, cleaning, and light meal preparation. 

16. Writer

With the ability to construct coherent sentences that convey information, you can take up writing. It’s a flexible task that you can tackle as a contractor.

There are several forms of writing you can engage in depending on your interests. There are also a number of niches you can specialize in to match your know-how. 

You can also opt to write your own books, short stories, and sell on platforms such as Amazon Kindle. The key is to identify the best strategy for you and implement it. 

17. IT Specialist

As an IT specialist, you ensure that the systems of an organization run at par and any errors are promptly handled. 

You tackle all hardware and software. You’re able to work with all departments and sections of the company to ensure all systems run smoothly.

This may give you an opportunity to learn other aspects of the company while building networks that might come in handy after graduation. 


College student jobs hiring provide an excellent chance to make additional income. The jobs also enable you to learn skills that may come in handy later on.  

Before setting out to look for a job while in college, there are a few things you need to establish.

The first being your schedule to determine whether to commit to a part-time or full-time position. Other considerations are your interests and income goal.

It works better if you can find a job that closely relates to your skills and area of study. 

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