30 Best Online Proofreading Jobs

Last updated on July 13, 2021

The Best Proofreading Quiz to Test Your Skills

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Do you have sharp eyes that can spot errors in a text document? Are you passionate about editing copies so that they read better than the original document? Or maybe you cringe when you see words, phrases, or paragraphs that are grammatically incorrect? 

If your answer to all these questions is a bold YES, you should consider becoming a proofreader.  

Proofreading isn’t some kind of online hustles that you do to make pennies on the side. Unlike completing surveys or taking advantage of cashback offers, proofreading can make you a ton of money every month, provided you dedicate your time to the job. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the definition of proofreading, highlight some requirements for the job, shed some light on average income expectations, and then give you a list of up to 35 online proofreading jobs that you can do right from the comfort of your home. 

Let’s get started. 

What’s Proofreading?  

Proofreading is a type of online job that focuses on identifying and fixing spelling and grammatical errors in a piece of text. The text can be a standard blog post, a sales copy, eBooks, web content, a landing page document, or an academic paper. 

Proofreading doesn’t always involve rephrasing sentences or restricting the section of a piece of content, although it may be a requirement in some cases. 

Requirements for Online Proofreading Jobs 

When it comes to the requirements, proofreading doesn’t demand so much from you other than strong reading and editing skills. If your grammar is up to the standard and your spelling skills are above average, you can start making money right away. 

However, this proofreading is something you want to pursue long-term, you’re going to have to rack up some skills and experience to become good at it. 

A good way to sharpen your editing skills, even if you’re new to this kind of online business, is to invest your time and resources.

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How Much Can You Earn as a Proofreader?

Unlike freelance and copywriting, proofreading isn’t going to make you a lot of money per se. And that’s completely fine because the job isn’t time or resource intense. 

As with every online job that newbie and pros take, how much you make editing content will depend on: 

  • Whether your potential client is willing to pay per project, per page, per word, or hourly 
  • The rate you set for the editing service if you’re selling your own gigs, with many options that I’ve seen not being less than $10 an hour 
  • How many clients you work for – and  how often 

I should say that as long as you’re good at proofreading, you should be able to build a substantial client base from which you can earn a decent income working from the comfort of your home. 

Research published by Zip Recruiter shows that, on average, a professional proofreader can earn up to $51,000 per year, which isn’t a bad income. 

As you can see, the income potential isn’t that bad. And given that you’re working from home, based on your own schedule, and for as many clients as you’d like, there’s no cap to how much money you can make. 

3O Freelance Proofreading Jobs And Companies

Given its impressive income potential and the ever-growing demand for proofreaders who can easily spot spelling and grammatical errors in a text and fix them, there’s a lot of money to make every month. 

Below are 35 online proofreading jobs offers or websites, which you can start using right now to make money as an editor: 

1. LinkedIn 

People don’t think of LinkedIn as a platform to find proofreading jobs, and that’s so only until you begin to dig deeper. 

You see, LinkedIn is a pure goldmine for different types of online projects and offline jobs. That why it’s a good place to start if you’re serious about working with professionals who’re interested in proofreaders. 

Landing a good number of clients on LinkedIn will take several trials. But the moment you begin to gain traction and build relationships, you just may be on your way to building a long-term proofreading career.  

2. Upwork 

Formerly Elance, Upwork has grown into a massive marketplace fully packed with clients and freelancers from all over the world. With many editing jobs on this platform, it’s hard to run out of job offers if you have what it takes to impress clients. 

3. Lionbridge 

It may not be as popular as Upwork, but Lionbridge remains a great place to find proofreading jobs online. 

You’ll sign up for an account as you normally would on any standard job site. You’ll then have to complete a skills evaluation.  

If you pass the quality assessment test, you’ll get access to the job board where you can pick, complete assignments, and get paid. 

4. Media Bistro 

You may not have heard of Media Bistro until today. It’s also a decent job board worth checking out, more so because it has dozens of listings on proofreading work. 

You’ll have to do some bit of digging to get some decent offers from this platform. The best part is that it allows you to create custom job alerts, so you can get notifications related to proofreading jobs when they become available. 

5. Fiverr 

Known for its $5 gigs and filled with newbies and pros in different fields from the world over, Fiverr doesn’t need a formal introduction anymore. 

This marketplace allows you to create proofreading gigs and sell them at whatever rate, with $5 being the minimum service fee.  

To do well on Fiverr, create a portfolio that stands out and promises what you can deliver. You may not make a lot of money for the first few months, but if you offer quality service, I don’t see why it would be difficult to build traction. 

6. Proofreading Pal 

Proofreading Pal is a platform of its own kind. Instead of hiring just anyone who can proofread, the company hires individuals in colleges and experienced graduates. 

So if you’re still in college and you’d like to make some money on the side, Proofreading Pal may be the best platform for you. 

7. Get Editing Jobs 

The Get Editing Jobs is one of the best online communities and job boards to join if you’re serious about working online. Specifically, it’s a good platform to use if you’re searching for proofreading jobs to do remotely. 

8. Proof Reading Services 

Are you looking for a full-time proofreading job? Maybe you have another full-time job and you would like to do proofreading on a part-time basis? Proof Reading Services may have an opportunity for you. 

What I love about this platform is its decent earning potential. You can earn up to $46 an hour just by editing documents. 

9. FlexJobs 

I use FlexJobs when I want to make some quick cash on the side, and I must admit that it’s a good place to find work. 

There are many clients searching for creative and skilled proofreaders on the platform. So if you feel like you’re a good fit and ready to take on your first editing job, this is a good place to start. 

10. Click Worker 

It takes more than just a passion for reading to become a Click Worker. You must have solid language and editing skills to join. 

To determine if you’re fit for the platform, Click Worker will request you to complete a grammatical test to assess your skills and ability to work as a proofreader. You get access to the job board if you pass the test. 

11. Readsy 

Readsy is the only marketplace that connects proofreaders with authors. The system uses data magic science technology to connect you with clients that are a good fit. 

You’ll receive proofreading requests from potential customers. You can respond with quotes, make a deal, and get the job done.  

12. Polished Papers 

Polished Papers isn’t a platform for beginners. So you must have at least worked as an editor and gained experience over time if you want to work with them. 

The advantage of working with Polished Papers is their higher pay scale, which makes them the ideal site to consider if you want to make more money.  

13. Writing Jobz 

With Writing Jobz, it’s easy to apply for proofreading jobs based on your schedule as well as your level of experience. 

Even more interesting about this platform is that it has different types of editing, including proofreading academic writing assignments. 

14. Writer’s Relief 

One of the oldest platforms on the internet, Writer’s Relief lets you proofread content written by creative writers. They do accept only a limited number of applicants, so give it a shot and try your luck. 

15. EditFast  

If you’re looking for a platform that connects beginners and professional proofreaders with potential clients, try EditFast

Sign up for a free account and complete your profile by uploading your resume. Clients can check your profile and hire you if you’re a good fit for them. 

16. Domainite 

While Domainite doesn’t pay well for its proofreading jobs, it’s a useful platform for beginners who want to start making money on the side. You’ll earn as you gain editing experience.  

17. R3Ciprocity 

The R3Ciprocity is a unique proofreading model where contributors edit each other’s work and earn credit. You can take the credit you earn and convert it into cash. 

18. Writer’s Job Shop 

Perhaps the very best thing about Writer’s Job Shop is the constant stream of work that it has. So if you’re looking for a full-time proofreading job that you can do from home, you should try this platform. 

19. Guru 

Guru is one of the oldest marketplaces online and a good place to find proofreading jobs. 

There isn’t much required to get started with this platform. All you have to do is to create a good portfolio and then find and apply for proofreading jobs that match your skills, your experience, and your schedule. 

20. OneSpace Freelancers 

OneSpace Freelancers platform claims to provide the steady work that you need to build a flexible lifestyle, and it’s one of the right places to find proofreading jobs. Note that the site administration will post-editing jobs as soon as they’re available. 

21. Freelancer 

Freelancer is a marketplace as huge as Upwork and Fiverr. Create a free account, browse available proofreading jobs, send proposals to prospects, and see if you win jobs. 

22. Scribe Media 

Scribe Media doesn’t have a constant flow of proofreading jobs. Even then, it’s still a good platform where you can get such jobs provided you create a job alert. 

23. Cactus Communications 

Cactus Communications offers full-time as well as freelance jobs for alt text editors, specialist editors, and regulatory editors. Their requirement is that you must have a degree in the subject whose content you wish to edit. 

24. Scribbr 

Scribbr is a huge education platform that’s always in need of proofreaders. They’ll first need to test your language and editing skills before they can hire you. 

25. Wordvice 

You’ll love Wordvice because it’s all about writing and editing. And that means you can easily find some well-paying proofreading jobs on the platform. 

26. Wordfirm Inc. 

If you’d like to work with a company that provides publication and editing services to clients, you may want to join Wordfirm Inc. The application process is somewhat lengthy, so make sure you schedule enough time for it. 

27. Gramlee 

Gramlee is one of the websites that’s in need of proofreaders. So if you want to make some money on the side, click here to check them out

28. America Journal Experts 

If you’ve advanced your writing and editing skills already, it would be best to work for a business such as the America Journal Experts. All the job openings are remote, so you can work from the comfort of your home. 

29. Edit911 

Do you have a PHD in English? And are you looking forward to working as an editor with a company that offers professional proofreading services to a wide range of clients? You should consider joining the Edit911 platform. 

30. Start Your Own Proofreading Business 

All it takes to start your own proofreading business is a website and some marketing skills. You don’t even need to hire a developer to set up the site for you as WordPress makes it easy for you to create a website without having to code.  


With all the above options available with just a click of a button, it should be easy to find the best proofreading job that matches your level of experience, your skills, and your schedule. 

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