30+ Best Fashion Blogs Examples In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on June 16, 2022  
Best Fashion Blog Examples

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Would you like to start a blog in the fashion niche but have no idea where to find topic ideas or inspiration? I’ve put together a list of 30+ best fashion blog examples for ideas and inspiration.

These examples can help you to:

  • Find queries to target by category
  • Expand your content ideas by adding more relevant topic to your content sheet
  • Develop a content production calendar
  • Structure your blog the right way 

Whether you’re currently setting up your blog or you’ve already started publishing, here are the best beauty blog examples to look at:

1. The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni is one of the top fashion blogs with more than a decade’s worth of content. Looking at this blog, it should be clear to you that fashion blogging is a journey that requires consistency and undying patience.

2. Who What Wear

When Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr launched Who What Wear in 2006, they aimed to reimagine the way women consume content and purchase things online. Fashion and beauty are the focus of this blog.  

3.Not Dressed as Lamb

Catherine Summers launched her fashion and beauty blog Not Dressed as Lamb to help others who didn't want to wear 'age appropriate'. There are many exciting patterns, colors, and designs in Catherine's wardrobe to show off her innovative and individual flair.

4. Girl With Curves

Founded in 2011 by Tanesha Awasthi, Girl With Curves is a fashion site dedicated to sharing outfits that look great on women of all body types. Through her blog posts, Tanesha empowers women across the world to feel attractive regardless of their size or shape.

5. My Fash Diary

Started by Tala, My Fash Diary is a fashion blog that spread the love of fashion to a wider audience. On the site are publications abut breathtaking gowns, exciting beachwear, and the perfect ensembles for your next night out on the town.

6. We Wore What

We Wore What is one of the first fashion blogs established in New York City to become a sensation. The blog is an example of how growth can go as far as to get you to establish and scale your very own clothing line under the same name.

7. Permanent Style

Permanent Style is a men's luxury fashion site that gets up to 600,000 monthly visitors, making it one of the most popular blogs that focuses on men’s fashion.

8. Simply Mr. T

Simply Mr. T is another men’s fashion blog run by Marco Taddei, who likes to share his love of fashion and style with others through his writings on the internet and in print publications.

9. Lizzy Hadfield

Lizzy Hadfield is a British fashion blogger, author and podcaster noted for mixing her love of fashion and photography on her blog, Shot from the Street. In order to show off all of Lizzy's clothing and accessories to their full potential, her blog features in-depth editorials with tons of gorgeous film photography.

10. Freddie Harrel

With her fashion blog and confidence classes in addition to her own ethical haircare line, Freddie Harrel is all about empowering women and promoting female empowerment.

11. Mercer 7

Erna Leon, a New York fashion designer, stylist, and creative director, is the founder of Mercer 7, one of the best fashion blog examples to look at for inspiration. The blog's most known feature is its tutorials on how to build your own capsule wardrobe, which consists of a small number of versatile pieces.

12. In the Frow

In The Frow is one of the most popular fashion blogs in the United Kingdom. In The Frow features some of the most beautiful images you’ll ever seen. It's a great source of inspiration for any reader, especially since all of the photographs are highly edited before publication.

13. Megan Ellaby

Megan Ellaby has a style that will appeal to anybody who like vibrant colors and clashing designs. Megan Ellaby is one of the most original and entertaining fashion bloggers whose work is genuinely inspiring.

15. Oracle Fox

Founded by Amanda Shadforth, Oracle Fox focuses on high-end fashion and cosmetics, and it’s the go-to source for the latest trends. If you're a fashion blogger or aspiring photographer, Oracle Fox may be a good source of inspiration for you. 

15. Guy Overboard

Guy Overboard is the go-to blog for men who want to learn how to dress better and express their individual styles. It features blog posts on recent clothes, beauty reviews, and lifestyle and shopping stories.

16. Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang has been a fashion blogger since the age of 16, and her blog and personal style offer a unique blend of current fashions and time-honored classics.

17. Zagufashion

Zagufashion covers everything you need to know about fashion, from how to buy clothes to how to style the hottest trends. 

18. Yolande Macon

Yolande Macon is a fashion blog that blends hipster street style with vibrant colors and designs. Fun, varied, and flamboyant, Yolande's style can also be quite adaptable.

19.  Wendy's Lookbook

If you are fashionista who looks forward to starting a blog on how present oneself in a refined and refined manner, you can draw some inspiration form Wendy's Lookbook.

20. Ropes of Holland

Ropes of Holland is a casual fashion blog featuring Lindsey's own personal style. If you wish to start a personal fashion blog where you share your personal experience, style, and knowledge, look at this one for inspiration.

21. A Fashion Fix

Started as a side project in 2012 by Hannah Crosskey, A Fashion Fix is a good example of how you can tur a blog from a small project into a full time job.

22. A Mother's Edit

A Mother’s Edit is a fashion blog that teaches moms how to maintain their distinctive style as mothers even after you have children.

 23. 9to5 Chic

The 9to5 Chic is the best fashion blog example for bloggers who wish to write about dressing well for the office.

24. College Fashion

College Fashion is the best fashion blog for college students. So if you’re in college and fashion is your thing, check out this blog for inspiration on starting a college fashion blog.

25. Atlantic-Pacific

Atlantic-Pacific is a fashion blog by Blair Eadie, a professional who has been working in the fashion sector well over a decade.

26. The Daileigh

Ashleigh Hutchinson, the author of The Daileigh, encourages her readers to choose their ideal wardrobe and assist women of all ages in developing personal styles that they adore.

27. Egg Canvas

Egg Canvas by Erica is a perfect example of how being attentive to details can help you create and grow a fashion blog from 0 to thousands of visitors a month.  

28. The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar is Charlotte's own style blog, which shows her own unique style with emphasis on style during and after maternity.

29. Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion is a blog that covers fashion, beauty, family, lifestyle, and travel.

30. One Dapper Street

If you're interested in fashion for men, you should check out One Dapper Street. Marcel Floruss is a German person who loves fashion and all that goes with it.


This guide is by no means an exhaustive list, but these examples are some of the best I could find in the fashion niche. Go through each and find ideas and inspiration for your own fashion blog.

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