5 Best Amazon Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

Last updated on July 12, 2021

The Best Amazon Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

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You probably know Amazon as one of the leading e-commerce sites globally, and this is true.

What you should also know is that Amazon provides online work to enable you or interested parties to make extra money.

One such kind of work is proofreading. There are many proofreading jobs that you can do and earn decent money from the comfort of your home. 

You might be wondering why Amazon needs proofreaders. 

If you have ever shopped on the platform or interacted with it, you will realize that there are products labeled best sellers.

The products that appear as best sellers have grammatically written descriptions to attract more customers.

Sellers, therefore, rely on proofreaders to write accurate product descriptions to increase their sales.

How To Gather Proofreading Skills As A Beginner 

Besides checking for grammatical errors, proofreading also entails ensuring that the intended message is brought out.

As a beginner, you might not know how to begin proofreading and delivering the expected results.

You should learn about the skill first before applying for Amazon proofreader jobs.

Luckily, there are several ways to acquire proofreading skills; you can find free online resources, articles, and even videos explaining this.

There are also comprehensive proofreading training, free workshops and courses you can enroll in. Such studies will help you avoid common mistakes beginners make in this field.

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Taking a proofreading quiz is also another great way to improve your skills.

After acquiring the necessary proofreading skills, you need to know where to find Amazon proofreading jobs.

What You Need To Get Amazon Proofreading Jobs 

Becoming a proofreader at Amazon is not a difficult thing to do.

You do not even need a lot of experience to be hired for this kind of work.

You will need to have the most basic skills of communicating, i.e., exemplary grammar and writing skills.

As a beginner, you might not have top-notch written communication skills. However, with time, you can become an excellent proofreader if you put in the work to learn.

You should also have a keen eye for small details. Your job as a proofreader involves going through written content, identifying errors, and correcting them.

You must lookout for the inappropriate use of punctuation marks, wrong spelling of words, improper sentence structures, and misuse of words.  

Time management and discipline are also necessary skills. Remember, you will mostly work virtually from the comfort of your home.

Nobody will be there to push you around to work. You must therefore be disciplined enough to finish clients’ jobs on time. 

Completing proofreading tasks based on urgency is a great way to handle your clients’ work. 

Start with the proofreading tasks that have a shorter deadline and end with those with more extended deadlines. 

Besides these skills, you need a digital gadget such as laptops or smartphones and a powerful internet connection.

Where To Find Amazon Proofreading Jobs

You can find Amazon proofreading jobs online on various sites, as discussed below.

1) Upwork 

Upwork is a popular site for freelancers who are looking for online work.

You will find several categories of jobs, including writing, proofreading, graphic design, virtual assistant, and social media management, among others. 

You can find amazing Amazon proofreading gigs on this platform, provided you know how to pitch to clients and assure them that you will provide value when they hire you.

The good thing about Upwork is that it is free to join. The only fee you pay is not more than 20% of your earnings on each job. That amount is charged due to being connected with clients and secure payment methods.

As long as you stick to the platform's rules and regulations, you will enjoy making money virtually. 

2) Fiverr


Fiverr is another leading platform for online freelancers who are looking for work. You can find just about any kind of job that can be offered virtually.

And this makes Fiverr one of the best places to search for Amazon proofreading jobs. 

To get started, sign up for the platform, and after searching, you will find several proofreading jobs listed. 

Go through the job description to determine whether you can deliver the expected results and apply for the job.

If a client is impressed by your pith, they will hire you. 

3) FlexJobs

Flexjobs was created with people who want to work from home in mind. You can do Amazon proofreading tasks from home.

After signing up to the platform, you will find proofreading jobs and other Amazon-related work, including short descriptions and proofreading eBooks. 

Unlike other platforms like Fiverr, you will need to become a member first by paying a subscription fee at Flexjobs.

As a beginner, you will be given 1-week free trial. 

After the grace period elapses, you will have to pay around $6.95 to become a member, gain full access and enjoy lots of benefits of finding work easily, faster, and securely.

4) Start blogging 

Having a blog is not a must for you to land Amazon proofreading jobs. However, it is crucial mainly when you are a beginner.

With a blog, you will be able to market your proofreading services and land clients.

Also, consider that most people looking for Amazon proofreaders will search for them online. 

If you can be found online, you are in a better position to be noticed and hired.

In your blog, ensure to include customer testimonials, a portfolio of your work, and how you can be contacted.

It is also crucial to create content that resonates with the clients looking for proofreaders. Such content stimulates a buyer’s interest in your services. 

Starting your blog is not a tedious and expensive task. You would need to buy and register a domain from companies. Then acquire a content management system such as WordPress and hosting services from companies. I have put together this step by step guide on how to start a blog even if you do not have any programming experience.

YouTube has very great tutorials on how you can set up your website and start a blog. You can check them out. You can also hire a professional to do this work for you. 

5) Use social media platforms 

social media

Besides connecting people socially from all parts of the globe, social media has become essential for landing online work.

You can find Amazon proofreading jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

You can create a page and let interested parties know that you can provide these types of services.

There are also groups dedicated to discussing proofreading. In such groups, you will connect with other proofreaders.

Amazon proofreading clients also rely on these platforms to find proofreaders.

Creating a good social media profile and interacting with people in such groups will place you in a better position to find Amazon proofreading jobs. 

Available Amazon Proofreading Jobs 

1) Product Listing Proofreading Jobs

As mentioned earlier, Amazon sellers must use correctly written product descriptions to attract clients to buy their products.

You could be hired to proofread content for product listing on Amazon. 

Your job would entail ensuring no grammatical errors, such as spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.

These errors can make a client lose credibility in a seller, thus the need for Amazon sellers to invest in proofreaders. 

The listings vary based on the number of words. Some can be long listings of about 2000 words, while others can be few hundreds long.

Usually, you will earn more if you proofread more extended listings than shorter ones. As you get better at proofreading, you will be in a position to bargain for higher pay. 

2) Affiliate Blogs Proofreading Jobs

You can also be hired to proofread Amazon affiliate blogs.

Being one of the largest online marketplaces globally, Amazon has created an Associates program that enables affiliate marketers to make money by selling Amazon products.

Affiliate marketers usually sell Amazon products by providing a link to these products on their blogs. They get a commission for every sale made through their links.

Most of the time, these blogs contain many words, and there is a high possibility for grammatical errors.

This is where you come in as a proofreader to go through these blogs’ content, ensuring that it is grammatically correct and easily read.

It is good practice to approach bloggers and inquire if they have open positions for proofreaders to land these jobs.

3) Amazon Kindle proofreading jobs 

You can also earn money proofreading eBooks on Kindle.

Most write have benefitted from Kindle in the sense that they can self-publish their work. 

They need proofreaders to go through their work and ensure that it is entirely written without grammatical errors. 

These writers are always on the lookout for Amazon Kindle proofreaders to ensure that all their hard work does pay off. 

If you are hired to do this work, all you need to have is a smart device and Kindle installed. 

Kindle’s interface and software are made in such a way that you can read, write and edit on the go.

Even better, Kindle has a text to speech feature should you need the text to be read out loud. This feature is only available on iOS devices. 

To be hired as an Amazon Kindle proofreader, you will need to have an Amazon account first and connect your digital device, which could be a laptop, desktop, or phone, to your account. 

Download the Kindle app and install it. You will get an “@kindle.com” email extension.

Having done that, you are all set to start looking for Amazon Kindle proofreading jobs.  You can add an eBook directly to your device or have a client send it to you. 

Tips On How to Become Successful Doing Amazon Proofreading Jobs

As a beginner, it may be challenging to land proofreading jobs. The chances are that you do not believe in yourself, and there are other proofreaders offering quality services then you are.

With that in mind, work towards learning and improving your skills. Take proofreading courses and training. 

Seek feedback from the people you work with and use it to become a proofreader who offers excellent services.

When offered a job for the first time by a client, do the best you can to deliver the expected results. 

This increases the chances of being hired again or referred to other clients who might need such services.

Each client comes with specific instructions. Read thoroughly to ensure that they understand what they need you to do. In case you do not understand, seek clarifications.

Also, note that in most of these online job board sites, clients can rate your work. Therefore, always understand the needs of a client and deliver quality work to increase positive ratings.

Positive ratings will attract more customers to you, while negative ratings can build a bad reputation and decrease your chances of being hired. 

Keep creating networks and connections with people who are in this field.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to explore different niches and reach out to more clients. The more work you can do, the more you can earn.


Amazon proofreading jobs are one of the most legit jobs you can do online. The good thing is that they are usually in plenty.

Amazon is a big eCommerce platform, and you can be guaranteed that these jobs will continue to exist since people keep buying and selling on the platform. 

Just because you are a beginner does not mean that you fear taking up these jobs. We all start from somewhere, and proofreading is not a difficult job to learn.

As long as you can read and identify grammatical errors and correct them, you are all set to start making money doing Amazon proofreading jobs. 

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