10 Best Apps That Pay You To Lose Weight In 2024

By Joseph Nyambura                
Last updated on April 18, 2023  
get paid to lose weight

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Losing weight out of your own will and determination is great but even greater if you get paid while at it.

If you’ve tried losing weight, you’ll agree that not all days you wake up looking forward to exercising. In this article, we’ll discuss Apps that pay you to lose weight.

In addition, they aid in keeping track of your progress which motivates you to work to achieve your goal faster. 

The money that you earn may come in handy to treat yourself for a job well done, buy necessities, or even contribute to your favorite charity.

From the list, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one that closely resonates with your goals. 

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1. HealthyWage

healthy wage app

It’s one of the most popular weight loss and fitness apps that pay you to lose weight. There’s an opportunity for you to win cash prizes by betting on your ability to lose weight. 

HealthyWage works in several ways- this gives you the option to choose what works for you. You’re able to participate as an individual, group, or company. 

An advantage is that you’re able to participate in more than one challenge at a time. This is the app with the highest payouts when it comes to weight loss apps. 

When using the app, set your weight loss goal and how much money you’re willing to bet on. You then utilize the prize calculator to help you establish how much money you can win. 

You can test out different goals with the calculator to find what works before committing to a goal. 

There are also other challenges available on the app that you can participate in to earn money. They include; Jackpot challenges, step, and a team challenge where you can earn up to $10,000. 

In the case of large institutions, the app enables participation as departments or the entire institution. They develop outcome-based challenges depending on the group’s needs. 

It’s important to know that, once you’ve begun the challenge, there’s no turning back. You need to complete the bet to completion, otherwise, you’ll lose the money you wager.

On the upside, there’s an option to extend the period but you need to purchase this. 

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2. DietBet

diet bet app

DietBet is another popular app for making money when you lose weight. Like HealthyWage, you’re paid once you reach your weight loss goal.

Once you visit the app, there are 2 main challenges that you can participate in to win. The challenges vary depending on your weight loss goals.

The two options are the Kickstarter and transformer. The Kickstarter is a short-term challenge that lasts for 4 weeks while the Transformer takes 6 months.

The aim of Kickstarter is to lose 4% while the Transformer is 10%. You also have an option to create a challenge if none suits your needs. 

The bet amounts start from $10 and vary depending on the wager and goal. If you feel that the platform is not for you, you can cancel before 7 days are over and get a full refund. 

Once you decide on which challenge you prefer, check to see if there any ongoing or upcoming ones to join. You’re also required to submit photos showing your starting weight to act as a benchmark.

During weighing in, you’ll need a scale, a camera, and a full-length mirror for taking the image. You can ask someone to take your picture if you don’t have access to a mirror.

It’s advisable to read the guiding principles and rules of the app to prevent disqualification. There are requirements to meet to participate in the challenges.  

When the challenge is complete, you also weigh-in to determine if you’re a winner. The winnings are divided among the participant of the challenge.

The payments are in form of points that you can choose to transfer or withdraw via PayPal. 

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3. Achievement

Achievement is different from other weight loss apps as it incorporates an aspect of wellness. It’s a popular application with more than 3 million users. 

It’s a product created by Evidation Health which majorly pays you for taking specific actions. You track your activities on the app every day and earn points.

The activities include both physical and non-physical. Tasks that you can track include: running, walking, biking, sleeping hours, and meditation.

The app enables you to connect with other fitness apps such as Apple Health and Fitbit to log in to your activities. 

You can earn a maximum of 80 points a day. The points earned are redeemed for rewards. 10,000 points accumulated amount to a $10 reward.  

Here, there’s no risk of losing cash as no bets are placed. You just get rewarded for logging your activities.

As a participant of the Achievement app, the data you provide contributes to research that is used to improve people’s health.

The data from the app aids in giving insights on how to improve individuals and other user’s health. Achievement present aggregated information publicly for research while protecting the privacy of its users. 

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4. Walgreens Balance Rewards

The app pays you in form of points when you participate in physical and lifestyle practices. The activities include; losing weight and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits like exercising.

You can participate in both lifestyle and physical challenges and win points. Unlike most, it’s free to participate. It features challenges that run for a 4-week period. 

When you sign up at Walgreens, you can track your activities manually or through the app. 

There’s also an option to connect to other applications such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and MapMyFitness. You get 250 points for just connecting. 

Each week you participate in the challenge earns you 100 points. The maximum you can earn in the four weeks of the challenge is 2,000 points which translate to $2.

You’re free to accumulate the points until you’re ready to redeem. The money you earn is only redeemable with Walgreen purchases at participating locations. 

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5. Pact

Previously Gympact, the application aims to keep you motivated to stick to your health and exercise goals every week. 

When you download Pact, you set a goal for the week and make a pact on the amount you want to put on the line.

Once the week has started, you’re able to post and keep track of your activities. These may include details of when you check into the gym, your steps, and pictures of your meals.

The app also enables you to connect other fitness apps to keep track of your activities. Some that you can connect to include; Fitbit, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Up, and MapMyRun

When you fail to meet your goals, you lose the amount you’d bet on yourself. This is used to pay those who have accomplished their weekly goal.

Payment is in form of rewards which are between $0.30 and $5 a week.

Available for android users only

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6. Lympo 

 Lympo is a free fitness app that pays you to lose weight by undertaking everyday healthy habits. You earn a certain amount of money when you complete tasks and challenges that are available daily. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find challenges that suit your fitness needs. The tasks can be accomplished indoors and outdoors. 

Ensure that you keep track of your activities using the Lympo app or other fitness apps.

Payments are in form of rewards stored in the app wallet. They’re redeemable on the in-app marketplace. 

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7. Charity Miles

Although Charity Miles is a fitness and weight loss app, the reward system is different. Instead of getting paid, the rewards you earn are channeled to your chosen charity. 

The app has partnered with more than 40 charities that impact the environment, health, veterans, education, and animals.

To participate is free. The process is straightforward, download the app on the Apple or Android app store.

Once you’re done with registration, choose a charity from the many available. This is the one that will receive the rewards you earn.

You can choose a random charity or focus on the ones that touch issues you’re passionate about. The final step is to engage in different physical activities and log them in.

You’re able to log activities such as walking, running, biking, and dancing. Any form of movement is acceptable. 

The CharityMiles app features an internal GPS and pedometer that keeps track of the distance you move.  There’s also an option to synchronize fitness tracking apps on the Apple Health app with it. 

Every time you hit a mile; you generate funds for your chosen charity. 

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8. WellCoin

This is an all-around app that helps to keep track of your health. WellCoin keeps tabs on a variety of health metrics such as weight, glucose levels, blood pressure, oxygen, and heart rate.

Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play for download. 

When you access the app, it lets you choose which metrics you want to keep track of. Connect to your fitness apps to record your statistics.

This increases your ability to earn more coins. When you accumulate coins, redeem them for a number of goods and services on the platform’s marketplace. 

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9. RunBet

As the name suggests, RunBet works with individuals who are into running. It motivates and encourages users to have a running routine and achieve their running goals for rewards. 

Like most of the apps, you bet on your ability to achieve a certain milestone and place some money on it. 

When you achieve the set goals, you cash out the amount. The cash pool is divided among the winners.   

It’s not necessary to be the fastest or the first one in the betting pool, just accomplish the set goal.

The RunBet app provides different levels of running games that you participate in. They vary to suit a wide range.

This way, you’ll find a game within your capabilities. The games are set with specific schedules and manageable goals. 

An expert running coach who has undertaken 21 marathons designs these games.

A community of runners is available on the app to give social support. You can also participate in similar games and motivate each other to finish. 

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have the ability to track your runs. You’re required to keep track of your runs using apps such as Garmin, Strava and Runkeeper then submit them on the RunBet app.

There’s a 2-photo verification process to ensure the submitted runs are yours. 

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10. GOODcoins

GOODcoins refers to itself as a social currency app that rewards individuals for engaging in physical activities such as walking and biking.

Once you join, you’re required to connect to a Google Fit application that will keep track of your activities.

The app should be accurate and able to take stock of all your activities in order for you to earn more. GOODcoins app is free and the interface is friendly and easy-to-use.

They’ve added a tutorial for guidance in case you encounter any challenges.

There’s an app portal that gives you access to challenges you participate in. You’re also able to connect with friends and browse the GOODcoins shop. 

Rewards are in form of GOODcoins that can be redeemed in the store for plant and people-friendly products. 


You can get paid to lose weight with a number of apps. The apps discussed above have different operating procedures.

This gives you the opportunity to choose the one that closely meets your needs. There are both free and paid apps.

From experience, if you’re looking to lose weight, it’s recommended to stake a few bucks on the process. You’ll be more motivated to work out and accomplish the tasks to avoid losing cash. 

With luck, you’ll also create a good routine even after the challenges end to enhance your overall health.

We’d recommend apps like Achievement that not only focus on physical fitness but also your mental well-being. 

All the apps discussed are available for both iPhone and Android users. You can download it on the respective app stores.

For some, you may need to install additional fitness apps to track your activities. 

Take advantage of these apps to achieve your fitness goals and make more money on the side!

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